Kirsten Christensen - Exhibition August 2011

Kirsten Christensen
Exhibition 4 – 27 August 2011
See the new work by an unusual Danish artist, who likes to tell truth and grabs life from the inside...
"As an artist you have to get into a space, that you don't know what it looks like. You have to find courage to jump. You live your life in a minefield. The condition for creation is using this courage to describe something not yet seen..."

Kirsten Christensen:
"About creation crisis and the sudden conquering of it...
The paradox feeling of real freedom – made the jump back to the cage full of lust; but this time when freedom was real, it was worth all of it.
The studio changed from a burden to fulfil all conditions for creation.

Exhibition of large Italian oil-pastel drawings with ceramic object applied and framed. Small flat houses with photos of the studio, women and animals, and finally a sitting skeleton. Death at last for all of us – important is a life before death."
Kirsten Christensen has made large-scale commission works for the Hjortespring Library (1982), the Aalborg Train Station (1988) and the Køge Badeland (1992).
In 1978 she became a member of the Danish art association 'Kammeraterne', 1986 'Den Frie Udstilling'. In 1991 she received the Danish National Arts Foundation lifelong award.