ANALOGUE Søren Thygesen Oct-Nov 2019

ANALOGUE Søren Thygesen DK
Exhibition 24 October – 23 November 2019
Method and material investigation from 3D-photo to the work of hands.
The exhibition presents new works by Soren Thygesen, where he works with 3D photo scanning and 3D printing - while showing the material clay in an exciting contemporary context.
The 3D-photographed figure of a young man
(Søren's sporty son) is on the move,
so he stands in a dynamic position,
actively on his way to..

A number of the latest technology and super modern digitization combine with red clay in an analogous process that connects methods and materials of opposing characters.

A combination of material knowledge, tools and technical ingenuity meet and merge.

Dogmatic methods are linked in the work process to the nature of the material, and the idea of a piece often appears from the interaction.
Søren Thygesen works with 'method'. He constantly finds and invents new pieces that are closely related to or even originated from a working method - from the folk art's hand-thrown animals to conceptual works in clay (wood and concrete).

He discovers an interesting grip, and pursues it. An invention of a tool or, in this case, development from a 3D photo/ scan, 3D print in plastic that is laser cut in wood boards/ MDF, then acts as a moulding tool for the ceramic modelling.
The pieces are made in clay, wood and concrete.

What does it mean to develop an art piece from a work process, to invent a method that greatly contributes to defining the piece?

”The entire workflow with the plates in layers stems from a method we have developed at The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop. The method is a low-cost way to scale small items up in size.

In a new collaboration with the Danish company KIDS PRINT that offers 3D photo / scan subsequently printed in plastic - I have developed an idea that both maintains a person's contour, but also provide space for the clay material in the gaps.
That is, the ceramic photo-portrait is broken by the natural structure of the clay and the work of the hand, and I hope that the finished figure will send mixed signals.
Another approach is the concept: that form - perhaps all form - is the encounter with something from the inside that pushes itself to take a place in reality, as in most growth forms.
The layering of the clay structure that sticks out as planes, causes the figure is a little difficult to define. However, you sense the person somewhere in between, - I hope.
The pieces in ceramic concrete revolve around the same theme.
The physical form that we experience at the exhibition is created in different containers that define the final form expression.
The ceramic clay mass is pressed out against its boundary which can be experienced as a kind of skin that gives the subject character.
Others of the pieces are simply holes that are dug out by hand - with the form/ textural nature that it provides. Then moulded and turned around - like reverse gravity.
The man-tall sculpture is 'pressed out' in red clay. He has been given a dynamic expression and looks like a person doing something - maybe he is surfing?”

Previous work from selected exhibitions::

CLEVER HANDS - LARGE FORMATS, CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art, 2017-18.

BIENNIAL for Arts,Crafts & Design, 2017.

TEMPERAMENTS - Ann Linnemann Gallery, solo exhibition, 2013.
Søren Thygesen constructed space-specific ceramic pieces that grew as columns, spread in the room, revolved around nature, architecture, sculpture, installation.. The pieces appeared from the elements of nature, Danish clay and brick tradition. Where the starting point was an ingenious cutting-machine and the clean cuts that suddenly turned out to enable the making of centimetre-thin leaves that seem heavier than their high upwardly rising sister-columns.
“In my own studio and at Tommerup Factory I like the feeling of finding things - constantly searching for something I can use and refine. The idea of the cutting-machine appears from the simple joy of the clean cut with a cutting wire. At work we have the old cutting-machines for bricks and making vertical cuts in various formats. It was in a short dialogue with Niels Lauesen, that I got the idea. We talked about the need for a similar device, where we unfixed could draw in clay. After a few attempts - I ended up making the cuts using the throwing-wheel and found some easy moves with the technique. The idea of the leaves comes from the process that wilting leaves undergo, similar to the process of clay during firing, - a colour ranging from light yellow to dark brown tile-colour.”

SØREN THYGESEN (b. 1961) Graduated from Kolding Design School, ceramics 1987. Own studio since 1987 - Employed at the Kähler Pottery, Næstved 1996-2000 - Designer for Kähler 2007. Works at The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop since 2000. EXHIBITIONS CLAY Museum Denmark 2017-18. Biennal for Art, Craft & Design 2017,2015. Ann Linnemann Gallery solo 2013. Morsø Arts 2009. Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2008,05,04,03. Artists Autumn Exhibition 2006,05. Gallery Nørby 2005. Danish Triennial, Trapholt Art Museum 1994. GRANTS AND AWARDS Biennal Award 2015. Ole and Yelva Nimbs Award 2004. Danish Art Foundation Award 2001,00. Danish Ceramics Triennial Award 1994. Ole Haslund Artist Award 1989 - Krøjers Award 1987.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Art Foundation for project funding in 2019.

BIOGRAPHY – Søren Thygesen
Born in Denmark 1961.

1987 Uddannet fra Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole – Keramisk Linje.

1987 Eget værksted.
1993-2006 Tilknyttet Kähler Keramik. På værkstedet, Kählerbakken 5.
2002.. Tilknyttet Tommerup Keramisk Værksted.
2007 Designer for Kähler Design
2019 Mentor Gyeonggi international biennale Korea 2019.
2019 Arbejdsophold på Statens Værksteder.

Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2003
Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2004
”Fynsk Kunst” SAK Svendborg 2004
Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2005
Galleri Nørby ”Konversationsstykker” 2005.
Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie 2005
Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie 2006
Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling 2008
Morsø kunstforening 2009
Ann Linneman Galleri 2012
Ann Linneman Galleri, soloudstilling 2013
Biennalen for kunsthåndværk og design 2015
Vinder af Biennaleprisen 2015
Galleri Ann Linneman – ”Toy” 2016
Biennalen for kunsthåndværk og design 2017
Tommerup Keramisk Værksted Jubilæum, CLAY Museum 2017
Ann Linnemann Galleri ”Mesterværker” 2018
Ann Linnemann Galleri”Legendarisk” 2018
Ann Linnemann Galleri, solo udstilling 2019

Krøyers legat 1987
Ole Haslunds Kunstnerlegat 1989
Præmieret ved udstillingen ”Jyske Rødder” Århus 1990
Præmieret af statens kunstfond galleri Nørby 1993
Præmieret ved den danske keramiktriennale, Trapholt 1994
Salg til kunstmuseet Trapholt 1997
Statens kunstfond arbejdslegat 2000
Statens kunstfond arbejdslegat 2001
Ole og Yelva Nimbs fond, æreslegat 2004
Nomineret til Politikens talentpris.2008
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Salg af værk til Danmarks Designmuseum 2015
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