Kirsten Justesen - SUN DROPS Sept-Oct 2015

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Kirsten Justesen

Exhibition 24 September – 24 October 2015
Opening reception Thursday 24 September at 16-19.00

The exhibition shows a collection of Kirsten Justesen's works in clay..
and SUN DROPS made at Tommerup Ceramic Workshop 2015www.keramos.dk

Kirsten Justesen's activities comprise a wide range of genres, from body art and performance art to sculptures and installation.
Justesen was part of the avant-garde scene of the 1960s, where she became a pioneering figure within the three-dimensional modes of art incorporating the artist's own body as artistic material.
These experiments led her in the direction of the so-called feminist art which challenged traditional value systems during the 1970s.
Her later works constitute broader investigations of relationships between body, space, and language.

See VIDEOS: channel.louisiana.dk/video/kirsten-justesen-my-body-my-gaze
..The three dimensions are Kirsten Justesen's focal point from the imprint of the body in space, to the body at the pedestal and body in dialogue with the material such as hard, soft, cold, warm.
The artist uses her own body as a tool, discusses the relationship between object and subject.
It is not about the self-portrait or confession, but to use what is close by, at hand, and to set ones own body in play as a material or figure in line of the classical female sculpture. - The body as an icon..

Above PHOTOS - 1. VESSEL 1960.. in this exhibition.
2. K.Justesen works in the studio of Ane Brügger, Laurbjerg 1965.
3. Sculpting Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Nikolaj Art Gallery 2014.
4. Esben Lyngsaa, Gunhild Rudjord & K.Justesen, Tommerup 2015.

Kirsten Justesen exhibits new works - yellow SUN DROPS in clay.
Solar drops are not tangible, but float so well in the air..
- How will they look like in the earthy material, clay?
- The challenge is vigorous, artistically free - and intriguing.
Clay has expressed many artists' visions..
The Gallery looks forward to exhibiting this marvelous material transformed by one of Denmark's strongest female contemporary artists.
The exhibition also shows Leaves, Dance Women, Riders and Stage Openings

- and ceramic elements from previous works and investigations.

KIRSTEN JUSTESEN - www.kirstenjustesen.com
Born in 1943. She currently lives and works in Copenhagen.
She attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Sculpture and Mural Department, and holds an BA in Art Theory.

She has been a visiting professor frequently lecturing at the departments of Art, Theatre and Language at universities and art schools in Scandinavia the USA, and the Middle East.
Rutgers University, New Brunswick USA, sup. professor at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, 1994. BEZALEL The Academy of Fine Arts, Jerusalem and The Academy of Fine Arts Umeå, Sweden, Bergen and Oslo, Norway.

PHOTOS of PREVIOUS WORKS - and exhibitions:
Katrine reliefs- commissions project

Kirsten Justesen has worked with clay in the studio of Ane Brügger, Laurbjerg 1965 (1st studio photo/top) and Birthe Weggerby, Jutland Art Accademy 1965-68.
The first ceramic exhibition in Gallery EXI, Odense 1964.
A number of large jars shown in Ulfborg Art Society 1965.
Ceramic sketches and preparatory work for the Katrine Commission in Hjørring was shown at the Køge Sketches and Vendsyssel Art Museum 1985.
Preparatory work done at Bent G. Rasmussen, Mors.
Ceramic art commission KATRINE FROM HJØRRING Godthaab, Hjørring and Hjørring Hospital Chapel in 1986 was undertaken at the local brickyard.
Ceramic commission at Boholteskolen, Køge was carried out as a project in a number of primary schools in Køge area 1986.
Exhibited at Køge Town Hall 1986.
FAMA CONCERN, 51 oxidized stoneware figures 1996-97 was made at Tommerup Building Ceramics.
Deposited by The New Carlsberg Art Foundation at CLAY - Denmark's Ceramics Museum.
TRAVEL PIECES, stoneware, Copy-Dan 2000, Tommerup.
In addition, several ceramic public commission proposals.
Models for fountains includes Vendsyssel Art Museum.
She often uses clay as a sketching material.

MEMBER OF The Danish Academy of Fine Art

Anne Marie Telmanyi Award, 1991; The Danish National Art Foundation 3-year scholarship, 1994; The Ny Carlsberg Foundation Travel Scholarship, 1996; The Eckersberg Medal, 1996. Honoary grant from The Danish Art Foundation,1998. The Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Award 2002; The Anna Nordlander Award 2003; The Thorvaldsen Medal 2005 and holding an ISCP, New York Residency 2006.

ICE SCRIPT, Meltingtime #17, 2013; MY BODY IS MY TOOL, Randers Art Museum 2013; 64 – PURSUITS AND COLLECTIONS a female miscellany by Kirsten Justesen and other little women children born 1940-1945 in 2008; MELTINGTIME # 11 2003, MELTING IN TIME 2006; RE KOLLEKTION 1999, KORS DRAG 1999
Justesen has illustrated books, magazines, designed posters and a series of chasubles for Kapernaum Church in Copenhagen.

Justesen is represented in private and public collections, including Statens Museum for Kunst /The National Gallery of Denmark; KUNSTEN Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Aalborg; The New Carlsberg Foundation; CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art, Denmark; The Art Museum Brundlund Castle; Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde; Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre; The Danish Art Council; Hälsingborg Art Museums; MAN Museum Anna Nordlander, Sweden; National Gallery of Czech Republic; The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC

SCENOGRAPHY at a number of Danish theatres and ballet companies since 1967. She established the Scenography Department at The Danish National School of Performing Arts 1985-1990 and has produced concept, production design and librettos in co-operation with the Randi Patterson Company.

CURATOR of “Body as Membrane” together with VALIE EXPORT for Art Hall Brandts DK & Nordic Arts Centre 1995; “SKETCHES”. The Faroe Island's National Art Museum. “DIAMONDS“, première at City Theatre Usti nad Labe, Czech Republic 1997.


GENTRIFICATION August-September 2015

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Exhibition 20 August - 19 September 2015

Urban space - architecture in a ceramic art installation
The exhibition leads the viewer from the city planner's recording and drawing of random architecture in urban areas, diagrams and transformation of ideas into an installation of new ceramic pieces, where Graffiti and Street Art are important sources of inspiration.
The project provides insight into the processes of architects in ceramic materials.

Urban structure in the concept of gentrification is a term for socio-cultural transformation that is taking place in areas where street art and graffiti have inspired architects and planners.
The computer animated pieces are technically made from a 2D-drawing program converted into ceramic 3D-models and digital (pixel-) photos/drawings are applied via ceramic transfer and fired into the surface.

Vibeke Rytter's core area is clearly defined by her interest in architecture, design, photography and material, also due to interdisciplinary education and many journeys have given her the desire to develop processes crucial to the finished pieces' expression.
Vibeke Rytter graduated from the Danish Design School, ceramics & glass 1986-90 and the Royal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen 1997-04.
In 2001-02 she was a guest student at the Academy of Fine Art by Professor Morten Stræde, - and from 2011 conducting a research project 'Glazed Lightweight-Construction Components' at the Danish School of Architecture and the Technology Institute.
She has received several travel and work-grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, Beckett Foundation and National Bank Jubilee Fund. She has travelled and studied in the United States, Cuba, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, Italy, Tanzania ... - and participated in several exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

Danish National Arts Foundation Project Award - Gallery 2015
Danish National Bank's Jubilee Foundation - Gallery 2015

GENTRIFICATION - Icon, Track, Signature, Label
by Vibeke Rytter - www.vibekerytter.dk
”SUBCULTURE spontaneous signatures are just fluid and always moving on, and can therefore act as sniffer dogs running ahead to 'sniff out' development potentials and as a voice and character from the street. They have an ability to chalk up the stage for the further development and creation of identity in a neighbourhood or area.
Graffiti is tied to the urban space, its surfaces, walls and exposure opportunities and is in constant motion due to layer and paint that form an interaction between space-creating and spatially resolving elements. - It’s a reserve, waiting to be involved in the system; a vacuum value. -

URBAN GENTRIFICATION can change the culturally diverse nature of a society to a more economically homogeneous community.
I have zoomed in and analysed parts of urban areas where Klondike structures and graffiti have left their mark, for example in Copenhagen and Berlin, I looked closely at their existence and formed my own interpretation.
I want through my expression to mark a kind of sampling/modelling across various circles of society – show cultural diversity, many world views and ways of living.

MY WORKING METHOD is in four layers: room/architecture, reflection, context and process. I establish a function between space and material, while leaving a trail. I build it up and leave something behind in order to visualize the construction’s structure through stacking, bending, fusing, covering, hollowing out, etc. I build up, break down and recycle in order to go in new directions. The reverse side and front side circle in my mind to understand the thing’s creation and problems.

MY INTENTION is to get the material to be part of the story where the mode of expression is free and dispersed to open up to the outside world, while giving substance and content.

I WORK IN THE AREA BETWEEN SPACE AND OBJECT - from 2D drawings to 3D model representations in clay slaps that are fired several times and finally combined with images in the form of ceramic transfers and fired.
I have experimented with 3D computer drawings followed by CNC milling.”


Born 1967 in Roskilde, Denmark
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Lejre Denmark

2011.. Predoctoral Research “Glazed lightweight building components”
1997-04 Royal Academy School of Architecture - Copenhagen
2001-02 Academy of Visual Arts, visiting students w. Prof. M. Stræde.
1986-90 The Danish School of Design / Ceramics & Glass.
1985-86 Studio drawing at the Glyptotek w. Askov Jensen

2015 Uban Gentrificering - solo Ann Linnemann Gallery
2015 Herning art messen 2015
2014 Form Language - Ann Linnemann Gallery
2014 International Biennale Vallauris
2013 Biennalen Rundetårn
2012 Den Frie Exhibition Building
2010 Gallery Gl. Lejre
2006 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (Ceramic installation)
2006 Cross Over
2004 250 years – Tradition’s Potentials (Traditionens Potentialer)
2004 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (architecture)
2002 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (sculpture)
2002 Sculptfiction Pakhuset
2002 The Royal Danish Academy School of Visual Arts
1997 Vejen Art Museum
1997 Tactus – How do we eat (Hvordan spiser vi)
1997 Sofienholm Danish Ceramics 1850 – 1997
1996 Gallery Vromans, Amsterdam
1995 Sofieholm Danish Design Today (Dansk Design Aktuelt),
1995 The ceramic room – bathroom, Gallery Nørby
1994 Marienlyst Slot Kanden
1994 Danish Ceramics Triennale, Trapholt Art Museum
1993 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition
1991 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition
1990 Rundetårn
1990 Gallery Sct. Agnes, Roskilde
1990 Philosopher passage, Odense
1990 Artists’ Autumn Exhibition, etc.

2008 Kubik artist group w. L. Desmentik sculpture in Nørrebro
1989 Sculpture /Installation at Roskilde Festival

1995 Universal Jug sold to Designmuseum Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Merchant L.F. Foght’s Foundation
2013 Aase and Ejnar Danielsen’s Foundation
2011 Becket Foundation
2007 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
2006 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
2005 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
2004 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
1996 Danish Arts Foundation work grant
1995 Universal Kande (Jug) sold to Designmuseum Danmark
1994 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
Teapot competition at Kahler – 2nd prize
1993 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant
Thomas B. Thrige’s foundation
Artisan Prize bronze
1991 National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant

2014 Morocco
2012 USA
2010 Africa Tanzania
2009 Russia
2007 Greenland
2007 Cuba
2008 New York
2006 Faroe Islands
2004 Toscana
2000 Study Holland Mvrdv, Vest 8, OMA
1999 Study trip by Le Corbusier
1997 Iceland
1998 Study trip Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Turkey, etc.
1990 France Aix en Provence 3 month’s works with ceramics

2013-15 Research project Glazed lightweight building components in collaboration with the
Danish Technology Institute. Grants - National Research and Innovation Agency
2008- Studio freelance architect
2008- Teaching/presentations
2011 Architecture at Arken w. Queen Margrethe exhibition “Colour of the Soul” “color soul”
2011 DR Radio TV Drama, Set Design Assistant on the TV series Borgen
2009 Participated in the architectural competition “Creative family homes”, Musicon Roskilde
2009 Architecture Photographer
2004-08 Freelance architect at Boligernes knowledge centre – BOLIUS own company
2005 Participated in an architectural competition in Trondheim Mindelunden DK
2005 Project for Stelton
2004 Project for Citrix Systems municipal merger, IT company.
2001 Work experience at Søren Robert Lund’s Drawing Office, as well as Tivoli
1995 Adviser for students at the Academy of Fine Arts laboratory of ceramics
1994 Design assignment for Roskilde Technical College

LejreVisual Arts – with the Board / Vice President
Member of BKF

2006 No. 10 Interview by Charlotte Jul, Kunstuff “Set the method and message free”
(Kunstuff “Set the method and the message”
2006 Art Panorama (Kunstpanorama)
2002 Danish Art (Dansk Kunst)
1997 The animal in clay (Dyret i Leret), Vejen Art Museum
1995 Danish Design Today (Dansk Design Aktuelt)
1995 Story of a Bathroom (En Badeværelseshistorie)
1994 The Danish Ceramics Triennale (Den Danske Keramiktriennalen)
1994 The Ceramic Jug (Den Keramiske Kande)