BARBRO ÅBERG - Exhibition May-June 2016

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Exhibition 12 May – 11 June 2016
Sculptural ceramics about time, memory and life
Barbro Aberg challenges the melting point in lava-like materials, composing pattern and structure in natural rhythm of process in which the apparent recognisability surprises with unknown sequences and richness of detail.

The pieces emerge from a personal insistence of developing an individualistic idiom of form.
Inspired by microscopic fossils combined with thoughts about time, memory and ways of life, she achieves a fusion of nature and culture.

Even when the bowl or vase appears, it is in form of the archetype.

Barbro Åberg: ”I relate to the impulses from the world of fantasy that can transform inspirations and sketches into three-dimensional pieces.
The exhibition pieces 'Texted Eggs' are a new line in my artistic work.
The ideas for these came out of a quick brainstorm.
The pieces have evolved into a combination of sculpture/ musical instrument or meditation object. Each object carries its own tale, its own note.
The exhibition also presents 'Entangled Pieces' a theme I have worked with for the past years.

The viewer, with no affiliation to ceramics as an artistic expression, is often astonished seeing my work - my special clay, the modelling and final expression.
I work mainly with the sculpture and object, - and when the bowl or vase sneaks in - it is in the form of an archetypal sculptural unique piece.
The clay is a mixed clay with the volcanic material perlite and paper fibres. The surfaces consist of various 'terra sigillata' or colours.
My inspiration are shapes, patterns, textural surfaces both in nature and down to the microscopic level, as well as in our man-made culture, including architecture and engineering.
In addition, I photograph and use the visual impulses from the photographic process as a kind of visual memory.”

BARBRO ÅBERG was born in 1958 in Umeå, Northern Sweden.
Danish married, working and living in Denmark since 1986.
EDUCATION at Arts&Crafts School in Kolding, DK 1986-88 and Konstskolan in Uppsala, Sweden 1984-85.
Member of IAC International Academy of Ceramics.
EXHIBITIONS - Gallery Pagter 2015; Gallery Lerverk, Göteborg, Sweden 2014; Biennial Parcours Céramique Carougeois (Prix du Public) Galerie Tiramisu, Schweiz 2013; Denmark's Ceramics Museum CLAY 2011-12; International Ceramic Festival Sasama, GIFU Museum, Japan 2011; Space Between Thoughts, Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris 2010; Gallery Nørby, Carlin Galerie m. Thiébaut Chagué, Paris and Meister der Moderne, Handwerkskammer of München 2005; From the Kilns of Denmark, travel exhibition USA, Paris, Berlin 2002-04..
ART FAIRS: SOFA New York og SOFA Chicago/ Lacoste Gallery 2008-12; SOFA Chicago/ Snyderman Gallery 2007, Gallery Nørby 2006; 2014 Collect London/ Cultural Connections, UK and International Fine Art & Antique Show/ Maison Gerard, New York..
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Thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation for Project Funding of the Gallery in 2015-2016.

Born in 1958 in Umeå, Northern Sweden. Danish wed, living in Denmark since 1986.
Member of IAC International Academy of Ceramics since 2007.

1986-88 Arts&Crafts School – Kolding. Ceramics & glass.
1984-85 Konstskolan i Uppsala, Sweden.
1983 Student, Susan Steinman, Berkely, USA.
1979-82 Art Education Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, USA.

2004 Biennale de la Sculpture en Céramique, Mamer, Luxembourg.
1993 Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, New Zealand.
1993,90,89 Artists Easter Exhibition Århus, DK.
1991 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, DK.
1988 Artists Summer Exhibition in Tistrup, DK.

2016 Potential Spaces, Kaolin, Stockholm.
2015 Entangled, Galleri Pagter, DK.
2014 Galleri Lerverk, Göteborg, Sweden.
2013 Galerie Tiramisu, Carouge, Schweiz.
2011-12 Erindring & Erkendelse. Denmark's Ceramics Museum CLAY, Funen.
2010 ”The Space between the Thoughts”, Galerie Hélène Porée. Paris.
2010,07,04 Galleri Jytte Møller, Frederici, DKa.
2008 Keramisch Centrum Nederland, Haarlem, Holland.
2005 ”Tanker om Tid”, Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen, DK.
2003 ”Spår av tid”, Blås & Knåda, Stockholm.

2015 Nature/Return. Det Ny Kastet, w. I.Ørntoft, S.Rasmussen, T.Andersson
2014 The Structure of Lust, Galleri R2, Svaneke, DK.
2013 Masterpieces - miniature, Ann Linnemann Gallery, København.
2012 Danish Clay w. Hans Vangsø. Lacoste Gallery, USA.
Drawing the Empty Space. w. XXIInd Biennale of Vallauris, Frankrig.
Gallery Hu, Nagoya, Japan
2011 Verkehr Museum & International Ceramic Festival, Sasama, Japan.
2006 PULS, Bruxelles. w. Jonathan Keep, UK.
2005 Carlin Gallery, Paris. w. Thiébaut Chagué.
2001 ”Metamorfose”, International Ceramics Biennial, Austria- Danmark.
2002-04 From the Kilns of Denmark. Travel exhibition USA-Paris-Berlin..
”Céramique Contemporaines Danoises”, Carlin Gallery, Paris.
”Keramik aus Dänemark”, Keramik Galerie Hilde Holstein, Bremen.
1997 ”Keramiktriennalen”, Trapholt Art Museum, DK.
“Danish Ceramics 1850-1997”, Sophienholm, DK.
1999 “Standpunkte”, Keramikmuseum Keramion, Frechen, Germany.
Material: Earth - Size: Small, Schweiz.
2005 ”Meister der Moderne 2005”, Handwerkskammer of München.
2007 The Works Gallery, Philadelphia, USA.
2008 Danish Ceramics. Lacoste Gallery, USA.
The Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, GIFU, Japan.

ART FAIRS - from 2006
SOFA Chicago, SOFA New York, COLLECT London, International Fine Art & Antique Show, New York,USA.

Danish Arts Foundation, Denmark's National Bank Foundation, Painter Koefoeds Fund, Danish Crafts, Anna E. Munchs Legat, Frimodt-Heinke Fund, Politikenfondet,Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Esther & Jep Finks Mindefond for arkitektur og kunsthåndværk, Danish Crafts, Dalhoff-Larsens Fond..

Musée de Carouge, Schweiz, GIFU-Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Japan, Danish Arts Foundation, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Designmuseum Danmark, Statens Konstråd, Sverige, Kunstforeningen af 14. august, Keramikmuseum CLAY, Internationalt Keramisk Center - Guldagergaard, Aarhus Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune..