FULBY Exhibition February 2010

Ann Linnemann studio gallery 4 - 27 february 2010
Hans & Birgitte Börjeson

The Gallery exhibits new work by Hans & Birgitte Börjeson, fresh and 'warm' from their first firing of the year.
Large and small pitchers, cups, schnapps-cups, mini pâté-bowls, large jars..

Hans & Birgitte Börjeson have their studio in the village of Fulby, where they closely work together. The collaboration and naming of the work after the studio location has roots in pottery tradition.
They met in Cornwall, one of Englands rich ceramic centres.

Fulby-ceramics are primarily known for salt-glazed stoneware. They won a prize at the first World Ceramic Biennial in Korea, 2001. They exhibit and attend ceramic art fairs all over Europe.

Hans & Birgitte Börjeson explain, that after 47 years with ceramics and numerous travels there is always something new and exciting to develop. Every salt firing gives unpredictable results, that endlessly leads to new thoughts and roads to follow.
Gallery photo: Ann Linnemann
/Object photos: Ole Akhøj DK

2D-3D Exhibition January 2010

Porcelain & photography in Ann Linnemann studio gallery

2D to 3D
Ole Akhøj & Ane-Katrine von Bülow
Exhibition 7 – 30 january 2010

A unique collaboration between the photographer Akhøj and ceramic artist Ane-Katrine von Bülow DK shows the delicate black/white photography combined with the round porcelain form.

The porcelain bowls appear in the meeting between new and old technology and traditional crafts. The images come from the digital photographs, that are computer manipulated, to silk screen print in ceramic colour... The bowls are wood/soda or electric kiln fired.
At the exhibition, an installation visualize the movement from the 2D to the 3D. Sketches of photographes and struktures are projected on to a large porcelain bowl.

Ane - Katrine von Bülow ceramic artist www.anekatrinevonbulow.dk/
Ole Akhøj photographer www.oleakhoej.dk/

Christmas Exhibitions December 2009

THINGs FOR the cake party..
Exhibition of the coffee/tea set - Landscape Blue

Coffee/tea set with trees and gardens .. new cup, plates and tray
Link Link
Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Movement
The Waterhall, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 17 Oct 2009 — 4 Jan 2010
Website: Paul Scott

THINGs FOR unique gifts with soul, spirit and history
Exhibition 1 - 22 December 2009

THINGs FOR tablesetting.. breakfast - lunch - cake party - Christmas dinner

The Gallery shows ideas for christmas gifts, original, beautiful things for the house and table setting.
We show a new exhibition every week, Advent of december - from unique tableware to vases and fancyful figures.