SeptemberRum - Exhibition 2009

Sia Mai, Annemette Kissow, Jeanette List Amstrup og Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt show their first collaborative exhibition in the Ann Linnemann studie galleri.

Ann Linnemann Gallery September 3 - 26 2009

This exhibition presents a common space/room (= Danish RUM) for their new projects, prototypes and design products, which they
are individually developing, ... here and now.
The exhibition at The Ann Linnemann Gallery is their first collaborative exhibition since they started
20 years ago at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen.
fter graduation they have worked with ceramics and glass either as unique pieces or for serial production. Their products are represented in The Crafts Collection, Denmark. They have designed for companies including Kähler, Holmegaard, Höganäs Keramik, Ikea, Vipp and Normann Copenhagen, and exhibited in Denmark and Internationally.

Akio Takamori - August 2009

Akio Takamori
The exhibition in 2009 shows new work by Akio Takamori USA/Japan
The work is made in Denmark 2009.

Ann Linnemann studio gallery
6 - 29 August 2009


Ole Akhøj

Images of the pieces by the artist:

Summer Exhibition 2009

Summer in Nyboder
The Gallery exhibits new unique pieces by 19 Danish ceramic artists

Ane-Katrine von Bülow

Photo: Ole Akhøj

Anne Fløche

Barbro Åberg

Photo: Lars Henrik Mardahl

Better Lübbert

Hans Vangsø
: Ole Akhøj

Helle Hove

Photo: Ole Akhøj

Iben Kielberg
Photo: Ole Akhøj

Jac Hansen

Jeanette Hiiri

Karen Bennicke

Karen Harsbo

Karin Michelsen

Lis Ehrenreich

Mette Marie Ørsted
Photo: Ole Akhøj.

Morten Løbner

Ninna Gøtzsche

Sandra Davolio

Sten Lykke Madsen

Ann Linnemann

Landscape Blue - Coffee/tea sets

Landscape Blue - Body Blue
Paul Scott & Ann Linnemann collaboration

These objects are the result of a collaboration between Paul Scott and Ann Linnemann, which began in 2004 when they worked together on sculptural forms for their exhibition Body Blue at the former Gallery Nørby in Copenhagen.

Coffee and tea sets
The printed and lustered fine porcelain cups are the first of a planned series of tableware sets and objects.
The porcelain forms are hand thrown and glazed by Ann in her studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Paul creates the graphic then screen-prints in-glaze ceramic decals in his studio in Blencogo, Cumbria, England. The finished objects, which undergo four firings before completion, are created both in Copenhagen and Blencogo - as each artist shares and applies the available limited printed decals to the porcelain before adding the gold or platinum lustre rim. All forms are signed and stamped.

Summer and Winter cups
The patterned graphic surface of some of these first cups is based on trees in Kongens Have (Kings Garden) Copenhagen.
The summer tree sets are also available as tea-light holders, and small porcelain ‘shots glasses’.
Other new patterns include rims and borders adapted from industrial prints, and porcelain plates and trays.
We are interested in the way the hand made and the industrial can meld to create objects of use and beauty, but although we are working with thrown form and print we are not interested in our own 'mass production'. Only a limited number of the objects are being created.
Half of the forms with a particular pattern or graphic will be available from Paul and half from Ann.

The cups lights and shots are the first of the series to be made available, a small number were exhibited and sold at the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh during the summer 2008, and others are available from Ann’s Gallery in Copenhagen, and from Paul Scott in Cumbria.

See more information and pieces - LINK

Paul Scott Cumbrian Blue(s)

Ann Linnemann Gallery
Exhibition April 18 - May 16 2009
Landscape Blue - Paul Scott & Ann Linnemann
Fotos: Ann Linnemann