Sandra Davolio - Exhibition March 2010

Doni Votivi
Sandra Davolio Italia/DK

Exhibition 4 - 31 March 2010
This Exhibition of Sandra Davolio's new pieces leads us to an Italian churchyard showing models and finished vase forms in porcelain.

Doni Votivi by Sandra Davolio born in Italy, living in Denmark since 1974
The intention to make everybody equal after death has, in a modern and rational way created the most desolate churchyard in my childhood town, Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy.
A feeling of sadness during my last visit inspired me to create a useful, beautiful alternative to the dried out or plastic flowers, but my thoughts have moved on to include the whole churchyard.
Votive gifts - Doni Votivi
The ivory coloured porcelain is my favourite material. Beautiful and poetic as it is natural white.
The complexity of the forms are symbols of the bonds we have with each other. They are meant for one recipient and each element of the form symbolises a thought, a prayer that can be passed on - from me as a creator and from the person who gives it.
While I form the 'gifts', I relate to the process of the religious rituals where the liturgy creates a spiritual mood.

The churchyard gets new life in the form of ceramic decoration on the walls, the paths and in niches by the graves, and a green oasis where visitors can find peace and privacy during their visit, a garden with a fountain and benches in the shade of blossoming trees.