#claydiesselfies exhibition Oct-Nov 2020

Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø DK
EXHIBITION 8 October – 14 November 2020

CLAYDIES celebrates 20 years of collaboration with the exhibition #claydiesselfies.

For the exhibition, Claydies has made large ceramic objects and jars that inspire the audience to interact and photograph themselves in and with the works.
Visitors are encouraged to share their photo on #claydiesselfies.

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of Selfie, a self-portrait you take with your mobile phone or digital camera and show off on social media. It is most of all a social act and a way to document and share with others where you have been and what you have experienced.

The selfie culture is both loved and hated and is the subject of much irritation and criticism. Interesting is the recent phenomenon "Museums-selfie", which has given rise to discuss the way in which we interact with art - to seek a balance between the mass-cultural and the fine-cultural.

Something that characterizes #claydiesselfies is irony, spontaneity and humor. Values that are universal-human and inspiring to work with artistically. And this very schism is one of the core values of Claydie's work.

Tine Broksø (1971) and Karen Kjældgård-Larsen (1974) form the duo Claydies.
They graduated from the Danish School of Design in 2000, and Claydies was formed the same year with the aim of creating a common artistic identity.
Claydies works conceptually and does away with the quiet and harmless pottery. They introduce new techniques and creative obstructions. By adding humour, irony and provocation gives the known everyday objects new life.
They work with ceramics, uniqueness, exhibitions and design, - turn upside down the usual, turn things upside down and weave new meanings and stories into the familiar.
Claydies has received scholarships from i.a. Danish Art Foundation, and exhibited at museums and galleries in Denmark and abroad. They are known for experimenting with different ways of rethinking design and uniqueness. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen has designed the Mussel Mega porcelain set for Royal Copenhagen.

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION - by Tine Broksø and Karen Kjældgård-Larsen
#claydiesselfies is an exhibition about the concept of selfies and a commentary on the time we live in. Today it is to take a picture of oneself, a completely ordinary social action, and a way to document and share with others where one has been and what one has experienced.
In the exhibition #claydiesselfies, the pieces are made so that they invite the visitor to take a picture of themselves with them. Something that characterizes the Selfie concept is irony, spontaneity and humour. Values that are universally human, and for us, exciting to work with artistically. Also because these are values that are not always considered to be equally cultivated.
We let the selfie concept inspire new ceramic objects, and encourage the audience to interact and photograph themselves in and around the pieces.
In this way, we hope that after the end of the exhibition, we have a large collection of selfies which can be seen for a long time under #claydiesselfies on the social media instagram.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Art Foundation for Gallery project funding in 2020.


#claydiesselfies OFFICINET, March 2020.
This anniversary exhibition was unfortunately closed due to Corona virus.
Photos of #claydiesselfies in Officinet. Photographer Mads Hagedorn-Olsen


Luxurious gimmicks and gadgets.
With the project "This is not a joke" we have chosen to work with things that entertain with inspiration in the topic "jokes and jokes".
Jokes and jokes often represent bad design and taste, but they can still seem alluring and liberating and give rise to a quick laugh.
And it is precisely the quick laugh and the lovely banality of funny things that we explore and add value to.

Collection of a variety of sophisticated forms of more or less corny humor:
The project was exhibited at the Officinet in Copenhagen in 2013.

A self-portrait. The real Claydies are us, Karen and Tine, as porcelain dolls.
Head, arms and legs are hand thrown in porcelain.
The porcelain parts are sewn together with a fabric body, and the dolls are dressed like Claydies.
The pieces were made for the curated exhibition “Across” in Copenhagen 2010.

In 2007 at the Trapholt Museum in Kolding and later at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, we exhibit a coffee-set that we call “Dogme07” / “True feelings”.
For this we make a large collection of "True Emotions"; utility items we have manufactured according to a set of dogma rules, which i.a. dictates us to work blindfolded.
We use this working method to find a new design language where we do not take into account taste and aesthetic sense in the development of things.
So the design alone becomes an expression of the choice of the fingers and our emotional intellect.

This is an experiment.
The preparation of the ceramic objects took place from January 2007.
We vow to stick to the following set of rules: Dogme07
1. Each object must be designed in clay. Only one type of clay is allowed.
2. Each item must be shaped with hands or body alone. No aids or tools are allowed.
3. The design must be done blindfolded. Only when each item is declared completely finished must the bandage be removed.
4. Refinishing of the objects being cremated can not take place.
5. During the design process, the objects must not be discussed with others.
6. All items must be functional utensils on a manageable scale.
7. After firing, all objects must be fully glazed as far as possible.
8. Only blue glaze accepted.
9. Decoration is not allowed.
10. Each item must be signed Dogme07.

Furthermore, we as potters swear not to let ourselves be dictated by fashion and taste.
We promise to adhere to all dogmas without regard to our personal ambitions and our artistic vanities.
We are no longer reflective artisans in the execution of these objects, but merely working hands.

We turn things upside down.
The project consists of a number of modeled stoneware bowls, all of which are made with hairstyles as inspiration. The bowls are different personalities and change character depending on whether they are on the table or carried on the head.
The first time the bowls debuted on stage was at the Gallery Nørby in 2003.




Tine Broksø (1971) - Karen Kjældgård-Larsen (1974)
2007-2009 Nordisk Ministerråd: ambassadører for programmet Ny Nordisk Mad.
1999 Glasgow School of Art, Skotland (Karen Kjældgård-Larsen)
1998 University of art and design, Helsinki, Finland (Tine Broksø)
1995-2000 Danmarks Designskole, København. Linien for Keramik og glas

2020 #Claydiesselfies Officinet
2019 Stort og småt Keramik og Glasværkstedet
2018 Samling Designmuseum Danmark
2018 Nyerhvervelser Trapholt
2017 Claydies Collection Trapholt
2017 Kærlighed til leret Janus Bygningen
2016 Dansk Design Nu Designmuseum Danmark

2015 Mindcraft15 Designmuseum Danmark
Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015 i Sydkorea
Mindcraft15 Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano, 20121 Milano
2013 Copenhagen Ceramics i København. ”The Opening”.
Officinet i København. ”This is not a joke”
2012 SMART – ”Process, Design, Objects” i Helsinki, Finland
2011 Trapholt i Kolding. – solo udstilling i Kvadratsalen: ”Claydies Room”
2010 Modern Atlanta - Design is Human i Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2008 Kunstgalleriet i Stavanger, Norge. ” Tradition i Trance”
2007 Liljevalchs konsthall i Stockholm Sverige. ”True feelings”
Trapholt i Kolding. ”Biennalen for kunsthåndværk og design”, ”Dogme07”
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2006 Dansk Design Center i København. ”Honey I´m home”, med Normann Copenhagen
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Keramikmuseet Grimmerhus i Middelfart. ”Et Gæstebud”. Galleri Nørby, Købehavn. ”Et Gæstebud”

2010 Kähler Design: Lancering af Primadonna
2009 Normann Copenhagen: Lancering af True feelings, Dahlia og Blueclay
2008 Normann Copenhagen: Lancering af Grass
2006 Crafts Collection 10 Grøftekanter
2005 Crafts Collection 09 Grøftekanter
2001 Crafts Collection 05 Capware
2000 Royal Copenhagen: Lancering af Mussel MEGA (Karen)

Designmuseum Danmark København 2018,12. Trapholt, Kolding 2018, 2017. Röhsska Museet i Göteborg, Sverige 2013. ASU Art Museum i Arizona, USA 2012. CLAY Keramikmuseum, Middelfart 2001.

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