Wild & Vigorous - Exhibition July 2011

Wild & vigorous
Marianne Nielsen & Marianne Krumbach DK
Exhibition June 30 - July 30 2011

In July, the gallery shows a 'wild and vigorous' Summer exhibition of new work by the emerging Danish artists Marianne Nielsen and Marianne Krumbach.

Marianne Krumbach and Marianne Nielsen are studio mates in a constant dialogue. In spite of differences in their clay practice, they have a thematic connection – a circling around cultural objects and a 'cultivation of nature' as a starting point of their figures, forms and decoration.
LINK - Marianne Nielsen - Marianne Krumbach

Marianne Nielsen
I have modelled leaves, placed on the wall in a grid they function as a kind of 'species board' – a catalogue of pattern and form/design possibilities. This way the leaf is used more or less figurative between classic nature representation and pure form, - between plate and image. (Artist photo of sketches)
The transition from nature object to our thing-ly world interests me, when form becomes shaping and colour becomes decoration. In this project it has been interesting for me to see, how one subject can spread out and hold many different meanings.

Marianne Krumbach
I have set a scene in ceramics. A rabbit looks at a set table. A large plate. A glass of wine, Knife, fork and spoon. All in a size that immediately points above you and me. In the middle of the table is a lit candle. At the tabletop the rabbits. Observing. Waiting.
A story. A tale that is open for the viewer to enter.

They both graduated from the Danish Design School – Kolding, and for the last three years they have shared a studio in Copenhagen.

Weight - Exhibition June 2011

Elisa Helland-Hansen - Norway
- www.elisa-hh.no
Exhibition 2 - 25 June 2011

At this exhibition Elisa Helland-Hansen invites the visitors to lift up the cups – see, touch, close their eyes and sense weight and gravity.

Elisa Helland-Hansen - VEKT:
“In my kitchen live 44 different cups and beakers. They are not randomly chosen. And neither their weight, size, volume, form, surface and expression are random.

Through many years of use, I have noticed how the weight of a cup has its own value and gets importance in the sensuous experience of drinking. An oppressive day, the tea drunk from a heavy beaker may give peace in mind. Coffee in a feather light cup may comfort a fragile condition. Or I can hold a cup, that really irritates... wrong weight for the need of the moment.

This interest in the weight of the cup has resulted in a research of the limits of the cup at a given mass. What possibilities lie in a lump of clay at 222 grams? How many varied expressions can I get from the same weight?

My starting point became a series of 9 beakers with identical profile and size, but with a rise of weight from 111 grams to 999 grams.
Through the evaluation of this row of cups grew new series, where the relationship between weight volume and apportion of mass got a special attention. Further on my choice of glaze, colour and pattern became influenced by the character of the specific cup.”