Coupling - Exhibition October 2011

Pipaluk Lake & Jesper Palm DK
Exhibition 6 - 29 October 2011

Exhibition of glass by Pipaluk Lake and photography by Jesper Palm.

For years the two artists have – individually and without direct purpose – collected discarted glass objects of various kinds.
This glass collection has formed the common starting point for this exhibition.

In this project the artists have chosen to challenge their usual working methods.

Pipaluk Lake has 'deformed' and transformed the collected glass objects. They are cut and assembled into new combinations with other glass parts and prefabricated found objects of wood and metal.
This work method differs from her usual slumping technique, where primary glass sheets are heated in a kiln.

Jesper Palm chooses in this project an opposite order of idea development. Usually he starts working from an idea or a narrative in a dreamlike condition, which is staged in the final photograph or painting.
Here are the given glass objects used as elements in a tableau, where the light plays an important role in the final still-photograph.

LINK: Pipaluk Lake - Jesper Palm