Ann Linnemann ceramic artist potter designer

In the studio, my ceramic works consist of hand-thrown table ware, vessels and sculptural forms based on conceptual ideas.
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My ceramic design is developed for a hand-thrown studio potter's production.
The pieces are often altered from a round basic model to asymmetric form.
A clear symbiosis between idea, function, form, material and hand-throwing technique is essential for my choice of new ceramic pieces.

I make sculptural pieces embodying elements of humanness, movement and body language, - a simple or complex altering of hand-thrown elements, - the pure form or glazed images suggesting fragments of the human body, life and mind.

My ceramic pieces appear from the thematic ideas, that I research, and reflect my interest in different cultures, art history, humanity, the forms of the body, various personal memories and expressions.
The simple suggestion of a body detail is shown in the naturally soft and white porcelain, while other sculptural pieces are textured, glazed, painted, drawn with references to an idea, a concept, theme, history of culture, political statement, personal memory, landscape, nature experience... - or the nature of ceramic materials, natural phenomena of the clay coloured and accentuated by the ashes and flames of the firing.

The painted piece may relate to a specific theme, research of a story, illusion or vision.
The surfaces are layers of meaning - pattern, traditional, classic or site specific glaze types...
'Looking at the sea through a pine forrest..' ash glazes - 1300C
Porcelain - hand thrown & altered - Human scale 1:1

First edit: 02.01.2015