TOY - Christmas exhibition - December 2016

TOY playful ceramics
Exhibition 1 – 23 December 2016

Christmas exhibition of new 'Toy' - ceramics for children and adults.
The exhibition is teeming with Christmas gifts for children and the young at heart, everything from quirky toys, puzzling games & doll's tableware.
Russian dolls, trolls, dominoes game, Rubik's cube, do-it-yourself kits.
Maybe a twisted vase, a tableau of Hysteria, Agriculture, USA-journey.
- Or an erotic 'family' car?
The choices are many, imagination without limits when the young at heart are to be spoiled for Christmas.
The exhibition is not The Experimentarium, but close, when a flock of ceramic artists of all ages are playing.

Designer Ursula Munch-Petersen also exhibits a selection of colourful functional ware from her own studio.
Few as Ursula have managed to combine design with craftsmanship, a sense of great crafts for daily use.


URSULA MUNCH-PETERSEN shows her 'Doll set', where small modelled figures on teapot lids reflect the child's pleasure in discovering the world.
SØREN THYGESEN has worked with a twisting machine in a childish world of Pokemon like heart, duck.. A tour in the twister turns into a nice little vase.
KIRSTEN Høholt draws everyday ruminations and puns.

LOTTE WESTPHAEL has created a dominoes game in porcelain, an abstraction of the classic game. Rules being negotiated in 'Playing by Different Rule'.
MIKAEL JACKSON abstracts the 'Professor cube'.
THEIS LORENTZEN has transformed a tea set in porcelain into an Utopian assemble-yourself kit.
HEIDI HENTZE's 'Interlock' challenges the viewer to play.
SANDRA TRUJILLO uses dot-to-dot pattern as a fun game for children to learn a series of numbers, while creating a visual image in 'Toy Sample'.


JETTE Lowen DALL & KSENIA SHIGAEVA 'Thumbelina's Boyfriends' fuses two cultures - Russian Dolls and H.C.Andersen in a new narrative.
Akio TAKAMORI's beautiful Russian Lady is included in the story of dolls.
PHILIP Ragan mixes in 'Trollz & Chatterbox' social commentary with satire.
OLE VESTERLUND 'Pot Mouse' is family - for better or worse.
BIRGITTE CHRISTENS 'Grinning Guy' is a play with ceramic pencils.
STEN LYKKE MADSEN's 'Car production' a funny erotic 'family car'.


INGER HEEBØLL's Either Or invites for an innocent tableaux surprises.
ULLA BECH BRUUN assembles cast toys, a roaring tyrannosaurus head and a stylized, 'perfect' female body - 'Hysteria I'.
VIBEKE RYTTER shows buildings and signs in 'Journey to America'.
CHARLOTTE THORUP surprises with striped 'Magic Stone' that rattles.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding of the Ann Linnemann Gallery in 2016.

BIOGRAPHY and MORE INFORMATION.. - Alphabetical list by first name

"Play with oxide pencils on porcelain, drawings and doodles. Fantasy Figure. The work here is the opposite of my very thoughtful works, created from quick sketch and as few interferences of my thoughts as possible. In order to create something of my hands are not thought out in every detail. The coarse and crude expressions with doodles that provides the work a naive style. Is opposite what we normally associate with porcelain. It is fine and pompous. I pull it deliberately in the opposite direction-unpretentious. It is interesting to show the audience that porcelain has many forms and that it needs not be solemn and tranquil, but a hacking old man with strange spine, scars and brain mass.
Technology Modeling and drawing on clay. Fired with transparent shiny glaze.
BIRGITTE CHRISTENS born in Denmark in 1982, lives and works in Copenhagen. EDUCATION Master Degree HDK 2007-09, Bachelor KHiB 2004-07, Exchange CSM, London 2006. SELECTED Danish Arts Foundation Work Grant 2016. Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, `Blue Legs` 2016. Danish Biennial of Crafts and Design 2015. EKWC artist in residence, Netherlands 2015.
(Photo: F.Petersen - Birgitte Christens (EKWC)

"I have focused on the three sensations: to feel, hear and see. I think this is an important part of a toy. I have chosen modulating oval half-spheres in stoneware and porcelain, and fired those together using the glaze, creating an oval shape. After firing, this has become a closed oval form causing the desire to take it in hand and feel closer to it. As a surprise I have put small balls of clay inside which give a rattling sound when examined. Finally, each MAGIC STONE is unique caused by a different colour composition of glazes that are laid in a pattern of stripes around the form capturing the interest of the eye. "
CHARLOTTE THORUP was born in 1973. Graduated from the Glass & Ceramics School - Bornholm (Now KADK) 2000. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery USA 2016. Arts&Crafts Award, Officinet 2015. Unique Ceramics, Køge; New Meets Old, Hiorts Factory, Ronne; Lust structures, R2 Gallery, Svaneke; Fantastic Tales, Ceramic House, England 2014. Definition, Finland 2013. Danish National Museum 2012. The Next Generation, Roskilde 2011. Wawerhythmfold Gallery Klejn, Bornholm 2010. LandMarks, Flow Gallery, London 2009. Ann Linnemann Gallery: A touch of .. 2011, Behold 2012, Form Language 2014, solo 2016.

Inspired by architecture and origami Heidi Hentze develops, with superior technical ability the classical slab-building technique, material and gravity in her geometric constructions of paper-thin porcelain sheets.
For this exhibition, she challenges the viewer to play around with and collect their own sculpture from cut-out high fired porcelain sheets. This becomes exclusive toy, and it is no less delicate, when the piece in a simple and minimalist way creates a new dialogue with the user.
HEIDI HENTZE was born in 1975. EDUCATED Glass and Ceramics School - Bornholm (Now KADK) 2006. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Ann Linnemann Gallery: "GEOMETRY OF MATERIAL" solo 2016, "MASTER PIECES Miniatures" 2013, "FRAGILE" 2012. ”Danish Contemporary” Lacoste Gallery, Boston, USA 2016. The "Biennale of Craft and Design 2013" and "SEA" ACAB's 10-year anniversary, Round Tower, Copenhagen. "Form.Frei" Gottorf Castle, Schleswig, DE. "59th Premio Faenza", International Competition, Italy. "Ceramics of Europe" European Parliament, Strasbourg, FR. "10th International Ceramics Competition, Mino," Japan. "13th Westerwald Prize ", Höhr-Grenzhausen, DE. "COLLECT", Saatchi Gallery, London. "Fantastic Tales" Brighton, UK 2014. Art Festival 2013 Funasaka, Japan. "Collect in the Country in 2013," Cultural Connections, UK. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, Ole Haslund Artist Award, OJD Foundation.


"I work with a figurative and narrative universe that is often based on very specific environments. With the pieces "Either Or" I have used places in our environment, where there is a difference whether you're on one side or the other - markings, transitions, boundaries.

In unglazed red clay, I am finding the most simple and fundamental expression of the material that allow the material's simple possibilities of structure and surface to be reflected contributing to letting the story be the central of the piece.
I would like to invite the viewer with into my imaginative and narrative universe. Trough the recognizable and figurative, to arouse curiosity of exploring detail as well get associations and "make up" the story - and open up multiple interpretations of the pieces. The pieces are adapted from observations of my surroundings, and a comment on the way that we adapt our surroundings and society.
- Unglazed red clay formed into small tableaux."
INGER HEEBØLL born in 1969. EDUCATION Danish School of Design 1998. SELECTED Arts and Crafts Award, Bronze Medal 2016. "2016 International Cone Box Show" Kansas City. Biennial of Craft and Design 2015. Carlsberg, Work Grant Danish Arts Foundation 2015. Biennial of Craft and Design in 2013, nominated for the Biennial Prize 2013. "The Artists Summer Exhibition" Tistrup 2011, "Fabula - Nordic Baltic Ceramics" Art Centre, Tarbekunstimuuseum -Tallinn, Bryggens Museum - Bergen, "VK Exhibition" Lerchenborg, Kalundborg, 2nd prize 2001. "" CLAY Danish Museum of Ceramics 1999.

JETTE LÔWÉN DALL DK & KSENIA SHIGAEVA RUS - The Boyfriends of Thumbelina
"It all started with a mutual interest in each other's ceramic work. In a long conversation between two cultures, ceramists and friends, we are merging the essential Russian, Russian Dolls with the Danish H.C. Andersen paper cuts & adventures creating a new narrative. We have learned from one another along the way and have found a new mutual expressions.
The tale of Thumbelina in this piece, gives the viewer a new perspective to the story. A girl with many lovers, is a relevant tale, the eternal pursuit of the Prince and the perfect. Art Noveau and Russian animated movies on H. C. Andersen's story has also been a great inspiration.
The Frog, Cockchafer, Mole, Fairy Prince and Thumbelina as the smallest, are cast in two colours of clay, an exterior and one inside. Then the motives are carved out, like paper cuts. They fit inside each other like the matryoshkas of wood. The matryoshkas are in coloured stoneware, a total of five dolls/objects in a set.
JETTE LÖWÉN DALL born 1979, Denmark. EDUCATION Kolding School of Design, Ceramics 2002-07. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Hjorts Ceramics Factory Bornholm 2016. Officinet (w. Malene Hartmann Rasmussen) 2015. Form Language Ann Linnmann Gallery 2014. Miumi. Officinet 2013. Glaze Rejoice/ Christmas Calendar, Vejen Art Museum 2012. Only if you think it is, MiUMI, CLAY Museum 2011. Holbaek Art Association w. Flemming Quist Moller, Æglageret 2010. Artists Summer Exhibition, Janus, Tistrup. Showtime, Gallery Craft2eu 2009, Collage Gallery Craft2eu Hamburg 2008. Design Boom, Macef, Milan 2007. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Crafts, Augustinus Foundation, BG Foundation, LF Foghts Fund, Valdemar Petersen and Wife Esther Moesman Petersen's Award.
KSENIA SHIGAEVA born in Russia 1982. EDUCATION Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway ceramics (final year BA) 2008-09. Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, UK BA ceramics (first two years) 2006-08. University for the Creative Arts - Canterbury, UK, Foundation, 2005-06. MSc Physics, Saratov State University, Russia, 1999-2004. International Ceramic Research Center - Guldagergaard, part-time studio technician and plaster courses leader 2012-14, Artist in Residence 2010 & Project Network 2009-10. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 300 + X, Porzellanikon, Selb, Germany; Project Network, CLAY Museum, Denmark 2010. Non Object Ive, Lodz International Design Festival Lodz, Poland; Serving Forms, Porsgrunn & Tarnsal, Bergen, Norway 2009. Make or Break, Village Underground; 140, Area 10, London, UK 2008.


"I combine drawing and ceramics, often choosing the plate, because it's a nice format to draw on whilst 'platter' is a funny thing. In a playful stroke I depict and comment everyday contemplation and language subtlety, proverbs and puns.
I want my works to make people smile. With something positive and comments - without being too political or shake your finger at - I hope that the pieces evoke an unpretentious familiarity. The subjects is applied to the clay directly with among others mono printing and layering slips, combined with glazes and ceramic transfers. "
KIRSTEN HØHOLT born in 1979. Educated at Bath Spa University (ceramics) Somerset UK 2000-04. MEMBER of Formateket since 2008 and The Danish Arts and Crafts Association since 2012. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE La Muse, France; 'Network Europe', International Ceramic Centre DK 2004; Workshop at Mark Smith, UK 1999. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation 2015, Obel Family Foundation 2002. EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, Boston USA 2016. Ann Linnemann Gallery: 'Throwing the case' 2014 'Masterpieces' 2013. 'Formateket' 2010; 'New designers', London 2004. Jug Exhibition, Blaze, Bristol 2006. 'Young Danish ceramics' Gallery Rasmus 2009. 'Network Europe' International Ceramic Museum CLAY 2005.

LOTTE WESTPHAEL DK - Playing by Different Rules
"Playing by different rules" is a quite classic domino game, made in porcelain. It is also an abstraction of the play. The game rules are under negotiation and up for discussion. The pieces have different colours, some one-colour, others bi-colour. How does the game shapes itself, if you play by different rules? Can you play by colour? Can you play after what is being a beautiful pattern? The game can be seen as a social commentary on the social conventions that we have with each other. Are we playing the same game?
I am engaged in repetitions being broken up, and by irregularities in a pattern. I work with colored porcelain slab technique with colour plane shifts, and base them on the colour surface, with domino piece's "eyes" as a decorative element.
The composition appears through the game's set of rules, and are left to the play and the players.
LOTTE WESTPHAEL born in 1965. EDUCATION Design School in Kolding, ceramic artist 1988-92 and the Department of Unique 1992-93. SELECTED "Dead Pigs Laughing" performance and solo exhibition Kählers workshops. "Syncope vase" Charlottensborg Spring Exhibition 2016. Danish Arts&Crafts Award, bronze medal 2016 exhibited in Officinet and the Danish Cultural Institute, St. Petersburg. Winner "Across" and "To wrap a package" Skals Design and Crafts School 2016, 2013. "Villvin Award" Arts and Crafts Fair 2016 Risør, Norway. Synkoper, Lerverk, Gothenburg 2016. Study travel to studios in Japan. Project funding, Danish Arts Foundation: "[Albers] translated into transparency" with reference to Josef Albers colour theories and graphic works, and Anni Albers woven textiles, 2017.

MIKAEL JACKSON DK – Professor Cube
An abstract fantasizing of 'the Professor Cube' is made of composite cubes in ceramic materials.
Michael Jackson is engages with geometry and abstraction with the intention of repetition, simple elements put together in imaginative constructions. He explores abstract concepts and interpret these in geometric, architectural compositions. His work often consists of putting together elements where the artistic studies are characterized by the set of rules that he sets for himself. The start may be the development of a single component and then make a certain amount, which can be assembled in many waysas if it were building blocks. "
MIKAEL JACKSON born in 1972. He has a studio in Copenhagen and is working at the Danish Art Academy of Design (KADK). EDUCATION Royal College of Art, London, MA Ceramics, UK 2006-08. Konstfack, Stockholm 2005-06. Design School Kolding, BA 2002-05. EXHIBITIONS “Danish Contemporary” Lacoste Gallery, Boston USA 2016. "WORK OF ART", solo, Odder Art Club 2015. Copenhagen Ceramics, duo; "Bright", Gallery R2, Svaneke 2014. "Architectonics" solo, Ann Linnemann gallery; "Biennale Internationale de Vallauris", FR 2013. Puls Contemporary Ceramics; "Inhabitants", Copenhagen Ceramics; "Heliotropes" Ann Linnemann Gallery 2012. "Phoenix Landscapes", Aarhus; Gallery Covenants, Invited by Cramer & Tillitz, Kolding; "Biennial of Craft & Design," Kolding Castle 2011. "Across" New Tap, Carlsberg; "Moving in with Inhabitants", Jantzens Hotel; "Kristine Tillge Lund Invites ..." Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgium 2010. GRANT Danish Arts Foundation 2013.

"Objects as carriers of human culture, identity and history. Form, colour and expression serve a decorative synthesis of the work's subjects, while the refinement and expressions are set against the crude, balancing and voluminous shapes. My works are based on craft art's archetypes, body and toys.
The piece 'Pot Mus' appears between the decorative spacious object and a vase and free form. It is linked to emotional characters where 'owned' object besides its functional nature of the vessel has more value, is a creature to live with and having an emotional and experiential connection. Like the objects that become part of the child's play and 'toy family' is Pot Mouse a 'living' family member in the objects' world - for better or worse.
By working with two-sided statements I challenge the viewer through works that are at once seductive and endearing at the same time challenging and questioning. The viewer explores and forms own images and interpretations ."
Mixed media: Glazed earthenware, decoration and plastic beads.
OLE VESTERLUND born 1971 in Denmark. EDUCATION The Danish Design School 2008. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS "Cone Box Show" NCECA, Kansas 2016 "Aquarium", Ann Linnemann Gallery 2015 "Palais Ideal" Museum Jorn, Silkeborg 2014. "Orders" Copenhagen Ceramics 2012. "How queer everything is today " Råhuset and" Spring Exhibition " Charlotteborg 2006.

PHILIP RAGAN USA - Trollz & Chatterbox
”My pieces blend social commentary with satire while utilizing playful references to culture.
I explore the relationship between how we play and how we live… - identify trends in the evolution of toys which I find intriguing and then try to connect them with trends I see in culture and society… - recognize the duality of toys and play shaping self-identity and influencing how we live our life.
My intent is that each piece brings awareness to specific connections between life and play while evoking a sense of nostalgia in the viewer.
Through social commentary and re-appropriation of toy references, I address themes of social interactions, polarization of gender identity, and technology as they impact early development.
I am inspired by walking down aisles in toy stores and comparing what I see with what I played with as a child.
I look for toys that catch my eye and ask myself what makes me want to play with them.”
TROLLZ address the extreme polarization of society’s ideal body image by taking an androgynous toy and giving it the stereotypical versions of gender depicted in action figures and dolls.
Porcelain, glaze, luster, found objects - 2015 (photo: Philip Ragan)
CHATTERBOX augments a classic toy by referencing the amount of technology in today’s toys.
Stoneware, underglaze, glaze, transfer, wood - 2015 (photo: Wesley Smith)

PHILIP Ragan born in 1989, Mitchell, South Dakota, USA.
EDUCATION Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, 1st year MFA program, BFA University of North Dakota 2016. EXHIBITIONS "What Goes Bump In The Night" - Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada 2016. "Cup Show" - Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada 2016. juried Student Art Exhibition - University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota 2016,12,11.

“The porcelain bust's dot-to-dot pattern is a fun game for children to learn a string of numbers and simultaneously create a visual image. Here the character is confused by the game. They are separated into two pieces at the neck. The busts are few of several art pieces that were a humorous look at the self. My work oscillates between senses and expression.
The distinctive or special may be the patience expressed in the hand decorated form, where color and humor appeal to an audience. The stories that we tell inspires me.
Slipcasted porcelain forms, handpainted overglaze enamel decoration with mother-of-pearl luster.”
SANDRA TRUJILLO born in 1967, Vallejo, California, USA. EDUCATION University of California at Berkeley BA religious studies; University of Colorado in Boulder, MFA ceramics. SELECTED - Portugal: Foundation OBRAS 2017,13,10. Zentrum für Ceramics Berlin, Germany 2015. Georgia College, Professional Faculty Research Leavenworth 2012 - Holland: Foundation OBRAS. Portugal: Foundation OBRAS. Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey 2011. Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program: Czech Republic and Hungary 2009. NICHE - American Craft Council 2009. Watershed for the Arts, New Castle, ME, Fellowship & residency 2006. Quarry Tile Co. Spokane, WA , Artist in Residence & Fellowship 2004. Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts. Helena, MT 2002-04. Lilian Fellowship 2002-03. Guldagergaard International Ceramic Center, DK 2002. Mendocino Art Center, CA 2002.

The exhibition pieces fantasize on the car, playful toy and an amusing erotic 'family car'.
Sten Lykke Madsen is known for his fabulous, humorous characters, the subtle way leading the viewer into a different world of hybrid between animal and human. He address with inexhaustible imagination and humour new forms and marks to give the viewer new experiences.
STEN LYKKE MADSEN was born in 1937. EDUCATION School of Applied Arts _ 1954-58. EMPLOYEE the Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen 1962-2003, guest teacher Kolding School of Design 1981-2005. TRAVELS eg. Japan 1979 and 2006. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE China 2004 International Ceramic Research Center, Guldagergaard from 2003. COUNTLESS EXHIBITIONS in Denmark and abroad: Retrospective solo exhibition Clay Ceramics Museum 2016. Gallery Nørby 1999. Charlottenborg 1975. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgium 2010, SOFA Chicago 2005. Ceramic Ways Exhibitor and Co-founder since 1985 Anniversary Exhibition, Sophienholm 2015. Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica, Faenza, gold winner 1975, 1967. WALL DECORATION Sølvgade 1993 Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen 1978. FOUNTAIN Store Torv, Holstebro 1986. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, Ole Haslund Artist Award and many others.

"The project is about to wiggle/ twist the known symbols from our daily lives. The twist starts and ends in the same shape/symbol. From A to A, occurs conoid shapes that are a kind of natural and organic geometry.
In my studio and at the Tommerup Workshops, I like the feeling of finding something - constantly looking for something that I can use and refine. For example, the idea that arose with the cutting machine, the simple joy of the clean cut with a cutting wire.
I have worked with the twisting machine in a childish world of recognizable shapes like heart, duck, cartoon characters, speech bubbles, etc.. A tour of the 'wringer' leads to abstract vase forms."
SØREN THYGESEN graduated from Kolding Design School 1987. Own studio since 1987. Employed by Kähler Ceramics, Næstved 1996-2000 designer for Kähler 2007. Associated the Tommerup Ceramic Workshop since 2000 .. EXHIBITIONS Biennale of Craft and Design 2016. The Morsø Art Association 2009. Politiken Talent Award 2008. Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2008, 05, 04, 03. Autumn Art Exhibition 2006 05. Gallery Nørby 2005. Funen Art SAK 2004. Danish Ceramics Triennial, Trapholt 1994. GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation work grant 2001, 2000, 2016. Ole and Yelva Nimbs Fund, honorary award 2004. Ole Haslund Award 1989. Krøjer's Foundation 1987 AWARDS 1st prize Biennial for Craft and Design 2016, Danish Ceramics Triennial Trapholt 1994, Danish Arts Foundation 1993, the exhibition Jutland Roots Aarhus 1990.

THEIS LORENTZEN DK – Sprue for Two??
"To materialize mental space - creating works that crystallize space and conditions as they are available and not only exists in us, but between us. To make the mental space possible to reach with words, possible to share.
"Sprue for Two - DIY is a humorous commentary on the mass-produced one-off and pseudo-creative do-it-yourself kits. I have transformed the typical dinnerware porcelain or 'burger-set' in to an absurd utopian assemble-yourself tableware set.
I combine the efficiency and industrial design language of slip-casting with the template-based creativity in kit form and the indomitable can-good spirit in do-it-yourself mentality. I combine and blend the handmade and unique with elements of industrial techniques, prefabrication and informative instruction manuals."
THEIS LORENTZEN born in 1973. EDUCATION Royal College of Art, London (2016-). Danish Design School, Bornholm BA 2009-12 (KADK). Kerteminde art school 1998-99, Nic. O. Schmidt bronze foundry 1999. Precious metals Francois Deletaille 2000-07. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, Boston USA 2016. Ann Linnemann Gallery 2014. Grønbechsgard 2010,12 and Formland 2011, Graduation Exhibition Bornholm Art Museum and School of Library 2012; Upcoming Designers (Formland) 2012. ASSISTANT for A.Tophøj 2012 (Elite Folklore - Copenhagen Ceramics), Ole Jensen 2012 (Form & Fantasy), Anne Tophøj & Steen Ipsen 2011 (Extrudox A/S - Ann Linnemann Gallery) TEACHER Denmark Design School, Bornholm 2012-13, Kofoed School and AOF-school 2013; - EMPLOYEE at Ditte Fischer 2013, Product design for Kähler Ceramics 2013.

HYSTERIA is a series of casts of toys put together to form a hybrid; a roaring tyrannosaurus head on a stylized, 'perfect' female body with movable arms, legs and visible, almost Frankenstein's metal joints. Sculptures arranged on wooden boards in small tableaux, each steeped in, yes - hysteria. A mental state arising out of the womb. Hysteria explores with a 'blink of the eye' this particular female state.
Sitting 'Hysteria I' surrounded by tiny teacups. Cast porcelain, metal and leather on wooden board. "
ULLA BECH BRUUN born in 1979, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. EDUCATION Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts MFA 2012. Master of Psychology, University of Copenhagen 2006. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 'Transfer' Eurohíd Foundation & Hungarian National Museum - Esztergom Castle Museum Rondella Gallery, Budapest, HU 2016. 'Its CLAY' Ann Linnemann Gallery 2015. 'Zimmer Frei' Koldinghus, 'Form Language' Ann Linnemann Gallery 2014. 'Trusted doubt' Vejen Art Museum,'SKIN' w. Mikkel S.Andersen BKS Garage Copenhagen, 'Landscape/Mind 'group w. Francois Top and Timo Andersen NEXUS Aabenraa 2013. 'Pupae' solo in co-operation Copenhagen Philharmonics Radio Concert Hall 2012. 'Departure 2012' Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Nikolaj. 'Konstance Luns Cabinet' solo Gallery Q 2011. 'Images Between Man' Rohde Contemporary DK 2010.


Ursula Munch-Petersen exhibits her 'Doll's Tableware'. The small individually modelled figures on teapot lids reflect the youngest children's pleasure in discovering the world. The exhibition includes parts to the doll set; and the gallery also sells other of Ursula's functional wares from her studio. She has created numerous pieces for everyday use, experiments and prototypes for the design of industrial or workshop production, as well as unique works and public commissions.
Many know LÆRKE STELLET and URSULA - dishes, bowls, cups and jugs of strong colours and distinctive characteristic forms.
URSULA MUNCH-PETERSEN was born in 1937 on the Danish island of Bornholm. After an active life as a craftsman and designer travelling, teaching and exhibiting in Denmark and abroad including Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Mexico and China, she has now studio and lives in Copenhagen and the island of Møn. EDUCATION School of Applied Arts 1956-60. EMPLOYEE Artist studio Bing & Grondahl 1961-68 and since designer for Royal Copenhagen, Kaehler. COUNTLESS EXHIBITIONS & GRANTS Danish Arts Foundation, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond, Bindesbøll Award, Ole Haslund Artist Grant, Arts and Crafts Council, Knight of the Dannebrog .. SELECTED WORKS 'Mit Dukkestel' 2003 'Ursula' Royal Copenhagen 1992 Lærkestellet 1994. COMMISSION 'Timetable' for Hærvejen, Jutland 2010.

VIBEKE RYTTER DK - The Journey to America
”I work in the area of architecture and ceramic installation, space and object from 2D drawing to 3D modelling in clay, which are fired several times and eventually combined with digital drawings/photos via transfer in ceramic colours. Image symbol: Journey to America - Journey and hope for the new country. Economic crisis in the USA = roadworks. People move from their homes, can not afford the rent, and living on the road in the camper/tent -basal living conditions. Traffic lights = stop and live otherwise. Reduction of speed, momentum in our ways of life that bothers stress. Back to basic ways of life/slow-living."
VIBEKE RYTTER was born in 1967. EDUCATION The Danish Design School, ceramics & glass 1986-90 and the Royal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen 1997-04. In 2001-02 she was a guest student at the Academy of Fine Art by Professor Morten Stræde, - and from 2011 conducting a research project 'Glazed Lightweight-Construction Components' at the Danish School of Architecture and the Technology Institute. She has received several travel and work-grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, Beckett Foundation and National Bank Jubilee Fund. She has travelled and studied in the United States, Cuba, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, Italy, Tanzania ... - and participated in several exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. solo at Ann Linnemann Gallery 'Gentrification' 2015.