DESIGN IN CRAFTS - December 2015

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Ursula Munch-Petersen
Exhibition 3 - 23 December 2015
Open hours Mon-Sat 11-19.00
Opening reception Thursday 3 December at 16-19.00
Celebrated ceramic designer exhibits original crafts.
Ursula Munch-Petersen is internationally known for her design of tableware.
From beautiful craftsmanship her work has become industrial design products, - still holding a sense of the handmade.

A true relationship between the touch of hands and use of common sense.
Ursula Munch-Petersen has created a myriad of works, tableware, experiments and prototypes of design for industrial or studio production, as well as unique pieces and public commissions.
Many people know the LAERKE SET and URSULA - dishes, bowls, cups and jugs of strong colours and characteristic forms.

This Christmas exhibition contains a large selection of old and new functional pieces found in Ursula's beautiful studio and farm house on the island Møn.

A visit to the place revealed a myriad of pieces from her productive life.
- Colours, shapes, purposes and landscapes went into one with the peace settling upon the countryside.

The scent of history, material and common sense mixed with a joy of making.
- All photos of pieces in the studio, landscape and house on Møn is by Ann.

Few has as Ursula succeeded in combining new design with craftsmanship.
This exhibition focuses on the crafts, original pieces and prototypes, that sometimes resulted in an industrial product - and displays a fine selection of small series and handmade tableware with traces of the hands.

The exhibition's pieces are single or in series - all beautifully useful.
LAERKE SET - dishes, cup, plate.. JUGS - tea, water, milk.. BUTTER DISHES - _ decorated.. DISHES, CENTREPIECES, PLATES - high, low, square, round, oval and curved in multiple sizes and colours.. - for beans , asparagus, fish, shrimp, sunflowers, sugar, salt.. BOWL SET - for the kitchen, table and living room, with and without glass cover .. OVEN DISHES a small selection.. VASES in a spiral, with lines, waves, edges.. MORTAR an early and new version..

"I have worked with clay and ceramics for 60 years. There have been numerous exhibitions along the way, and remains from here have ended up at the loft.
My work has been almost evenly divided between modelled objects and commissions - and tableware.
The one has not engaged more or been more important than the other.
Everyday objects require probably the most if you produce it yourself. With things in production, part of the work is collaboration with place of production and marketing.
For major public commissions, collaboration with studios is needed for extra space and kiln capacity. I have worked at The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop with great pleasure and the same for the National Studios for Arts and Crafts.
From one to the other, experience is new every time a new project arises.
For the exhibition, Ann and I looked at the many old and newer things, I have put aside over the years.
We spent some days together, selected things and packed 10 boxes, basically functional - as many as we could carry in each box. This is what is displayed at the exhibition.
When I received inquiries about a small mortar, that I did in the sixties on Bing&Grøndahl, I took the form up, came as well in with the throwing process that there will be a series in the exhibition - a mix of old and new."

Ursula Munch-Petersen was born in 1937 on the island Bornholm. Following has her studio experience on The Hjorts Factory in Ronne and education at the Arts&Crafts School (now: Royal Academy Design school) 1956-60, she was employed at Artist Studios of the porcelain factory Bing & Grondahl 1961-68, and designer for The Royal Copenhagen and Kaehler. She has received numerous grants and awards including The Danish Arts Foundation, Denmark's National Banks Foundation, Bindesbøll Medal, Ole Haslund's Artist Award, Arts&Crafts Council, - is a Knight of the Dannebrog. Following an active life as a craftsman and designer with travelling, teaching and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad among others Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the USA, Mexico and China, she has her studio and home in Copenhagen and at the island of Møn. She designed among others faïence tableware 'Ursula' Royal Copenhagen in 1992, pieces in The Larch Set 1994 - and recent public commission is 'Timetable' for the Ancient Roman Road, Jutland 2010.

At the exhibition FormLanguage 2014 Ursula showed hand-thrown stoneware vessels related to 'Dao de Jing' (=way of virtue) by Lao Zi, Chinese book of wisdom (Taoism), probably written 6th. B.C.
Quote: ” About the outer and inner – the meaning of the jar is what is not there – the void within.”

Grateful thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation and Denmark's National Banks Anniversary Foundation.



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Per Ahlmann DK

Colby Parsons USA
Two exhibitions 29 October - 28 November 2015

Danish and American contemporary ceramic art..
Per Ahlmann and Colby Parsons show ceramic sculpture and video on clay.
The Gallery opens a new exhibition space to present two concurrent artists working in opposite directions of contemporary ceramic art.

PER AHLMANN is acknowledged as a ceramic sculptor, so completely at one with his material, that idea, shape, glaze and colour can not be imagined without each other.
Form variations, often with references to the unreal, are linked to nature-like and bodily elements in contrast to industrial.
For the exhibition HETERO, new formal positions are explored by connecting different parts in an understated sensual-erotic narrative.

COLBY PARSONS explores abstract and textural qualities of video projection on ceramic wall objects.
A strong sense of materiality is enhanced by his choice of actual articles, personal objects from everyday life - shoes, glasses, watch, knife..
The projected video is a collage of stills and moving imagery depicting things and phenomena associated with the physical forms.
Artist talk C.Parsons - Saturday 31 October

HETERO - by Per Ahlmann DK - www.perahlmann.dk
"The word HETERO derives from Greek and translates to deviation, contrast and diversity.

As a tribute to the variation, I have for my new sculptures, particularly focused on these concepts.

I search for new formal ways to be used in a sculptural positioning of different elements for the purpose of an understated but sensuous-erotic narration."

Danish National Art Foundation - 2012: ”Per Ahlmann insists not only on the object as creating meaning - but on ceramics as a workable modern means of expression. On the modelled sculpture's autonomy and craft's usability.

He is a rare, colourful and valuable bird in today's sculpture forest."

SEMIOTIC & MATERIALITY - Colby Parsons USA - www.colbyparsonsart.com
Colby Parsons is a sculptor and ceramics professor living in Denton, Texas, where he runs the ceramics program at Texas Woman's University.
Colby's work has been shown in a variety of places including the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in California, The International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark, the University of Pennsylvania Art Museum, and in Dallas at the Craighead Green Gallery, the Pawn Gallery, and 500X. He also created a site-specific installation for the 2010 Taiwanese Ceramic Biennial at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum.
Recently he received the Zanesville Contemporary Ceramics Award (1.prize 20.000 USD). The Danish National Arts Foundation funds the travels and transport of this exhibition - please also see Parsons' biography – below

SEMIOTIC SERIES 2015 – by Colby Parsons

This group of work features small vignettes or still lifes based on actual objects or groups of things I come across in my daily life - teapot, camera, knife, shoe..

The projected video is a collage of found and collected still and moving imagery showing either depictions of the rendered objects, or things and phenomena connected to them by association.

These are meant as explicit renderings of the way we understand physical reality - in particular the way any object we encounter is understood in reference to past experiences.

The source images and videos are mainly collected from internet sources, and so to some extent they also represent a kind of collective unconscious representation of some of the subject matter, although even so it is always

filtered through my own selection process, so it probably says more about my own associative thinking than it does about pop culture.
Bedroom Floor [video] www.colbyparsonsart.com/bedroom-f

(previous work)

This group of work represents an exploration of the distortion and textural qualities of video projection in intersection with clay - particularly clay forms with a strong sense of materiality.
The forms are developed around the limiting factor that each piece will be paired with a single data projector, and therefore the projection area must be shaped so that light can reach it from a single point. The forms are also limited by the intention to have the projection hit the surface at different angles, causing distortions to the pixel grid.
I consider the pattern of pixels inherent to the projection process to be analogous to a kind of "materiality", in the sense that any medium has fundamental qualities that can either be hidden (considered as flaws), or celebrated and exploited as a kind of aesthetic of authenticity.

Landscape #1 [video] www.colbyparsonsart.com/landscape-1-videonew-page

Other video projections by Colby Parsons:
Declivity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgJJMGwqqaw
Multifacet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD49OeMdP3w
Landscape #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRkfNknebLw
Landscape #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aKwxdd3f5g
Peak #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlDBVgTGX6w
Materiality of Light (#3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL_yyBEUsX0
Materiality of Light #7 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHeXD4386C4
Materiality of Light (#8) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyduuu_DxSc
Bedroom Floor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfefPUY1zwk
Box of lightbulbs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9C0lb3rghg
Four steaks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjToBjUtNe8

Thanks for the funding for international transport & exhibitions in 2015:
Danish National Arts Foundation and Denmark's National Bank Art Foundation

PER AHLMANN - b. 1965, Lemvig, Denmark
(previous work)

EDUCATION - Institute for Unique, Design School - Kolding, Denmark 1995
SOLO EXHIBITIONS - Jens Nielsen & Olivia Holm-Møller Museum, Holstebro 2015 - “Scalp” KANT, Copenhagen 2014 - “Checkpoint” Copenhagen Ceramics 2013 - Galleri Pagter, Kolding – m. Cai-Ulrich von Platen 2012 - “Emergens” Denmark Ceramic Museum Grimmerhus 2009 - “Lir og løgne” Gallery KANT, Fanø 2008 - Gallery Nørby, Copenhagen 2006

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS - Contemporary Ceramic Creation, Camard & Associés, Paris 2010,09 - “Biennial International Vallauries” France 2008 - COLLECT international art fair for contemporary objects, London 2007 - Puls Gallery, Contemporary International Ceramics, Brussels 2007 - SOFA Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Chicago 2006

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS - Shared Room, Art Weekend Aarhus 2015, Galleri Profilen 2015 - “Unik keramik,” Køge Art Association 2014 - ”Keramikkens mangfoldighed,” Randers Art Association 2013 - “Med leret som gidsel,” Vestjylland Art Pavilion, Videbæk - “Fra sans til samling 2012” “Biennalen 2011” Denmark Ceramic Museum – Grimmerhus - “På Tværs” Ny Tap, New Carlsberg city, 2010 – Påskeudstillingen Tistrup 2010 - “SUMMERTIME 09,” Gallery Christoffer Egelund - Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design, Trapholt Museum 2007 - “Everything is Flux,” Drud & Køppe Gallery, Copenhagen 2007 - “Five Artists – and Ceramic,” Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen – Artist's Autumn Exhibition, Den Frie 2003
Artist's Easter Exhibition, Århus 2002,03

GRANTS AND AWARDS - Annie & Otto Johs. Detlefs’ Award, Beckett-Fonden, Denmark's National Bank Art Foundation, Dalhoff Larsens Foundation, Grosserer L. F. Foghts Foundation, Ole Haslunds Artist Award 2014, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Foundation, Danish National Arts Foundation 3.year stipend 2011, stipend 09,05, Jyllandsposten Foundation, Tuborg Foundation

COLLECTIONS - New Carlsberg Foundation, National Danish Arts Foundation, Annie & Otto Johs. Detlefs Collection, Erik Veistrup Collection, Design Museum Denmark, Sjællands Ceramic Museum, Mc Manus Galleries Scotland

Ceramics, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL MFA 1998
Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University, Oxford, OH Bph 1991
2014 Semiotic, solo, Pittsburg State University Art Museum, Ft. Worth Art Center, Pittsburg, KS - Convergence, solo show, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK - Mute, group show, Circuit 12 Gallery, Dallas, TX - Semiotic, solo show, Brookhaven Community College, Dallas, TX
2013 Semiotic, solo show, Ft. Worth Community Art Center, Ft. Worth, TX - New Directions, group show, Lacoste Gallery, Concord MA - Yesterday's Tomorrow, group show, Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX - Attachments 15, group show, The Ceramic Store, Houston, TX - The Unbearable Lightness of Ceramics, group show, M Squared Gallery, Houston, TX - From Yellow Clay to Black Gumbo: Earth Movers, group show, Winter St. Studios, Houston TX - Pollock Gallery, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
2012 San Angelo National Ceramic Show, group, San Angelo Fine Arts Museum, San Angelo, TX - Cameo Show, group show, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX - Spring Show, group, Lake View Gallery, Tarrant County College NW, Ft. Worth, TX
2011 Simulated Migrations, a video and ceramic installation installed during the national NCECA conference, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL - Six Pack, group show, Live Oak Art Center, Columbus, TX

2015 Zanesville Contemporary Ceramics AWARD (20.000 USD).
National Danish Arts Foundation supports travels and transport of exhibition 2015