MASTERLY and FANCIES April-June 2020

Exhibitions 30 April - 5 June 2020
The Gallery shows grand ceramic artists and new talents in two exhibitions..

Bente Hansen, Bodil Manz, Kim Holm, Malene Müllertz and Peder Rasmussen
The vessel is in great shape.. Five Danish ceramic masters exhibit new work.

Mona Vander and Jette Lövén Dall DK, Mayu Ueda JAPAN
Cultural contrasts, associations from a bygone era meet Japanese Contemporary.

The Gallery is open Tuesday - Friday at 11-18.00. Closed for Danish Holidays.
Come by and see exhibitions from outside.. and inside - 5 visitors at a time :-)
All days have room for Spring walks and window-watching in beautiful Nyboder.

Bente Hansen, Bodil Manz, Kim Holm, Malene Müllertz and Peder Rasmussen
Vessels in great shape.. Five Danish ceramic masters exhibit new work.
Vessels have an almost magical appeal for their essential form and unique potential in colour, decoration and texture.
It is a wonder when such a simple thing can be changed and changed forever.
A quite personal story often underlies each Vessel's expression.

Mona Vander and Jette Lövén Dall DK, Mayu Ueda JAPAN
Cultural contrasts, function and figurative with associations from a bygone era meet Japanese Contemporary.
The romantic kitschy and often banal innocent expression are brought together and turned upside down. Contrasts of traditional utility and sensitive thought-through come together. Fine delicate plays up to bleak surreal.
The pieces bring out smiles and act in its ingenuity fun figurative quirky.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Art Foundation for project funding in 2020.



The oval jars are either modelled or wheel-thrown and altered. The pots are glazed in different colours - and in a balance between form and faces transformed in a steady artistic searching process. By layer by layer application of coloured transfers, gold and silver, the ceramic colours are nuanced and changed in the firing, merged, blended and concealed or partially covering the underlying layers.
The motifs have appeared in a thoughtfully reflective work process and in the geometric design language can relate to both Bauhaus, Avantgarde art, architecture, collage and Japanese textiles.

BENTE HANSEN (b. 1943 ) was educated at the Arts& Crafts School in 1964, own studio since 1966, Bing & Grøndahl 1964-70, Royal Copenhagen 1976-80, Denmark's Design School 1992-97. EXHINITIONS Galleri Nørby, Sophienholm, Gudhjem Museum. Galerie de L'Ancienne Poste, Toucy. COLLECTIONS Ny Carlsbergfondet, Statens Kunstfond, Stockholm Nationalmuseum, Röhsska Kunstslöjdmuseum, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Hetjens Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum. AWARDS Statens Kunstfond, Kunsthåndværkerprisen, Estonian State Culture Prize, Thorvald Bindesbøll Medalje, Inga & Ejvind Kold Christensens Fond, Spezial-Preis Saltzbrand, Bayerrischer Staatspreis guldmedalje. MEMBER Corner, Keramiske Veje, IAC International Academy of Ceramics.

BODIL MANZ is acknowledged for her subtle, abstract decorations on paper-thin simple forms. A detailed examination of transparent cylindrical and geometric shapes with fine colourful graphic lines and planes transforms surface decoration into three-dimensional pieces. She masters the transformation of a geometric-abstract thoughts of mind from surface decoration to three-dimensional work, and constantly challenges herself and the viewer of her work.
Bodil Manz belongs to the international elite of ceramic artists represented in major museums and private collections worldwide. Her work is characterized by a continual exploration and experimental activity, that among many other projects have resulted in wall installations, sand-cast porcelain pieces and architectural sculptures.

BODIL MANZ (b. 1943) was educated at the Arts& Crafts School in 1965. She has travelled and exhibited all over the World from Escula de Disefio y Artesanians, Mexico 1966 and University of California, Berkeley 1967 to Bahrein, China, Japan and Korea. Studio w. Richard Manz (1933-99) later Gustavsberg Porcelain factory 1967 collaborative commissions, National Museum, Bahrein 1987-88 and production of functional ware. Thorvald Bindesbøll Award 2001, Danmarks Nationalbank's Award 2010, Grand Prize, 4th.World Ceramic Biennale 2007, Korea. Member of the Danish exhibition group Ceramic Ways and International Academie de la Ceramique IAC.

Kim Holm's artistic strength is his ever renewing 're-invention' of the cylinder, the vessel is an individual piece every time he cuts into the surface, finds a decorative reference or glazes in several layers.
He is said to be stubborn, in the good persistent and inquisitive manner, - without compromises and easy solutions. Every form, every inch of the surface appears in a constant dialogue between ceramist and material. The form, the cylinder, the round or rounded jar, is a ceramic classic, that here wakes both recognition and surprise. With simple interventions, Kim Holm varies his theme, and no two jars are the same. Furthermore comes the glaze, that sometimes smoothly follows the form, other times runs, drips or crackles, and finally all the details combine in a clear symbiosis.

Müllertz's pieces hold a wealth of detail and finesse - only to be found in the best ceramics – where craft, material and technique are elevated to a higher realm. Work of this nature requires courage and persistence.
The pieces can be seen through, seen from the inside and the outside at the same time and thus experienced as if in constant motion. The cylinder reveals its sculptural properties in a harmonious balance and at the same time contains tension-filled interactions between the form, the ornamental detail of the surface and the qualities of materials. Technically, every work is a marvel of carefully thought out experiments and the courage to attempt an idea that is revealed in the final piece. She has succeeded in creating apparently simple, yet complicated, technical, poetic, contemporaneous works of art with a cultural narrative that shall go down in history as eternal.

MALENE MÜLLERTZ (b. 1949) was educated from the Arts&Crafts School (Royal Academy of Crafts&Design) in Copenhagen 1965-70, Royal Art Academy, industrial design 1973-75. Artist at Bing & Grøndahl 1970-73, The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain 1977,82, own workshop since 1975. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and internationally. Ceramic Ways: CLAY Ceramics Museum Denmark 2018, Anniversary Exhibition, Sophienholm 2015. Ann Linnemann Gallery Fragile 2012. Design Museum Denmark and Gallery Nørby 2007. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgium. Collect, V&A Museum, London. MEMBER of the Artist Society and Ceramic Ways. Receives the Danish Arts Foundation's Lifetime Award.

- about my new vessels
“My new jars continue where my previous exhibition at Ann Linnemann left off. It is relatively unconventional pottery - probably a little primitive.
All forms are modelled by hand - slightly asymmetrical. There is again only used one colour - a black slip right on red clay.
Occasionally I have used some glossy glaze to emphasize the shape or the visual points. In a single case, platinum lustre as complementary blankness.
The motifs are ornamental. Human figures, often in opaque activities, tumble around an enigmatic world. Ornaments - more or less recognizable signs and symbols - meet with other figurative elements such as birds or fish. ”

PEDER RASMUSSEN (b. 1948) was educated at The Kähler Ceramics in Næstved 1966-70. Istitutto Statale per la Porcellana, Firenze, Italy 1970-71. Studio with ceramist Karen Bennicke since 1972. Member of the exhibition groups MULTI MUD 1980-85 and END 2007-08. Curator of several exhibitions eg. At the Design Museum Denmark, The Kähler Keramik, 2002 and J.F. Willumsen's Family Vase, 2016. Author of the books: Kählers Værk, 2002. Reistrup, Udsmykninger & keramik (Commissions and Ceramics), 2006 and Family on a Wooden Leg. J.F. Willumsen's Family Vase, 2016. Chairman of the Danish Art Foundation for Crafts and Design 2011-13. GRANTS and AWARDS Kaj Bojesen's Mindelegat, C.L. David's Foundation, Ole Haslund's Artist Award and OJD-Foundation's Ceramics Award, and the Danish Art Foundation Lifelong Award. MUSEUMS and COLLECTIONS Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Design Museum Denmark. Art Museum Trapholt & CLAY Ceramics Museum Danmark. National Museum, Stockholm & Röhss Museum of Decorative Art, Gothenburg, Sweden. National Museum & Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum (National Museum of Decorative Art and Design), Trondheim, Norway. Keramion, Frechen, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg & Hetjens Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany. Danish Art Foundation, Sweden & Denmark, Annie & Otto Detlef's Foundation, Denmark.


"My dishwasher holder is developed as a holder for cloth, sponge, brush - and anything the water can run off in. After some sketches and fun / strange attempts, I came up with the model I call # 1 (classic) and several models depending on the need and working temperament in the kitchen-dish-daily life :-)
I work primarily with ceramics for use. Not only must the functional items be beautiful/ fun, they should feel good in the hands and be practical and useful. It is the pottery and hands that decide. That is, I am not trying to force the clay to perfection. I am experimenting with lines, colours, dots, .. - and glaze as a mini-painting on hand-thrown porcelain and stoneware. Room for release and anti-minimalist, is a new and different side of my creative space. ”

MONA VANDER (b. 1970) Design School Kolding 1990-94; Det Fynske Kunstakademi 1998-99, 2001-02. Has exhibited in censored shows, Artists Summer Exhibition, Tistrup 2013. The Spring Exhibition Charlottenborg 2014. KP15, Spring & Solo 2015. Biennial for Arts, Crafts and Design 2017, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen. ”World Cup” Ann Linnemann Gallery 2017. Art Fairs: Finders Keepers, Frueplads, Flidmarked og Absason Fair, CLAY Museum Shop. Member of Danish Arts, Craft and Design Association.

“The island - small worlds in a big world. Interest in landscapes and islands comes from travelling all over the world. I continue with my universe from: Princess of Keramos, but without the princess as the focus. The small landscapes are a little respite from reality. A small picture of a thought, a dream or a little story that might give a smile on the lip. The objects are made with different types of clay that are put together, and sometimes with glaze experiments in the form of shrubs and trees. I call them clay collages. Everything is being modelled. Nature is a huge inspiration; but the inspiration also comes from fairy tales and tales. Alice In Wonderland is one of the favourites, but also many others."

JETTE LÔWÉN DALL (b. 1979) Design School Kolding 2002-07. EXHIBITIONS Collaboration w. Ksenia Shigaeva, 2010-20. Eat me, Trapholt 2017-18. Hjorts Keramikfabrik Bornholm 2016. Officinet 2015. Formsprog, Ann Linnmann Galleri 2014. Miumi. Officinet 2013. GlasurGlæder Vejen Kunstmuseum 2012. Miumi, Clay 2011. Kunstnernes sommerudstilling, Janus bygningen Tistrup, Showtime, Galleri Craft2eu Hamburg 2009. Collage, Galleri Craft2eu Hamburg 2008. Legatudstilling Clay Keramikmuseum 2007. Designboom Ceramic and Breakfast Completion, Macef, Milano 2007. AWARDS Statens Kunstfond, Danish Crafts, Augustinus Fonden, BG Fonden, L.F. Foghts Fond, Valdemar Petersen og hustru Esther Moesman Petersens hæderspris. -

”Watching the forest fires decimate the natural life in Australia makes one think, “what is mankind’s purpose on this planet?” Having grown up at the foot of a mountain, I have had a profound respect for nature; in the woods, I hear the whispers and groans of shape, color, sound, smell, sensation in the damp earth, giving life to green; the cold summer mountain streams water; the wind in the trees; the scent of new budding leaves. I even hear the voices of things being dug up from the fields.
I have made my art from “YAKIMONO,” possibly led by the “subconscious voice” of earth and flame. I make forms from the earth beneath my feet. Flames stimulate minerals to react, altering their density and color so that when cooled, they take a new eternal hue and form. It is being there in that moment that makes my heart race.
The serenity at the end of nature’s tumult is like the dreams we see to escape reality. As pink reflects the transience of the cherry blossom, the eroticism of erotica, the daintiness of Nadeshiko flowers, or the grotesqueness of raw meat, colors can reveal the heart and endow objects with warmth (strength).
My mind receives divine blessings and dons a sweet, dream-like world. As flames sublimate everything inside them, I make a small call in the sincere hope for peace on this Earth.” Mayu Ueda, Spring 2020.

MAYU UEDA (b. Kobe, Japan) Osaka University of Arts, Ceramics, BFA 1998, MFA 2000. SOLO EXHIBITIONS Gallery Shimada, Kobe, Japan 2019,11. Momoto Saru, Gallery Keifu, Kyoto, Japan 2018,15,13. Gallery, The Institute of Ceramic Studies, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan. CAP STUDIO Y3, Kobe, Japan 2015. Guldagergaard Apple House Gallery, Denmark 2014. AMI & KANOKO, Osaka, Japan 2012. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2019 - Two person exhibition, Gion Konishi, Kyoto. Galleri VOICE Tajimi, Gifu, Japan. KOBE STUDIO Y3, Kobe, Japan 2019,18. 2018 - The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA. CERAMIC ART AVENUE (Jingdezhen, China 2018,17. 2017 - Sundaymorning @ EKWC, Oisterwijk, Nederlande. ORIE ART GALLERY , Tokyo 2020, 16. A.I.R. Vallauris, Vallauris, France. GICB2017 Thematic exhibition, Yeoju World Livingware Gallery, Yeoju, Korea.

Unfortunately, it is still uncertain, when the new works by Mayu Ueda will arrive from Japan, but we are so fortunate to have a number of small wood-fired houses, which she made in Denmark some years ago.
These works are exhibited until the transport is open between countries again :-)