Extrudox A/S - Exhibition September 2011

Anne Tophøj & Steen Ipsen
Exhibition 1 September - 1 October 2011
EXTRUDOX A/S squeezes the lemon!

Steen Ipsen og Anne Tophøj:
“EXTRUDOX A/S is a collaboration, where we research and challenge the ceramic technique, extruding.
We have used this summer project as a play ground and a free space away from our usual methods and projects, to discover and take in new ceramic terrain, challenge each other and try out our boundaries.

None of us have worked with extruding before; but it is a technique in which we both see a potential in relationship to our own individual work.
Extruding, as Extrudox A/S has used it, is a here-and-now technique, where the objects are finished in the same tempo as they come out of the extruder.
It is man and machine against and with each other; and it is a spontaneous, manual, and quick process, where the technique, clay and the moment of making become easily readable in the finished pieces.

Extrudox A/S has worked with an open and playful approach, where extruding is the primary turning point, and the result has become functional, objects and figures.“

Steen Ipsen and Anne Tophøj have known each other since they started at the Design school in Copenhagen (Skolen for Brugskunst) in 1984, and have both been involved in ceramic education in Denmark teaching at the Denmark Design School in Copenhagen and Kolding. They have individual ceramic careers and exhibit nationally and internationally, in recent years for example in Paris, Milan, New York, Brussels, Hamburg, Shanghai….
- www.steen-ipsen.dk - www.atop.dk

Thanks to:
Danish National Studios of Art – for use of metal studio
SuperFormLab, Denmarks Design School - for use of the extruder
assistant Theis Lorentzen, student at Denmark Design School - Bornholm