Exhibition calendar 2011

2011 (subject to change)

6 - 22 JANUARY A touch of...
Charlotte Thorup exhibits together with Ann Linnemann, Sten Lykke Madsen, Ane-Katrine von Bulow and Hans Vangsø. They show their ceramic objects, which especially are marked by their firing in gas, oil or wood fired kilns: salt/soda - embers - flames - ashes.
LINK: Charlotte Thorup - Ane-Katrine von Bülow - Ann Linnemann - Sten Lykke Madsen - Hans Vangsø

27 JANUARY - 26 FEBRUARY Light & porcelain
Margaret O'Rorke from England exhibits unique light installations made in transparent porcelain. The translucency of fine high-fired porcelain captures her imagination and leads her to create thrown sculptural forms that give light. Ideas stem from the nature of the material, forms that can grow from the potter's wheel, the process of firing and a sense of adventure with light and space.
LINK: Margaret O'Rorke

3 - 26 MARCH In play Lis Ehrenreich & Mikael Jackson DK
The ceramic pieces by Lis Ehrenreich & Mikael Jackson DK are set 'in play' and create a new dialogue. This exhibition shows ornamental variations from the installation 'Flying Carpet', where the shadow creates an oriental carpet, to vessels containing motives of a Middle Eastern cultural heritage.

1 - 30 APRIL In the Woods - Peder Rasmussen DK
The exhibition consists of various series of figures and plates, which are made during the winter 2010-11, where Peder Rasmussen has experimented with the old Italian maiolica-technique, he first time discovered, when he in 1970 for a period of time lived in Faenza, the home-town of faïence.
LINK: Peder Rasmussen

5 - 28 MAJ Branch objects - Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl DK
What can a branch stump talk about? - Why make it in ceramics? - What wondering does it start? - And when is it even a branch stump.
LINK: Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl

1 - 25 JUNI Weight - Elisa Helland Hansen - Norway
At this exhibition Elisa Helland-Hansen invites the visitor to lift up the cups – see, touch, close the eyes and sense weight and gravity.
LINK: Elisa Helland Hansen

1 - 30 JULI Wild & vigorous - Marianne Nielsen & Marianne Krumbach DK
In July, the gallery shows a wild and vigorous Summer exhibition of new work by the emerging Danish artists Marianne Nielsen and Marianne Krumbach.
LINK: Marianne Nielsen - Marianne Krumbach

4 - 27 AUGUST Clay & drawing - Kirsten Christensen DK
Exhibition of large Italian oil-pastel drawings with ceramic object applied and framed. Small flat houses with photos of studio, women and animals, and at last a sitting skeleton. "Death at last for all of us – important is a life before death."
LINK: Kirsten Christensen

1 - 30 SEPTEMBER Extrudox A/S - Steen Ipsen & Anne Tophøj DK
“EXTRUDOX A/S is a collaboration, where we research and challenge the ceramic technique: extruding.
We have used this project as a play ground and a free space away from usual methods and projects, to discover and take in new ceramic land, challenge each other and try on own boundaries.
LINK: Steen Ipsen - Anne Tophøj

6 - 29 OCTOBER Coupling - Pipaluk Lake & Jesper Palm DK
Exhibition of glass by Pipaluk Lake and photography by Jesper Palm. For this project the artists have challenged their usual work methods. For years, each of them have collected scrap glass objects of various kinds. This collection is their starting point for the exhibition. Pipaluk Lake deforms and transforms the objects
Jesper Palm uses the given objects in still-life photo settings, where the light plays an important role.
LINK: Pipaluk Lake - Jesper Palm

3 NOV - 23 DEC STILL in love - Akio Takamori USA/J & Steen Lykke Madsen DK
LINK: Akio Takamori - Sten Lykke Madsen

1 - 23 DECEMBER Christmas exhibition - Gallery artists