FULBY Exhibition February 2010

Ann Linnemann studio gallery 4 - 27 february 2010
Hans & Birgitte Börjeson

The Gallery exhibits new work by Hans & Birgitte Börjeson, fresh and 'warm' from their first firing of the year.
Large and small pitchers, cups, schnapps-cups, mini pâté-bowls, large jars..

Hans & Birgitte Börjeson have their studio in the village of Fulby, where they closely work together. The collaboration and naming of the work after the studio location has roots in pottery tradition.
They met in Cornwall, one of Englands rich ceramic centres.

Fulby-ceramics are primarily known for salt-glazed stoneware. They won a prize at the first World Ceramic Biennial in Korea, 2001. They exhibit and attend ceramic art fairs all over Europe.

Hans & Birgitte Börjeson explain, that after 47 years with ceramics and numerous travels there is always something new and exciting to develop. Every salt firing gives unpredictable results, that endlessly leads to new thoughts and roads to follow.
Gallery photo: Ann Linnemann
/Object photos: Ole Akhøj DK