WORLD CUP - Ceramic Art - Dec 2017

OVERCUPS - Ole Jensen. Photo: Ole Akhøj.

WORLD CUP International competition & exhibition
Exhibition 1 - 22 December 2017.. and 16 - 20 January 2018

What about a Super Cup for Everyday and Party – or a Holy Grail-?
International exhibition and competition, 'World Cup' is about original creation, a cup for drinking, measuring, a mug, bowl, Holy Grail, trophy, prize..

From the earthly simple to the high flying.

A cup is a symbol of the personal, intimate and cosy togetherness.

The title plays with the words to expand the concepts, encourage innovation, put usable and traditional in relation to contemporary art, intimate and private in connection with career and competition culture.

The exhibition shows more than 50 varied take on the theme from beautifully painted porcelain, tea bowls, imaginative designs to taste sensation, functional and conceptual - or a medallion for kindness.

See photos, descriptions, biographies for all at the end of the page.

PRIZE WINNERS - Jury: Bodil Manz, Ursula Munch-Petersen and the audience.
Bodil Manz - JURY WINNERS:
Charlotte Overgaard Christensen - Everyday Cups
Metha Stuart Wallace - Tumbler with holder
Anne Fløcke – H2O World's Water
Ursula Munch-Petersen - JURY WINNERS:
Inger Heebøll - Cup of the World
Mona Vander - Spacious
Dorte Kristoffersen - Crow, who has found some garbage

1. day - Opening Winner: Elisabeth Lau Kieffer
1. week/218 votes - WINNERS: 1. Bodil Manz (16) - 2. Dorte Kristoffersen (13) - 3. Ane-Katrine von Bülow & Margot Thyssen (11)
2. week/128 votes - WINNERS: 1. Elisabeth Lau Kieffer (10) - 2. Ann Linnemann (8) - 3. Bodil Manz & Charlotte Overgaard Christensen (7)
3. week/107 votes - WINNERS: Dorte Kristoffersen (9) - Margot Thyssen & Elisabeth Lau Kieffer (7) - Anne Fabricius Møller (6)
4. week/43 votes January - WINNERS: Lisbeth Holst-Jensen, Margot Thyssen, Scott/Linnemann & AnnLinnemann/Wild Cup (3 votes each)
TOTAL - TOP 10 WINNERS: Elisabeth Lau Kieffer (28) - Dorte Kristoffersen & Margot Thyssen (27) - Bodil Manz (25) - Scott&Linnemann (24) - Ane-Katrine von Bülow (23) - Charlotte Overgaard Christensen (21) - AnnLinnemann/Wild Cup (19) - Lisbeth Holst-Jensen (15) - Michiko Takahashi Nilsen & Christian Bruun (13).

Thanks to The Danish Art Foundation for the Gallery funding in 2017-18.

ALL EXHIBITORS - titles (alphabetic by first name)
Ane Davidsen - Overthrown
Ane-Katrine von Bülow - Cups for the Parliamentary Reading Rooms - Mr. & Mrs.
Ann Linnemann - Wild Cup
Anne Fabricius Møller og Ann Linnemann - ArchivesLab
Anne Fabricius Møller - Laid
Anne Fløcke – H2O World's Water
Anne Mette Hjortshøj - Tea bowls
Bodil Manz - no title
Charlotte Overgaard Christensen - Everyday Cups
Charlotte Thorup – Behold
Christian Bruun – Venus, Colour, Whisky
Christina Schou Christensen - Floating Cups
Christine Urfe Bendt - Morphing
Dorte Kristoffersen - Crow, who has found some garbage & Introvert
Dorte Kristoffersen & Ninna Gøtzsche - Table for one
Elisa Helland-Hansen (Norge) – Weight
Elisabeth Lau Kieffer - The Choosy Cup
Gry Fager - Blue GRANDMA
Guillermo Cuellar (USA) – Wood fire
Hans Vangsø – Tenmuko Tea bowl
Inger Heebøll - Cup of the World
Jane Holmberg - Earth Cup
Jeanette Hiiri - The Winner is
Jonathan Keep (UK)– Morphology
Karen Bennicke - A cup is a cup is a cup
Kim Holm – Tea bowls
Kirsten Høholt - Drawing Cup
Ksenia Shigaeva (Rusland) - Button Cups
Kurt Weiser(USA) – Blue Painted
Lis Biggas – Cups
Lisbeth Holst-Jensen – Motive Cup
Lone Borgen – Image Cup
Lotte Westphael – The World Is Shaking.. Seismographic
Louise Sidelmann – Honorary Medal for KINDNESS
Malene Müllertz - Geometric
Marek Cecula (Polen/USA) – InDustReal, Random, Nectar, Craft
Margot Thyssen (Belgien) - Mo Shan & Twins
Michiko Takahashi Nilsen (Japan/Norway) - Skål!
Mikael Jackson – No titel
Metha Stuart Wallace - Tumbler with holder
Mona Vander - Spacious
Ole Jensen – OverCup
Ole Vesterlund - Volume 1 of 1, Pinch of Clay
Paul Scott (UK) & Ann Linnemann – Landscape Blue
Pia Bastrup - Around the World & Time for reflection
Prue Venables (Australien) - Oval
Randy Johnston (USA) – Yunomi
Robert Banker (USA) – Carved
Sam Chung (USA) – Cloud Cups
Samuel Johnson (USA) – Dark
Sandra Luehrsen (USA) - Luehrsen Cactus Juice 9
Sten Lykke Madsen – Thimbles Cup
Stephen Bowers (Australien) – Painted
Steven Rolf (USA) – Cup & Wine
Søren Thygesen – Cup Dog
Theis Lorentzen - Sprue for Two DIY
Thora Finnsdottir Søe (Reykjavik) - Trophy Cup
Ursula Munch-Petersen – Cups & Doll's set

A PRIVATE CUP COLLECTION: Akio Takamori, Japan/USA – Anne Fabricius Møller - Bodil Manz - Elisa Helland-Hansen, Norway – Gail Nichaels, AU - Jane Reumert - Jane Sawyer, AU - Yanze Jiang, China - Jindra Vikova, CZ - Jonathan Keep, UK - Kirsten Coelho, AU - Kurt Weiser, USA – Les Manning, CA - Lisbeth Holst-Jensen - Marek Cecula, PL/USA - Marianne Nielsen – Pieter Stockmans, Belgium - Prue Venables, AU - Samuel Chung, USA - Satoru Hoshino, Japan - Stephen Bowers, AU – Steven Rolf, USA - Sys Thomsen - Ursula Munch-Petersen - Warren McKenzie, USA

EXHIBITORS - Pieces and selected biography

Ane Davidsen - Overthrown
"An over turned, excitable, fragmented everyday life that can feel like joining a World Cup, with many layers. In our everyday life that speed, we spin around to follow, sometimes we throw it all up for it to land on the new - in its own right. We all deserve a trophy to cope with everyday life. "
ANE DAVIDSEN (b. 1972) Educated at the Designskolen Kolding 1996-2001. EXHIBITIONS 13th Biennial of Ceramics Manises, Spain 2017. “Fortællerspor”, CLAY Museum 2011. Galleri Pagter, Kolding, w. Helle Vibeke Jensen 2009. "Biennale for Crafts and Design"; ”Keramik i Kolding” 2007. ”Keramik under jorden – över jord”, Blås och Knåda, Stockholm 2006. Galleri Pagter, Kolding w. Michael Geertsen, Sales to Statens Kunstfond 2005. ”Keramik under jorden”, Bunker DG177, Copenhagen 2004. ”Det er så yndigt...”, Officinet, Copenhagen 2002. ”Hjem kære skov” w. Love Nyblom, Clay Keramikmuseum DK 2001.

Ane-Katrine von Bülow
- Cups for Parliamentary Reading Rooms - Mr. & Mrs.
"My overall idea is to work with contrasts and the meeting between them. Here the cup is white and white and the foot is black and matte. The cup is flimsy and the foot massive. In the Mr. & Mrs. pair is the one's foot round and the other's foot square. For Parliamentary Reading Rooms is one cup on foot without saucer that can both be for tea and coffee. Simple - easy to read – graphic in it's expression."
ANE-KATRINE VON BÜLOW (b. 1952) Educated at the Royal Art Academy, Copenhagen 1974-80. Medlem af Butik for Borddækning fra 2012. EXHIBITIONS Hjorts Fabrik ” Grafik på Keramik” 2017. Modern Masters, Galerie Handwerk, München 2016. Westerwald Keramikmuseum 2014/15. Galleri Pagter, w. L.Kath; Officinet ”Ornamental Play 2” w. A.Bache 2014. Danish Crafts Collection 17, Paris 2013/14. Galleri Oxholm “Ornamental Play 1” w. A.Bache; Höganäs Museum "Diversiteter" 2013. GRANTS Statens Kunstfonds arbejdslegat 2000/08/11/13/15/17. Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond 2002/06/13/15.

Ann Linnemann - Wild Cups
"WILD CUPS use porcelain shards and 'weeds' in contemporary relevant Upcycling - about nature's influence on the man-made. Ceramic cup and growth are given a new common life, - in decay and life cycle. Inspired by the plants and their ability to grow in impossible unexpected places, to fade and resurrect, - the viewer is presented for a positive way to relate to the wildlife of the city." LINK
ANN LINNEMANN (b. 1957) EDUCATION Royal Academy of Design (KADK) 1983-89. Potters Certificate, Herman A. Kähler 1979-83. Scholar Arizona State University, USA 1993-94. EXHIBITIONS Contemporary Ceramics Copenhagen, solo, 2017. Lacoste Gallery, USA 2016. Helen Stephens Gallery, Sydney, AU solo 2009. 'Kilns of Denmark' travelling exhibition, USA, Europa 2001-04. Danske Keramiktriennale, Trapholt Art Museum; Galleri Nørby solo 1997. GRANTS National Art Foundation, Ole Haslunds Artist Award, Helpmann Academy Award AU, Triennalepris Trapholt, Danmarks Nationalbanks Foundation, Banff Arts Residency Award.
Ann Linnemann

Anne Fabricius Møller & Ann Linnemann - Archives Lab
"Interdisciplinary collaborative project in experimental material blends and techniques, drilling in glaze, clay and cast concrete. The fascination of secret layers, geology and collection mania degenerated into a project in which sand, cement, old shards, cups and other 'easy' available materials were cast and melted into compact little worlds. Some are stalled in a stage like geological extracts from the 'real' world." LINK

Anne Fabricius Møller - Laid
"The word 'laid' is used as a clue to the prefabricated cup's treatment and origin: Coated, Destroyed and Disposed. The repaired discarded cup. The barnacles and mussel-coated cup. The purchased broken cup. 'Laid' is a new 'glaze' to old cups."
ANNE FABRICIUS MØLLER (b. 1959) EDUCATION Skolen for Brugskunst, (KADK) 1982-86. EXHIBITIONS Hjemlighed, privat hjem, Kbh; Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling, Øregaard Museum; Tisch Towel, Butik for Borddækning 2015. Trapholt, Kolding; Mindecraft 14, Milano; Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling, KADK; Street Print, La Sala Vincon, Barcelona 2014. ‘Wireless’, Kunstsenter Tønsberg/Frederikstad, Norge; Silkeborg-udstillingen 2013, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad; Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design, Rundetårn 2013. GRANTS Kunstforeningen af 14. August legatet. Statens Kunstfond, Biennaleprisen, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond. MEMBER of Butik for Borddækning og Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling.

Anne Fløche – H2O Water of the World
"H2O, Water of the World, a glass of water, the simplest, the most necessary, - as a substance, as a form."
ANNE FLØCHE (b. 1952) EDUCATION Jyske Kunstakademi 1973-78. EXHIBITIONS Sophienholm, Kunstindustrimuseet, Trapholt Museum, Danmarks Keramikmuseum og internationale museer og gallerier i Sverige, Tyskland, England, Frankrig, USA, Kina. ART FAIR - SOFA/USA, COLLECT/London. Gallery Nagoya, Japan 2015. GRANTS Ole Haslunds Kunstnerlegat, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Statens Kunstfond, præmiering, Silkeborg Bad, Beckett-Fonden, Højgaard's Fond. AWARD RESIDENCES Statens Værksteder DK 2004,07, Det Danske Institut, Damaskus 2006, San Bao International Ceramics Centre, China 2009. COLLECTIONS Statens Kunstfond, Statens Konstråd Sverige, Designmuseet Danmark, NY Carlsbergfonden, Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Danmarks Keramikmuseum, Ulster Museum of Fine Arts, Sieg Collection Pennsylvania, Scandinavian Embassy Berlin.

Anne Mette Hjortshøj - Tea bowls
"I work as a potter, - looking more backward than forward in my work to get my work to make sense, from one firing to the next. To marvel at the detail, texture and balance between form, surface and function is apparently 'never ending' addiction. Wanting to cut the unnecessary away and preserve the necessary in a story where the balance between nature, culture, geology and mystics are the main elements, is a goal."
ANNE METTE HJORTSHØJ (b. 1973) EDUCATION Glas og keramikskolen, Bornholm 1997–2000. EXHIBITIONS Chawan Expo, Belgien; SALT, Keramisk Center Höganäs, Sverige 2015. Japanism, Bornholm Keramik Museum, Hjorts Fabrik 2014. International Chasabal Festival, SydKorea 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08. Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Israel 2013. SOGO Tokyo, Japan; “Three Cups”, Dragon Tearoom Gallery, USA; Solo show, Goldmark Gallery, UK 2012. Japan/Bornholm, Galleri Vang; ”Next Generation”, Palæfløjen 2011. ”Wall of Fame”, Selected Graduates, DKDS Bornholm; Ganjin Celedon Festival, International Ceramic Artist Exhibition 2010. - video

Bodil Manz
“Graphic Artist of Ceramics par excellence, whether drawing in a slender, delicate line as a personal signature, or using coloured ceramic transfers in an infinite variety of richness.”
BODIL MANZ – graduated from the Kunsthåndværkerskolen 1965, Has travelled and exhibited all over the world from Escula de Disefio y Artesanians, Mexico 1966, University of California, Berkeley 1967 to Bahrein, China, Japan and Korea. Studio w.. Richard Manz (1933-99) since meeting at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in 1967, collaborative commission projects include National Museum, Bahrein 1987-88 and production of tableware. Thorvald Bindesbøll Award 2001, Danmarks Nationalbanks Honorary Award 2010, Grand Prize, 4th.World Ceramic Biennial 2007, Korea. She is well-known for numerous exhibitions in Denmark and internationally. Member of Keramiske Veje and International Academie de la Ceramique IAC. LINK

Charlotte Overgaard Christensen - Everyday Cups
”Koppen et vidunderligt hverdagsobjekt, dagens kar. Inspiration i japansk hverdagsskønhed, eksperimentelt. Anderledes end tidligere er arbejdet med objektet. Mod en forskydning, sprække i hverdagsvæggen, bærere af betydning. Forkærlighed for det tørre, formbevægelse, helst en sitren. Det ukendte i det kendte. Åbne til nye rum og indkapsle erkendelse. Drejet/ støbt porcelæn, begitning, glasur.”
"The cup is a wonderful everyday object, vessel of the day. Inspiration in Japanese everyday beauty, experimental. Unlike previous work with the object. Towards a displacement, cracks in the daily wall, carriers of importance. Love for the dry, form movement, preferably a twitch. The unknown in the known. Open to new spaces and encapsulating knowledge. Turned/cast porcelain, clay, glaze."
CHARLOTTE OVERGAARD CHRISTENSEN (b. 1953) educated at Århus Art Academy 2014. EXHIBITIONS Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2016, 2017.

Charlotte Thorup – Behold
”BEHOLD - small cups in a row. Stoneware and porcelain. From a cup, I have let myself be inspired by the simple shape – a container. An interest in showing this universal form of repetition. This has become a mini wall object, where the viewer is presented to this shape in a repeated motive."
CHARLOTTE THORUP (b. 1973) educated at the Glass & Ceramics School - Bornholm (Now KADK) 2000. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery USA; Uneven Spaces, solo, Ann Linnemann Gallery 2016. Arts&Crafts Award, Officinet 2015. Unique Ceramics, Køge; New Meets Old, Hiorts Factory, Ronne; Lust structures, R2 Gallery, Svaneke; Fantastic Tales, Ceramic House, England 2014. Definition, Finland 2013. Danish National Museum 2012. The Next Generation, Roskilde 2011. Wawerhythmfold Gallery Klejn, Bornholm 2010. LandMarks, Flow Gallery, London 2009. Ann Linnemann Gallery: A touch of .. 2011, Behold 2012, Form Language 2014, solo 2016. LINK

Christian Bruun – Venus, Colour, Whisky
"Venus Thin hand-thrown porcelain cup with a handle that allows for functionality and personality. 25 years of repetitions gave the cup its shape. The strong snail-house means that the handle does not deform in the firing. Your's 'holding in the hand' evokes an emotional relationship. "Have you taken my cup?" You ask if the cup is not there. Everyday values: catching the light, arbitrariness as quality. "
"COLOR - The traces in the surface tell the story. A heart scratched into the bark of the tree. P+E was a volatile relationship - or is it the grandchildren now playing in the tree's shadow? By putting the colour in the clay before the cup is made, we can see how the clay moves under the fingers. Hand-thrown cup in white and coloured porcelain."
"WHISKEY - The little whiskey cup is quick, unpretentious and anonymous. The cup is thrown from a lump of clay. Closely cut off a big clutch and made to take advantage of the space where nothing else can stand between the "real" things in the kiln when fired with wood. Like putting sand grains into mussels to make beads. Inconsistent makes it easy to love."
CHRISTIAN BRUUN (b. 1963) EDUCATION Skolen for Brugskunst 1986-91. Has exhibited in Danmark and abroad included Designmuseum Danmark, Learning from Japan, Galleri Bo Bjerggard, Ekely, Crimson Laural Gallery Bakerswille North Carolina USA, Galleri Giga, Stord, Norge. Represented at Designmuseum Danmark, Keramikmuseet Clay and collections. Commissions Bloxhub Copenhagen, the Withe House Esbjerg , Dokk 1 Aarhus, Merriott Hotel Copenhagen. GRANTS Statens Kunstfond, Augustinusfonden, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond, Kunsthåndværkerprisen. - www

Christina Schou Christensen - Floating Cups
"Floating Cups are inscribed in the concept of upcycling, as they are just worn out cups that get 'a better life'. The cups associates to earlier times. Perhaps grandmother's coffee set - or a service bought at the flea market. They exalt something else that can awaken curiosity and wonder. The inspiration comes from my experience with glazes - and available porcelain. The glaze is melted in the firing."
CHRISTINA SCHOU CHRISTENSEN (b. 1973, Bornholm) EDUCATION Art Academy Design school Bornholm 2012. She has participated in several juried exhibitions Spring Exhibition Charlottenborg. She participated in the exhibition MindCraft at Design Museum Danmark and Milan, 2016. Private and public collections, Danish Art Foundation, 14. August. GRANTS Anni and Otto Detlefs Foundation, Danish Art Foundation, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond.

Christine Urfe Bendt - Morphing
"In this work, I am concerned with morphing the angular control and organic wildness. I wish my idea of a 'World Cup' to make this transformation present and physical - right where the hand and eye meet the object. The work is done in extruded and manipulated stoneware, red-clay Terra Sigillata, low-fired. "CHRISTINE URFE BENDT (b.1968) EDUCATION Århus Art Academy 2017. EXHIBITION Début Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2015. Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie, Copenhagen 2017. Artist Studio Award Århus Kommunes kunstnerværksted, Den Blå Hest 2017-23.

Dorte Kristoffersen - Crow, who found some trash & Introvert
"I like the overwhelming meeting of two worlds, - to make two incompatible universes to unite. As when a crow with trash in the beak functions as a handle on one of the cups. Or when the story about a state of hiding from the world, combine with a joy for 'Bauhaus'like rigor - in' Introvert '. They are an everyday drama, you can sit holding in your hand. "
DORTE KRISTOFFERSEN (b. 1960) EDUCATION Fine artist at the Jyske Kunstakademi 1987-92. EXHIBITIONS “Fomo”, Gellerup, "Bord til to" w. N.Gøtzsche, Rådhushallen, Århus 2017. ”Hairy Matter” HINT Artspace, Århus 2016. "The Craft Factor", "Bordets herlige særligheder" og “Koppen”, DesignerZoo, Copenhagen 2014-16. Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen 2014. Det Ny Kasted, Thisted 2013. ”Prokk”, Århus Kunstbygning 2012. ”Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design” Koldinghus 2011. Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Påskeudstilling 1984-89. Sale to Århus Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg and received Århus Kommune's artist stipends.

Dorte Kristoffersen & Ninna Gøtzsche - Table for one
"We have collaborated on this table setting with the desire to create an experience of something marvellous and disturbing that is not just to place. - Who is the setting for? The raw and mountain-like ceramics get wilder with the invasive attack from a marble decoration, like an 18th century imitation of marble painted on wood panelling - both clumsy, "bad taste" and beautiful."
NINNA GØTZSCHE (b. 1979, Lemvig) EDUCATION Glas-og Keramikskolen Bornholm 2001-04. EXHIBITIONS Galleri Pagter, Kolding 2016. Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling, Tistrup 2015,14. Formsprog-Tankespind, Ann Linnemann Galleri; Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg; Afarternes Oprindelse, Tistrup; Ann Linnemann Galleri 2014. SOFA Chicago, Cultural Connections CC, US 2013; Collect, Saatchi Gallery, CC, UK 2013,12,11,10. Ætlinge, solo, Officinet, 2012. SOFA New York, CC, USA 2012. Rising of Danish Studio Pottery, Brewery Arts Centre, UK; Art of Dining, Gallery at Bevere, UK 2008.

Elisa Helland-Hansen (Norway) - Weight
"Through many years of use, I've noticed that the weight of a cup has its own value and makes sense for the sensual experience of drinking. Drinking from a heavy cup can give peace of mind for a heavy day. Coffee in a floral cup can comfort in a fragile state. Or I can hold a cup that really annoys me - wrong weight for the needs of the moment."
ELISA HELLAND-HANSEN (b. 1950, New York) EDUCATION Bergens Kunsthåndverkskole, keramikkavdelingen 1975-78. Universitetet I Bergen, psykologi grunnfag 1972. SOLO EXHIBITIONS (*w. søster Ida H-H) Galleri G, Rosendal 2013. Galleri Vedholmen*, Lepsøy 2012. Ann Linnemann Galleri, Copenhagen 2011. Vandhuset, Hjørring 2010. Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum*, Førde 2009. Kunstnerforbundet*, Oslo 1988, 1996, 2009. Kaolin, Stockholm 2008. Galleri Villvin, Risør 1993, 2007. Sintra, Gøteborg 2003. Blås & Knåda, Stockholm, 1994, 99. Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum 1986.

Elisabeth Lau Kieffer - The Choosy Cup
”The CHOOSY CUP is designed with inspiration from the world of wines. It has been my wish to create a teacup, with the same characteristic, so it can provide a sensual taste experience of good quality tea. For the final cup, the design is based on the necessary requirements. The idea emerged that the CHOOSY CUP should have a partner, which has resulted in several suggestions for 'something' it could stand on.”
ELISABETH LAU KIEFFER (b.1943) EDUCATION Skolen for Brugskunst, Copenhagen 1980-84. Working at Kunstakademiet, Mur og Rum 87/88. Assistant for Poul Gernes and supervisor for commission Ny Holte Skole 1988/89. Keramisk udsmykning, Munkerup skole. Ansat VUC Ballerup. Eget værksted i Raadvad fra 1991. EXHIBITIONS Galleri Nørby 1997,98. MEMBER of ”Verden på et Fad” Exhibition 2010,12; Butik for Borddækning, Copenhagen 2010; 'Forbundne Kar' 2014. GRANTS Honory award Johannes Krøyers fond, Bergia fonden, Augustinusfonden, Statens Kunstfond.

Guillermo Cuellar – Wood fired
“Utilitarian hand made studio pottery. I believe exquisite beauty can be found in unique pieces made for use. All work is based on function. Forms, glazes and decoration evolve gradually over time based on variations on functional traditional themes. Inspiration is drawn from historical work of Korean, Japanese, American, European origin.”
GUILLERMO CUELLAR (b. 1951, Venezuela) studied ceramics at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, MA 1976. In 1986-02 studio in Turgua, Caracas. Assistant to Warren MacKenzie, Caracas 1981,1984-2006. Taught workshops sponsored by Venezuelan Association of the Arts of Fire. EXHIBITIONS Venezuelan National Art Gallery, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas Sofia Imber, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico, Smithsonian Institution, Northern Clay Center, and private galleries in the USA, UK, Venezuela, Chile. In 2005 he established home/studio, Upper St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota.

Gry Fager - Mormor Blue, GRANDMA
“The 'conversation kitchen' serving as the core and the heart of the house, several new demands must be met by the items which are being stored and utilized in the kitchen. These items must not only serve a practical function, but also contribute to aesthetics, a sense of satisfaction and the joy of simply residing in the room. In the process of developing these products, there is an awareness of using recognizable patterns in a new and unconventional way. Product, Normann Copenhagen.”
GRY FAGER (b. 1982) EDUCATION Glas og Keramikskolen 2006, Danmarks Designskole 2008. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and abroad; Bornholms Kunstmuseum 2006, Danmarks Keramik Museum CLAY 2008; Talente, Handwerkskammer München, Germany 2009; Dansk Design Center, Wondercool 2011; Galleri Handwerk, Tyskland 2012; Design Museum Danmark, ‘Dansk Design Nu’ 2014.

Hans Vangsø - Tea bowl
The pieces introduce us to a primary strength, where connections of coincidences characterizes. He is fascinated by materials and firing process. The thrown items are often manipulated by cutting, slabbing and likewise to angular shapes. The glazes are feldspar, ash and clay glazes. Some stand with the raw surface, but everything has been fired at least twice with experimental additions of metal oxides and combustible materials.
HANS VANGSØ was educated at the Århus Kunstakademi. EXHIBITIONS NOMA in Japan, Mandarin Hotel, Tokyo; Galerie Hu, Nagoya 2015, Gallerie Besson, London 2004,09; Meister der Moderne, München 2013; Oxford Ceramics Gallery 2013,14; Galerie Puls, Bruxelles 2011; Atelje 42, Stockholm 2011; Collect, V&A Museum, London 2006,07,08; Scottish Gallery, Edinburg 2012; Sigtuna Museum, Sverige 2001; From the Kilns of Denmark, New York 2002, Berlin 2004, Paris 2004; Oakwood Gallery, Nottingham, England 2004; Carlin Gallery, Paris 2005; Kaolin, Stockholm 2006; Galleri Pagter, Kolding 2013; Ann Linnemann Galleri, København 2008,15; samt Snyderman Galleries, Philadelphia USA SOFA 2007,09; Galerie Lacoste, Boston 2012,14... - Danish and international COLLECTIONS Designmuseum Danmark, Statens Kunstfond, Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Danmarks Keramikmuseum.

Inger Heebøll - Cup of the World
"In time there is a great expectation of efficiency and optimization. 'Cup of the World' is an insistence on letting things take time. A cup that can be manufactured anywhere - and referring to early-made ceramics - can help to emphasize that we as people have a common starting point and cohesion across national borders and despite the competition that is being spoken in the name of globalization."
INGER HEEBØLL (b. 1969) EDUCATION Danish School of Design 1998. SELECTED Arts and Crafts Award, Bronze Medal 2016.ATRIUM Det Ny Kastet, Thisted 2017. Ann Linnemann Gallery; '2016 International Cone Box Show' Kansas City. Biennial of Craft and Design 2015. Biennial of Craft and Design, Carlsberg 2013, nominated for the Biennial Prize 2013. 'The Artists Summer Exhibition' Tistrup 2011, 'Fabula - Nordic Baltic Ceramics" Art Centre, Tarbekunstimuuseum -Tallinn, Bryggens Museum - Bergen, "VK Exhibition" Lerchenborg, Kalundborg, 2nd prize 2001. "" CLAY Danish Museum of Ceramics 1999. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation 2015. LINK

Jane Holmberg - Earth Cup
"Different shades of red-clay and white-clays twisted into each other form the basis of the Earth Cup. The graphic patterns and colour marrows remind you of the colours of the desert, red soil and sandy layers. The term appears almost textile and arouses associations of primitive tribal folk crafts. The ancient technique and the raw clay contain a dimension of primary power, something original, I am inspired by. "
JANE HOLMBERG (b. 1973) EDUCATION Designskolen Kolding i 2001. Has for some years produces her own designs, but lately works with pieces in the cross felt of sculpture and function. EXHIBITIONS “Rotation” solo Officinet, Kbh 2017. “Stabling” Biennalen 2015, Carlsbergbyen. Crafts Collection 16, 2012. KeramikUnderJorden, Bunker DG 177, Kbh. 2004. Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg 2004. Studio at DesignerZoo 2007-10. GRANTS Statens Kunstfond. “Clay&Colour” Kunsthåndværkerprisen, bronze 2015. Statens Kunstfond, prize for `Konfekt/Effekt´ 2008. Instagram: jane_holmberg

Jeanette Hiiri - The Winner is..
"A pun based on the word 'Cup', here in the sense of competition and the pursuit of success, has become a series of winning garlands in stoneware, where the material, texture and structure are at the center. The clay is unglased but in tones that emphasize the technique of building the piece in layers. Everything is being judged today and already from childhood begins endeavours for acknowledgement - and the Winner is .. "
JEANETTE HIIRI (b. 1971, Borås) EDUCATION Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen 1998-03. Own studio 2003. EXHIBITIONS MuFei gallery, Jingdezhed, China 2016. Grønbechgaard, Bornholm 2012. Officinet, Copenhagen 2011. Svensk Finsk Form, Borås Museum 2009. The Works, Nordisk travelling exhibition 2006-07. Art Copenhagen, Forum, Copenhagen 2004. Network Europe 2003. Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling, Copenhagen 2002. Kunsthåndværkerprisen, Bronze 2004.

Jonathan Keep - Morphology
"Porcelain and 3D computer print, only one of each, printed directly in porcelain. Ideally and artistically, he works with transformation from digital codes of everything from pieces of music to decoding nature objects. It is astonishing poetic objects created by contexts and phenomena in a sophisticated combination of new technological and ceramic knowledge."

Karen Bennicke - A cup is a cup is a cup
"How much should be changed before a cup is transformed from utilitarian to object? - The recognition is still intact, but the function is cumbersome or completely absent. 'A cup is a cup is a cup' ... examines the cup morphology by asking questions to all its elements: body, handle, base ... Inside-outside. Tactility. The idea is to present the viewer for a more aware perception of the cup as a phenomenon."
KAREN BENNICKE (b. 1943) EDUCATION various potteries/studios in South Zealand 1958-61. Own studio since 1961, from 1972 with her husband, Peder Rasmussen. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and internationally. Member of the Danish Fine Artists Association - BKF, Danish Artist Society and International Academy of Ceramics – IAC. COLLECTIONS in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Latvia, Japan. AWARDS Nationalbankens Anniversary Foundation, Inga og Ejvind Kold Christensen, Annie og Otto Johs. Detlefs, Danish Arts Foundation stipend and Honorary Award, Thorvald Bindesbøll Award.

Kim Holm – Tea bowls
"The form, the cylinder, the round or rounded vessel, is a ceramic classic that brings both recognition and surprise. With simple intervention, Kim Holm succeeds in varying his theme, so not two jars are the same. In addition, the glaze, which in some jars add close up to the surface, in others runs, drips or crawl, to eventually engage in a beautiful symbiosis."

Kirsten Høholt – Drawing Cup
"I combine drawing and ceramics in personal tactile images on hand-thrown utility items. One is to draw on paper and frame it. This is to touch, - a tactile drawing. The drawing means a lot to me. To play with image metaphors. I simply like drawing and I like making ceramics. I have chosen to use a hand-thrown form because I want to create as much life as possible."
KIRSTEN HØHOLT (b. 1979) Educated at Bath Spa University, UK 2000-04. MEMBER of Danish Arts and Crafts Association since 2012. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE La Muse, France; 'Network Europe', International Ceramic Centre DK 2004; Workshop at Mark Smith, UK 1999. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation 2015, Obel Family Foundation 2002. EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, Boston USA 2016. Ann Linnemann Gallery: 'Throwing the case' 2014 'Masterpieces' 2013. 'Formateket' 2010; 'New designers', London 2004. Jug Exhibition, Blaze, Bristol 2006. 'Young Danish ceramics' Gallery Rasmus 2009. 'Network Europe' International Ceramic Museum CLAY 2005.

Ksenia Shigaeva (Rusia) - Button Cups
“Button Cups emerge through exploration of alternative ways of holding a cup with a hot drink. Here the buttons serve not only as a decoration but also as holding points – the position of the buttons allows to embrace the cup without touching its hot surface. Apart from being interesting from visual and conceptual points of view the design has proved to be functional on everyday basis.”
KSENIA SHIGAEVA (b. 1982, Russia) Bergen Academy, Norway BA 2008-09. Camberwell College, University of Arts London 2006-08. University for Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK 2005-06. Saratov State University, Russia 1999-04. Ceramic Research Center, DK, Training 2012-14, Artist in Residence 2010, Project Network 2009/10. EXHIBITIONS House of Artists, ARCH Moscow 2017. Ann Linnemann Gallery 2016. 'Porzellanikon' Selb, D; Project Network, CLAY Museum 2010. Lodz International Design, Poland; Porsgrunn; Tarnsalen, Bergen 2009. 'Make or Break', Village Underground; 140, Area 10, London, UK 2008.

KURT WEISER – Blue painted
"For years my ceramic work was an attempt to express the nature of this beautiful material in one way or another. I realized that the materials are there to allow you to say what you need to say, not to tell you what to say. So I decided to express some ideas about nature, myself and my place in it. "
KURT WEISER (f. 1950) lives and has a studio in Arizona and Montana, USA. EDUCATION Interlochen Arts Academy, MI, 1967-69; Kansas City Art Institute, MO, BFA 1972; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, MFA 1976. COLLECTIONS V&A Museum; Los Angeles Museum of Art; Carnegie Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan; Mint Museum of Craft and Design; Racine Art Museum, National Museum of History, Taipei. AWARDS Aileen Osborn Webb National Artist Award, 2003; American Craft Council College of Fellows, 2003; Arizona Commission on the Arts, Artist Fellowship, 1999; National Endowment for the Arts, Artist Fellowship, 1992,89. USA Artists Fellowship 2012. 1988 Professor, Arizona State University, now Regents Professor. LINK

Lis Biggas - Cups
"A big cup with saucer. To the warm morning dawn. You sit down - fill up once and have enough.
- A mug with a handle (photo). Now it's in the middle of the day, you're in motion and take the mug with you - grab the handle.
- The little mug. It's been evening and you have to enjoy a strong little hot drink, you sit and hold the mug."
LIS BIGGAS (b. 1951) EDUCATION Skolen For Brugskunst (KADK) 1985. EXHIBITIONS 'Atrium', Huset i Asnæs 2017. Ann Linnemann Galleri 2014. Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2013. 'Across' Carlsberg Ny Tap 2010. Clausens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen 2009. Galleri Nørby 2005. 'Dansk Keramik fra 1850–1997', Sophienholm 1997. 'Den Danske Keramiktriennale', Kunstmuseet Trapholt; 'Den Keramiske Kande', Marienlyst Slot; 'Dagligdagens rum og ritualer', Den Frie 1994. GRANTS Gertrud og Myre Vasegård Legat, Statens Kunstfond Arbejdslegat 2009.

Lisbeth Holst-Jensen – Motive Cup
"Motives are dependent on what I see in my surroundings. I am often taken up by a detail, a structure that I spread out, which sets the agenda for the composition. I draw or paint themes through, and thereby work towards simplification and a degree of abstraction that makes the subject ambiguous and spacious for interpretations. The result often contains a tension field, telling a story."
LISBETH HOLST-JENSEN (b. 1952) EDUCATION Kunsthåndværkerskolen, Copenhagen 1971-74. Eksam. Art Art History, Copenhagen University 1975-79. Previous teacher at Skolen For Brugskunst (KADK). SOLO EXHIBITIONS 'Graphic Tales, Ann Linnemann Gallery 2012; Danmarks Keramikmuseum CLAY, 2007; Georg Jensen, 2004; Galleri Nørby, 2001; Bornholms Museum, 1999. LEGATER Statens Kunstfond og Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, COLLECTIONS Statens Kunstfond, Kunstmuseet Trapholt, Ny Carlsbergfondet. RESIDENCY STIPENDS Art Studios Copenhagen 1998,01; San Cataldo, Italy 2002,08. LINK

Lone Borgen – Image Cup
"A abstract dreamy narrative universe - layer upon layer reveal an artistic dialogue. Quite close up, due to ceramic transfer, the viewer is brought into a world that is beautiful, but at the same time awkward and at times disturbing. One that is intended to evoke emotions and tell stories. Glaze firing, transfers, digital colour laser printing, gold lustre."
LONE BORGEN (b. 1952, Denmark) EDUCATION Croydon College of Art, England 1976. After 8 years in England, studio in Danmark from 1977. Previous guest teacher at Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole. Study trips in Europa, Mexico 1982-83, Kenya 1997. Collaboration w. Stephen Parry, UK from 2006. EXHIBITIONS Orangeriet Espergærde 2013,12,10. Danmarks keramikmuseum CLAY; Galleri Noerballe 2012. Galery Norfolk UK 2011. Gallery Clifford 2011,08. Baunehøj Mølle, Grenå; Galerie du Don, Frankrig 2010. Gallery Uggeby 2010,09. GRANTS Ole Haslunds Legat 1986, Statens Kunstfond 1977, Århus Kommune 1997. MEMBER of Danske Kunsthåndværkere from 1978.

Lotte Westphael – Seismographical - The World Is Shaking.
"Seismographs measure the earth's movements, shakes. The world is in motion. Social order unstable: political, climatic, economic. The sync's cylinders have bands of parallel strips that form a rhythmic course with associations to the earth's shaking, heartbeat, life-existence. "low-tech" porcelain, dyed, inlaid clay. Inspired by woven textile from the Bauhaus period, Anni Albers and Japanese textiles."
LOTTE WESTPHAEL (b. 1965) EDUCATION Kunsthåndværkerskolen i Kolding 1988-92, Institut for Unika 1992-93. Study trips in Japan. EXHIBITIONS ”[Albers] Translated into Transparency”, Dina Vejling, Odense 2017. Charlottensborg Forårsudstilling 2016. ”Toy - Playing By Different Rules”, Ann Linnemann Gallery 2016. INTERNATIONAL Lerverk, Gøteborg 2016. Danske Kulturinstitut, St.Petersborg; Galerie de LÓ, Brussel; Triennial of Silicate Arts, Ungarn; Cluj Biennial Ceramics, Rumænien. Solo, Kaolin, Stockholm 2019. GRANTS Danish Art Foundation, Japan-stipend 2017, work-stipend 2017, project funding 2016. Kunsthåndværkerprisen 2016. ”Villvinprisen”, Risør, Norway.

Louise Sidelmann - Honorary Medal for KINDNESS
"My inspiration for the World Cup is the competition itself, - to get a medal. I see the medal as a symbol that some have done something extraordinary, - has created a change. It is a reminder of the importance of the existence of kindness in life and the world. For the honorary medal band I have been inspired by the emblem's multicolored bands. This is my free interpretation of medal design."
LOUISE SIDELMANN (b. 1976, Lemvig) EDUCATION Designskolen Kolding, ceramics 2002-07. EUC, Stukkatør 2000-01. Aarhus Kunstakademi 1998-99. EXHIBITIONS 'Dialog', Ann Linnemann Galleri 2017. 'Landskaber', Kammer Galleriet Lemvig 2016. 'FormSprog-TankeSpind', Ann Linnemann Galleri; Curated by museum director Lars Kærulf Møller, Copenhagen 2014. Officinet, Copenhagen 2013. Møstings Hus 2012. 'FORM-ART', Glinde, Tyskland 2011. Limfjordens Efterårsudstilling, Gimsinghoved; 'Forårsudstillingen', Charlottenborg 2009. 'Ler08', SAK, Svendborg; 'Projekt Netværk', Danmarks Keramikmuseum CLAY 2008. FACEBOOK

Malene Müllertz - Geometric
Malene Müllertz is known for a geometric sensuous form language, fine net structures carved in stoneware, beautiful textural glaze nuances and lines of decorations that blend into unities.
The cups are inspired by angular Japanese cups, added graphical gold motifs on the edge.
MALENE MÜLLERTZ - EDUCATION Kunsthåndværkerskolen 1965-70. EMPLOYED as artist at Bing & Grøndahls Porcelain Factory 1970-73, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, industriel design 1973-75, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain 1977 and 82. Own studio since 1975. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and international. MEMBER of 'Kunstnersamfundet' and 'Keramiske Veje'.

Marek Cecula – InDustReal, Random, Nectar, Craft
In Dust Real is a collection of classic porcelain from various European factories, placed it in a traditional Japanese anagama wood kiln, where ash burned and changed the glaze and colours on the plates, without intervention by the designer. The identical, mass-produced objects were transformed into a unique series of widely varying patterns. The key fire element plays a role, which is both creative and destructive.”
Random tampers with the monotony of mass production and introduces a process of industrial originality. Three randomly generated numbers create a thousand possible combinations - unpredictable and seldom repeated. The black digits on white porcelain are a stark visual declaration; they are also an identification system, so you can recognize your cup among many others - your personal number, helping you navigate the kitchen cupboard or an office meeting. Porcelain, ceramic decal, 12 x 11 x 11 cm/400ml – 2014.”
Nectar cups are an example of a product which bridges contemporary studio design with traditional porcelain. tall, streamline mug gets decorative handle from one of the classic teacups produced by Ćmielów Porcelain manufactory. This composition makes new original products by mixing time and design. Nectar cups come in 4 pastel colors with matt surface and glazed interior.”
Craft collection - The feel of touch is combined with the ergonomics of the form. In spite of the floating wave of objects produced in 3D printers, "CRAFT" collection is a return to handcrafted product where emotions, sensitivity, and tactility are directly transferred in to the user’s hands. Subtlety is the theme of direction in development of the tableware produced by Modus, Cmielów Design Studio. Tinted porcelain – 2016.”
MAREK CECULA (b. 1944, Poland) is a world-renowned artist, ceramicist, educator and curator. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. Cecuła spent his first 16 years in Kielce, Poland, before emigrating to Israel. He moved to Brazil 12 years later, and to New York City in 1976 where he set up Modus Design Studio and Contemporary Porcelain Gallery. He was Head and Coordinator of the Ceramics Department at Parsons School of Design in New York 1985-04 and Visiting Professor at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen 2004-10. In 2012 he opened Design Centrum Kielce and a year later, the Ćmielów Design Studio. He currently holds the post of Visiting Professor at Royal College of Art, London.

Margot Thyssen (Belgium) - Mo Shan & Twins
“My work consist of transparent porcelain using the multi-layer slip casting technique. A combination of playing with plain form and clean lines, “Mo Shan & Twins” are unique objects, both in form and in pattern as the final result is each time different and surprising. The outer side provides an agreeable soft sensation achieved through polishing. Vessels are made in small edition. Unglazed, polished.”
MARGOT THYSSEN (b. 1964, Belgium) EDUCATION Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts, Antwerp - Graphic Designer 1983; Higher Level, Ceramics/Art History 2013; Master in Ceramics 2016. Independant ceramist since 2013. EXHIBITIONS Contour –Blancoo Antwerp B; Ceramic Event VIII Brussels 2017. 'Ceramics Triennal 2015', Coda Museum, NL; 'Madame est servie', WCC.BF, B 2015. 'The table of 24' Design Flanders Gallery; 'Du Bol 2016', Alliages, France. 'Mo Shan' permanent expo, Changchun Ceramic Gallery, China. AWARDS Henry van de Velde Label 2014; 'Westerwaldpreis 2014', Germany.

Metha Stuart Wallace - Tumbler with holder
"Tumbler with Holder combines cast, high-fired earthenware with recycled cup-holder. The differences in material, sustainability and manufacturing allow for dialogue between the two opposites and their cohesion. Inspired by the idea of discarded things that calls for recycling, asking questions about combination and usability and how 'making' can allow new ways to see old things.”
METHA STUART WALLACE (b. 1970) EDUCATION Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen 1998-99; Sunderland Universitet, UK 1989-93. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and International. COLLECTIONS Shipley Art Gallery; Craft Collection, Gateshead; Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft. MEMBER of Butik for Borddækning, Copenhagen. Instagram: Metha_stuart_wallace

Michiko Takahashi Nilsen (Japan/Norway) - Skål!
“Many memories have gone by. Some thoughts cross over. Between nature and me. Between clay and me. Between fire and my ceramic. Between two different cultures. Between art and function. My forms are born from such thoughts. It is in a way my diary. The form is abstract, but remind nature form. The combination of form and the special surface created by wood firing.”
MICHIKO TAKAHASHI NILSEN (b. 1965, Japan). University of Westminster, London BA hons 1991-93; PCL Harrow College, London BTEC-HND 1989-91; Tamagawa University, Tokyo BA 1984-88. SOLO SHOWS Bærum Kunsthåndverk, Sandvika 2015. Kunsthåndverkerne, Oslo 2010. KunstnerSenteret, Buskerud; Vestfold Kunstnersenter, Tønsberg 2007. SYMPOSIUM International Potters Exchange, China 2017. Project manager 'Ikebana + Kunsthåndverk = Sant', Norway 2015. III International Hacettepe Univ. Macsabal Wood Firing, Turkey; Macsabal Woodfire, China 2013. 15th Osan International Macsabal Woodfire, South Korea 2012. Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival, Japan 2009.

Mikael Jackson
"This cup is one of my very few functional pieces. My work is generally the result of an abstract study in the dynamics of controlled form. The objects are formal explorations. From the distance you can get the impression that each complexity is randomly organized, but closer to the careful system that each object depends on. Through interaction and mutual influence, I explore the order and construction of structures, geometric elements such as free-standing and bearings. "
MIKAEL JACKSON (b.1972, Denmark) EDUCATION Royal College of Art, London, MA 2006–08; Konstfack, Stockholm 2005–06; Designskolen-Kolding, BA 2002–05. Værksted i København, arbejder på Kunstakademiets Designskole (KADK). EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, USA 2016. Odder Kunstforening, solo 2015. Copenhagen Ceramics, duo; Galleri R2, Svaneke 2014. Ann Linnemann Galleri, solo; 'Biennale Internationale de Vallauris', FR 2013. Copenhagen Ceramics; Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen 2012. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgien 2012,10. Huset, Aarhus; Galleri Pagter, Kolding; Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk & Design, Koldinghus 2011. 'Across', Ny Tap, Carlsberg 2010. National Art Foundation 2013. LINK

Mona Vander - Spacious
"My idea is to make the traditional cup, but change it slightly so that it is no longer a cup, but just looks like a cup. The title refers to being spacious, but the spacious does not exist. I take something useful and make it useless. I hope to awaken the humour, but at the same time the annoyance that the title and the cups are opposites. Recognizable everyday life, yet not recognizable.”
MONA VANDER (b. 1970) EDUCATION Kunsthåndværkerskolen/Designskolen Kolding 1990-94; Fynske Kunstakademi 1998-99, 2001-02. EXHIBITIONS Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling, Tistrup 2013. Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg 2014. KP15, SPRING & SOLO 2015. Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2017 Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen.

Ole Jensen – OVER CUP
"To make a thing that highlights and elevates the primary character of the cup, - to accommodate, in a simple and clear manner. The new cups are made with simple modelling. There is no particular equilibrium technique. Modelling technology allows for reinforcing and maintaining the overall idea without being seduced by a refined technique. The cups maintain the character of the idea and sketch in their final expression. Perhaps it is special that they are so simple and straightforward, - yes, almost primitive in their expression. Three thin legs raise the cup's cheek. Red clay, mat high-fired glaze, white, yellow, transparent."
OLE JENSEN (b. 1958) EDUCATION Design School Kolding, 1981-85, Royal Danish Art Academy 1985-89. EXHIBITIONS Mindcraft 2016,15,09,08, Milano; The Opening (m. Claydies), Copenhagen Ceramics, 2012; Form og Fantasi (m. Louise Birch), Ann Linnemann Galleri, 2012; Röhsska Museum, Gøteborg, 2006; Galleri Nørby, 2003; Udstillingsted for Ny Keramik, 2000. AWARDS Thorvald Bindesbøll 2004; Torsten and Wanja Söderberg 2006; National Art Foundation 2009; Danmarks Nationalbanks Foundation 2012. COLLECTIONS Designmuseum Danmark; Ny Carlsbergfondet; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Röhsska Museum, Gøteborg; Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana. DESIGN for Royal Copenhagen, Louis Poulsen, Normann Copenhagen and Muuto.

Ole Vesterlund - Volume 1 of 1, Pinch of Clay
"The amount of coffee I drink from my 'everyday cup' has a fixed density of 200 gr. cup. As in a recipe, I let this amount / weight of liquid determine the amount of clay for the individual 'world cup'. The cup thus becomes a universal cyclical character, in a game of eternity and rebirth - as the cup is, in fact, "born" of the amount of liquid that all cups can contain on average. There are cups in a play and interaction between what came first? The coffee or the cup, or the cup and the coffee. My cup is based on the design of Wileroy and Boch. "
OLE VESTERLUND (b. 1971) EDUCATION Danmarks Design School 2008. EXHIBITIONS “ConeBox Show”, NCECA, Kansas 2016, “Aquarium”, Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen 2015, “Palais Ideal”, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg 2014. ”Orders”, Copenhagen Ceramic 2012. “How queer everything is today”, Råhuset and ”Forårsudstillingen”, Charlotteborg, Copenhagen 2006. LINK -

Paul Scott & Ann Linnemann – Landscape Blue
Landscape Blue reflects a dialogue between industry and crafts, everyday functions and the fine tea set with gold rims, childhood memories, sensual abstract concept and the daily cup of tea. The history of the porcelain, social politics and 'nature-human' are ongoing themes that unfold for the closer viewer.
All parts are hand-thrown by Ann Linnemann with silk screen print by Paul Scott.
PAUL SCOTT (UK) is internationally recognized for his research in ceramics and printing techniques. His artistic practice is multifaceted; - as well as creating individual pieces, installations and art objects for exhibition, he also works with commission assignments for architectural projects, and is a writer, researcher, lecturer and curator.

Pia Baastrup - Time for reflection
"Traditions in most countries are changing rapidly. For more people in the world, tea becomes a drink that forms part of everyday life. It has become popular to enjoy a good cup of tea and new tea houses invite within a moment away from our busy lives. To signal relaxation and give thought to attention. A ceramic set for solitary time with calm and immersion. Slab technique: cup and spoon, porcelain, glaze. Tray, clay, glaze."
Pia Bastrup - Around the world
”Globaliseringen medfører en voksende udveksling mellem verdens forskellige lande. Det inspirerer, hvordan vi spiser og drikker i dag. Vi har taget drikke fra andre lande til os, fx espresso, grøn te, sake og chai. Nogle skal drikkes af en lille kop og andre af større eller en stor kop. Kopper i 2 modeller og 4 størrelser til drikke fra hele verden rundt, porcelæn med glasur, pladeteknik.”
"Globalization is resulting in a growing exchange between the world's countries. This inspires how we eat and drink today. We have taken drinks from other countries to us, espresso, green tea, sake and chai. Some should be in a small cup and others large or wide cups. Cups in 2 models and 4 sizes to drink from around the world, porcelain glaze, slab technique."
PIA BAASTRUP (b. 1957) is a self taught ceramisist 1995-2000. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and abroad, Galleri Vilvin, Norge 2017; Butik for Borddækning, Copenhagen 2017,15,14,13,11,09,08; Form Design Center, Sweden 2016; Musee La Piscine, France 2013; Galleri Craft2eu, Germany 2013,10; Det Danske Hus, Paris 2013. COMMISSIONS Danske Ambassade Washington, USA 2016; Nordea-fonden, Denmark 2015; Danske Hus, Paris, France 2011. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Crafts, Otto Bruuns Fond, Gross. L. F. Foghts Fond. Prisen Håndfuglen 2015.

Prue Venables – Oval
"Prue Venables (AU) makes the choice of porcelain all natural for anyone looking for strength and timeless purity. Her elegant work is convincingly useful with carefully considered underlying echoes of the purposeful crispness and functionality seen in laboratory equipment. She wears her masterful technique with ease." Exhibition in Denmark - LINK

Randy Johnston - Yunomi
“My work has specific modern connotations and addresses the development of abstraction within the aesthetic of utilitarian objects. Essential to a strong representation of each form is a feeling for its overall spatial structure. Surface textures and marks are not an afterthought, but a tangible component of completion and fulfillment. High fire reduction firings in wood and gas.”
RANDY JOHNSTON (born in USA) Professor, University of Wisconsin, USA. MFA, Southern Illinois University, 1990. BFA, University of Minnesota 1972. Studied with Warren MacKenzie and Shimaoka Tatsuzo (student of Shoji Hamada) 1975. His work is exhibited internationally. AWARDS include Visual Artist Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. COLLECTIONS Minneapolis Art Institute, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Los Angeles County Museum, Nelson Aitkins Museum and numerous International Public and Private collections.

Robert Banker – Carved
“My wheel thrown cups are carved with traditional chip carving methods usually associated with wooden objects. The textures are experienced with your fingers as well as your eyes. This work is outgrown of my interest in pattern that is suggestive of patterns of growth in the natural world.”
ROBERT BANKER (b. 1960, USA) has a MFA University of Minneapolis 1997; BFA Alfred University, New York USA 1988. Teaches at Rochester Community and Technical Collage, pottery studio in Oronoco, Minnesota 2004-present. Teacher at University of Alaska Anchorage Art Department 1998-2003; Art studies/workshops in the USA, Europe, Denmark and Tokoname Ceramic Art IWCAT'89, Japan. Architect Ithaca, New York 1989-97; Teacher at Langeland Art School 1992/93. Previous assistant for Warren MacKenzie, USA.

Samuel Chung - Cloud Cup
"I'm curious about the relationships I see among many different creative expressions from both past and present, trying to create a new ceramic language for the future. 'Cloud' is a motive that has occurred by searching for a design related to my Korean origin. I integrate this motif with traditional Korean form to give the works a new context. "
SAMUEL CHUNG (b. 1970) has a Master of Fine Art (1994-97) from Arizona State University, where he has taught since 2007. Samuel Chung has exhibited in the United States, China, Korea, Italy and Denmark. He is active in the organization NCECA, which annually organizes international symposia for teachers and professional potters and ceramic artists in various states in the United States, and he has received several awards, scholarships, guest artist positions and worked as artist-in-residence in China and Denmark. EXHIBITIONS in Ann Linnemann Gallery 'Planes of Clay' w. Gerd Hiort Petersen 2014 and DIALOGUE 2017. LINK -

Samuel Johnson – Dark
“I have been exploring darkness in the work as a metaphor. This current work is made by reducing oxygen from the cooling phase of the firing and bathing the work in smoldering wood embers.. producing bands of color, iridescence, and dark surfaces that seem like shadow or silhouettes. The cups are unglazed, raw, yet fully functional as drinking vessels.”
SAMUEL JOHNSON (b. 1973, Minnesota) Associate Professor of Art,College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. MA/MFA, University of Iowa 2005. Student at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen 2000, and studio guest of Koie Ryoji, Japan 2001. Apprentice w. Richard Bresnahan 1996-99, Several exhibitions and solo exhibitions. In the collection of North Dakota Museum of Art and featured in the book, Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay, Ceramics Now, 2014, Mastering the Potter’s Wheel, 2016.

Sandra Luehrsen USA - Cactus Juice 9
“Exploring the cycles of life on Earth here and life in the hereafter - if there is one. Mystery abounds! Nature shows us that there must be something bigger than us. I left the Midwest to live in the wild and khaki colored desert of the Southwest. The exotic desert flora fascinates me. Each day witness how all of us – people, animals, plants, microbes – survive and adapt to the environment as harsh and forbidding as it may be.”
SANDRA LUEHRSEN (born in Chicago) BA/MA, at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL; MFA, Arizona State University, USA. SOLO EXHIBITIONS Chandler Centre for the Arts, 2007. Kin Spirits, West Valley Art Museum, 2008. Too Big to Fail, Central Arizona College, 2010. COLLECTIONS Auckland Institue and Museum, Auckland, NZ. Kamm Teapot Foundation, NC. ASU Art Museum; West Valley Art Museum AZ. Wyeth-Ayers Laboratories, PA. Prudential Life Insurance, NY. RESIDENCIES Watershed 1995. Arizona State University 2003.

Sten Lykke Madsen – Thimbles Cup
"When I first made my thimble cup with fables, I was inspired by the square Japanese wooden cup when you drink of the corners and that a cup not necessarily have to be round." Sten Lykke Madsen is known for its fabulous, humorous characters in a different world of hybrid between animals and humans.
STEN LYKKE MADSEN (b. 1937) EDUCATION School of Applied Arts 1954-58. EMPLOYEE Bing & Grondahl, Royal Copenhagen 1962-2003, guest teacher Kolding School of Design 1981-2005. TRAVELS Japan 1979 and 2006. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE China 2004 International Ceramic Research Center, DK from 2003. EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and abroad: Retrospective solo exhibition Clay Ceramics Museum 2016. Gallery Nørby 1999. Charlottenborg 1975. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgium 2010, SOFA Chicago 2005. Ceramic Ways Exhibitor and Co-founder since 1985 Anniversary Exhibition, Sophienholm 2015. Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica, Faenza, gold winner 1975, 1967. WALL DECORATION Sølvgade 1993 Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen 1978. FOUNTAIN Store Torv, Holstebro 1986. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, Ole Haslund Artist Award. LINK

Stephen Bowers - Painted
"My goal is to make people see - and to look again, to encourage observing, responding, considering, and rethinking. I work with pieces that contain craft skills, are informed of ideas that originate in theory and studies of image motives, their historical reverberation, reproduction and perception, referring to the context and cross-over of visual arts with tradition, trade, travel, politics, science and discovery."
STEPHEN BOWERS (b. 1953, Australia) brings together in his painted ceramic vessels many of the traditions from the history of ceramics. In any one piece, one might find traces of many familiar styles and decorations. While maintaining a respect for the master techniques, Stephen Bowers' flamboyant and exuberant ceramics combine a classical ceramic heritage with inspiration from indigenous sources and are spiced with dashes of wit. His work is distinguished by intricately painted underglazes which "wear its expertise lightly. He is acknowledged for his detailed pieces, exhibiting in the USA, UK and Australia. LINK

Steven Rolf – Cup & Wine
"As a potter, I make unique functional things that are meant to be used daily. I have done the task of making works that fit the hand and hopefully engage the user's eyes, head and heart as well. My work rejoices the very ordinary daily thing to eat, drink, store and pour. Beautiful objects have the ability to activate thoughts and feelings. "
STEVEN ROLF lives and works in Wisconsin, USA. MFA Alfred University; BFA Kansas City Art Institute, BS University of Wisconsin. Apprentice w.Wang Hui Ming, Master painter and wood carver. He lectures and give workshops, exhibits internationally and has received national and international awards. COLLECTIONS Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland; Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Minneapolis; American Museum of Ceramic Art, California; Ulsan City Museum, Korea, - and numerous kitchen cabinets. LINK -

Søren Thygesen – Cup Dog
"Inspired by H.C. Andersen's fairy tale about the dog with 'eyes as big as tea cups' and traditional English cup heads with portraits and animals, this cup is originally designed and produced for a restaurant in Odense. "
SØREN THYGESEN graduated from Kolding Design School 1987. Own studio since 1987. Employed by Kähler Ceramics, Næstved 1996-2000 designer for Kähler 2007. Associated Tommerup Ceramic Workshop since 2000 .. EXHIBITIONS Biennale of Craft and Design 2016. The Morsø Art Association 2009. Politiken Talent Award 2008. Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2008, 05, 04, 03. Autumn Art Exhibition 2006 05. Gallery Nørby 2005. Funen Art SAK 2004. Danish Ceramics Triennial, Trapholt 1994. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation work grant 2001, 2000, 2016. Ole and Yelva Nimbs Fund, honorary award 2004. Ole Haslund Award 1989. Krøjer's Foundation 1987 AWARDS 1st prize Biennial for Craft and Design 2016, Danish Ceramics Triennial Trapholt 1994, Danish Arts Foundation 1993, the exhibition Jutland Roots Aarhus 1990. LINK

Theis Lorentzen - Sprue for Two DIY
"A humorous comment on mass-produced one-off and pseudo-creative DIY kits. The typical dinnerware porcelain cup and pitcher or 'burger-set' is turned into an absurd utopian assemble-yourself setting. "I combine the efficiency and industrial idiom of moulding with the template-based creativity kits and the indomitable can-good spirit of do-it-yourself mentality."
THEIS LORENTZEN (b. 1973) MFA-student Royal Collage of Art, London. BA Danmarks Designskole, Bornholm 2009-12 (KADK). Kerteminde kunsthøjskole 1998-99, Nic. O. Schmidt bronzestøberi 1999. Ædelmetalstøber Francois Deletaille 2000-07. EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, USA 2016. Ann Linnemann Gallery, 2014. Grønbechsgård 2010,12. Formland 2011. Bornholm Art Museum, Kunstakademiets Bibliotek; Upcoming Designers, Formland 2012. ASSISTANT for A.Tophøj and Ole Jensen 2012, Tophøj & Steen Ipsen 2011. Product design for Kähler Ceramics 2013. LINK

Thora Finnsdottir Søe (Reykjavik) - Trophy Cup
“A playful cup that gives associations towards a trophy, a prize. A sampling technique. Different parts and shaping contexts are joined to create a visual challenge, encouraging to place the pieces in a frame of contexts. Inspired by shapes created during our history as a culture giving form to things in our everyday life. -The transformation of well-known shapes into new pieces, telling a new story containing the old original tale.”
THORA FINNSDOTTIR SØE (b. 1974, Reykjavik) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts, 2009. RESIDENCY, Baer Art Center, Iceland 2017; EXHIBITIONS “MeeTings”, Gallery Kirsuberjatred, Iceland 2017. International Triennial of Ceramics, Slovenia UNICUM 2015. “Formsprog-Tankespind” Gallery Ann Linnemann, Copenhagen 2014. “Flashbulb memories”, Gallery Officinet, Copenhagen 2014. Spring exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Summer exhibition, Janusbygningen, Tirstrup, DK 2008. “Græsko” Cowparade Copenhagen 2007. Founder of “Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales” 2009.

Ursula Munch-Petersen - Cups & Doll's set
“Danish design, craftsmanship, tradition of function and an idealistic relationship with the user, a high level of awareness and honesty in relation to daily functional qualities, a refined recognizable character with traces of the touch of hand and mind. From beautiful crafts, her studio production has become good industrial products, often featuring the same feelings as in good craftsmanship - the work of the hand and sense for use.”
URSULA MUNCH-PETERSEN (b. 1937, Bornholm) Recognized craftsman and designer, travelling, teaching and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad: Letland, Litauen, Ukraine, USA, Mexico, China.. EDUCATION Kunsthåndværkerskolen 1956-60. EMPLOYE Bing & Grøndahl 1961-68, freelance designer for Royal Copenhagen and Kähler. EXHIBITION PROJECTS 'My Doll's tableware' 2003, 'Ursula' Royal Copenhagen 1992, 'Lærkestellet' 1994. COMMISSIONS 'Tidstavlen' Hærvejen, Jylland 2010. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, Bindesbøll Award, Ole Haslund Award, Knight of Dannebrog.