A Touch of ... Exhibition January 2011

A touch of...
Exhibition 6 – 22 january 2011

Salt/soda - embers - flames - ashes

Charlotte Thorup exhibits together with Ann Linnemann, Sten Lykke Madsen, Ane-Katrine von Bulow and Hans Vangsø. They show their ceramic objects, which are especially marked by their firing in gas, oil or wood fired kiln: salt/soda - embers - flames - ashes.
LINK: Charlotte Thorup - Ane-Katrine von Bülow - Ann Linnemann - Sten Lykke Madsen - Hans Vangsø

Thoughts behind the pieces - Charlotte Thorup:
”I am fascinated by patterns and repetition, dimensions and connections, and I am inspired by both nature and the city. It may be a field with the rhythm of the wheat or a building, where my attention are caught by a contrast, a new dimension. This interest appears in my ceramic work.

I enjoy working in a harmonious and simple way. It has led me to a technique where I form thin sheets of clay connecting them in various ways.
Guided by my curiousity I allow module by module to lead me towards a new form where small unities appear as one large piece.

Presently I make several objects that belong to each other and hang on a wall. Again a united whole.. created by modules. The viewer is invited to look at the piece from different angles where new balances and connections appear.

I mainly work in porcelain, because I like the inherent doubleness of this material.. between strength and fragility.
In my choice of colour I let simplicity rule, where the pieces own light and shadow effects create the 'colour'.

Finally I choose salt-glazing my ceramics, which is an ancient tradition. At high temperature salt connects with the clay and creates the glaze. This way of working is in one way unpredictable, because a salt-kiln partly 'lives its own life', and often adds the process an independent character to the pieces.”