NET GRID STUCCO Esben Klemann Mar-Apr 2020

Esben Klemann
Exhibition 5 March – 24 April 2020
Visual artist challenges piece, space, method and material freely at all levels.

Esben Klemann works equally freely inquiring with architectural pieces for urban spaces, private homes and exhibitions. Where he is always challenged by the properties of the material and the desire to test limits on its ability, whether it be in concrete or ceramics. He possesses a preference for space storytelling and the desire to 'do something completely different, often'.

The exhibition shows method-material research in ceramic construction and procedural premise. The works can be experienced as constructions seen in relation to space, and as experiments with clay, often applied only by transparent glaze to close the surfaces and give shine. Gravity has been used offensively as a molding tool and contains the clear traces of the making process.

Esben Klemann is basically open to any means that 'works'. The core area is clearly defined by his interest in architecture, construction and material, as well as by a constant desire to further develop processes that are crucial to the expression of the finished pieces.

Esben Klemann: "The sum of my experiences throws ideas out in the air and challenges me to add physical bodies that work.
They continuously materialize in the studio, waiting there in piles, as I think about it and decide if I want to continue with the idea.
On a positive note, I then do a few small works, like a kind of sample balloons, and then go up in scale and number.
That way I build up my spatial form curve to try, see and try. "

He challenges GRAVITATION of ceramics, in which he does things that apparently can not be done. Because it is interesting - ceramics or not.
A piece on the floor works differently than the piece on the wall - just as there is a big difference between whether an object is displayed in an exhibition or whether the piece is built for and in a certain location.

When Klemann works the area between the ceiling and the wall, he comes to the place where a stucco may be installed. He therefore encounter with the audience's expectations of sculptural form at this location, which is often something like a Roman ornamentation or curving flower arrangements.

People's normal notion of how stucco looks is contested, and at the same time, the space is sculpturally challenged, where otherwise there was only room for artwork traditionally on the wall, counter tops and shelves.

In the urban space, Esben Klemann has used the concrete element that can be said to form an architectural framework for people.

Concrete is inexpensive, sturdy and flexible for blockage - but is usually seen only as a square block with flat sides.
Redesign creates new unexpected ideas on how a concrete element can act and look. By 'copying' the blockage element, which typically stands for roadworks in the cityscape, and adding relief, it can even become beautiful.
Still flexible as a mobile concrete block, as a work of art it is liberated from the stiff anchoring of traditional sculpture to its pedestal.
It is natural to move the piece and use it in new contexts.

ESBEN KLEMANN – About my work:
I have worked with clay for so long and so much that a dedicated ceramic development channel runs naturally in my head 24-7.
What happens if I do this? - or, the one I just made was very good, I will have to develop it further.
I sweep up visual details everywhere I go and pour them into my imagination, which then boils them together in new ways to what is my expression.
A term gathered under headings, such as challenging the clay using new methods, cultivating the pattern, the repetition in grid structures as a neutral way of forming.
Characterized by interest in construction, architecture and hellishness.


ESBEN KLEMANN (b. 1972) graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen in 2002.
EXHIBITIONS Galerie Maria Lund, Paris 2019/17/13. Biennale internationale de céramique de Châteauroux, France 2017. Art 15, London 2015. Vejen Art Museum, solo 2014. Bornholm Art Museum 2013. Gravity, solo, Ann Linnemann Gallery 2012. Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus 2011. A Gallery, solo. Across, Tappehallerne Carlsberg 2010.
COMMISSIONS Invited by the Danish Art Foundation. Hans Rømer School, Åkirkeby. Vanløse Kulturhus. Pascal Denmark A/S, Århus. Bornholm Art Museum 2009. Adventure Garden, Odense Council. Teknological Institute, Taastrup. The Bank, Miami USA.
GRANTS Danish Art Foundation Production Funding 2017/15, Artist Stipend 2016/14. Dansk Tennisfond's residency award, Gudhjem 2016. Danish Art Council Production Award 2015. Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Award, 2014/12/11. Grosserer L.F. Fogthts Award 2013. Danish Art Council Award 2012/11. Artists Honorary Award 2011. COLLECTIONS Bornholm Art Museum, Vejen Art Museum..
REPRESENTED Galerie Maria Lund, Paris.

Photos are previous exhibitions and pieces

Grateful thanks to The Danish Art Foundation for project funding in 2020.

Born in 1972.

1996-02 Det Kongelige Kunstakademi. København.
1990-92 Det Jyske Kunstakademi. Århus.

2021 Koloristerne. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning. København.
2020 Betonafspæringsklodser. Ofelia Plads. København.
2019 Galerie Maria Lund. Paris. (m. Nicolai Howalt)
2019 Birthe Lauersen Art Agency. København.
2018 Stedsspecifik betonskulptur til Odder Højskole.
2017 Biennale internationale de céramique de Châteauroux. Frankrig.
2017 Soil. SixtyEigt Art Institute. København.
2017 Galerie Maria Lund. Paris. (m. Nicolai Howalt)
2017 ENGROS. Grøntorvet. Valby.
2016 Kant til Kant. Ikast Kunstpakhus (m. Lisbeth Eugine Rasmussen)
2015 Art 15. London.
2015 Galleri Houcon (m. Malene Bach). Frederiksberg.
2014 Vejen Kunstmuseum. Solo.
2013 Egnsbeton. Betonelementer og stedspecifikke. Vejen By og Kommune.
2013 Koldt Vand i Blodet. Bornholms Kunstmuseum.
2013 Galerie Marie Lund. Paris.
2013 “Systematic Uncertainty” Copenhagen Ceramics. København.
2013 AW! Skulpturelt projektsamarb. m. skulptør Marianne Jørgensen.
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.
1212 Multiple. Skulpturi. København.
2012 Huset i Asnæs.
2012 Tyngdekraft. Solo. Ann Linnemann Galleri. København.
2011 Sculpture by the Sea. Århus.
2010 AGallery. Solo. København.
2010 Art Copenhagen. Forum. København.
2010 På Tværs. Carlsberg Tappehaller. København.
2010 Tilløb Til Rum. Clausens Kunsthandel. København.
2010 Puls Contemporary Ceramics. Belgien.

GRANTS - fra 2010
2017 Statens Kunstfond Produktionsstøtte.
2016 Arbejdslegat. Statens Kunstfond.
2016 Dansk Tennisfond. Legatbolig i Gudhjem.
2015 Kunstrådets Produktionspulje.
2014 Nationalbankens Jubilæumslegat af 1998.
2014 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat.
2013 Grosserer L.F. Fogthts Fond.
2012 Kunstrådets Billedkunstudvalg.
2012 Nationalbankens Jubilæumslegat af 1998.
2011 Kunstnernes Legat af 1971. Æreslegat.
2011 Kunstrådets Billedkunstudvalg.
2011 Nationalbankens Jubilæumslegat af 1968.

2018 Rundkørsel projekt. Bornholms Regionskommune.
2017 Element opsat i Fly ved Skive. Viborg Kunsthal.
2016/17 Inviteret af Statens Kunstfond. Hans Rømer Skolen, Åkirkeby.
2016/17 Rundkørsels skulptur. Bornholms Kommune.
2016 Tilføjelse til Bunkers. Odder Højskole.
2013 Egnsbeton. 15 betonværker. Vejen Kommune.
2010 To Betonbarriere. Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg.
Vanløse Kulturhus.
2010 Indgangsparti/ Paschal – Danmark A/S. Århus.
2009 Betonelement, Bornholms Kunstmuseum.