UNEVEN SPACES - C.Thorup Apr-May 2016

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Charlotte Thorup DK
Exhibition 7 April – 4 May 2016
Opening reception Thursday 7 April at 16-19.00
Artist talk Saturday 16 April at 15-17.00
Module by module leads to a new form - small ceramic entities become one..
Quadratic and modeled clay sticks are formed into simple modules, put together with the intention at all time to develop the shape, and eventually turn into one work.
The idea behind the pieces is a study of spatial proportions.
The piece's geometric constructions reveal a refined organic logic.

Charlotte Thorup is occupied with pattern and repetition, spatial dimensions, contrasts and connections.
The inspiration appears from the city's architecture and the symmetry of nature, reflecting an investigation of visual impressions and sensations - a field of harvest pattern or a building where the attention is caught.
Thin and heavy elements are put together in complex compositions, while simplicity rules in the pieces material contrasts, where light and shadow effects create 'colour'.

Multiple parts are assembled into one entity of organic metamorphosis.
The combination of porcelain and stoneware emphasizes the contrasts, while supporting light and shadow effects of the glaze colour combinations and tactile material qualities of matte and glossy surfaces.
The variation and span of pieces reflect the idea concept.


CHARLOTTE THORUP: ”By constructing a piece in module structures occurs a network of links. For the exhibition FORM LANGUAGE in 2014, I worked from the word 'Connections'. This I have explored further and created numerous of new works in various ways to associate and relate to space, proportion and repetition.

A long concentrated period of work has given room for contemplation. In this process, I have had time to develop and follow the idea's progression.
Where I previously made wall objects in square and rectangular shapes based on repetition and rhythm, the new pieces have emerged from this new form idea that sparked my curiosity and led me to experiment in a new way with my material.

I have chosen to combine stoneware and porcelain bearing in mind the material contrasts in heaviness/ lightness and strength/ fragility - and have investigated the light and shadow effects, glazes tactile qualities such as matte/ glossy and different colour combinations.
The exhibition reflects this process in a variety of both free-standing and wall objects works.

I have pursued achieving a resonance with the viewer and the work on a sensible level, with the possibility of dialogue on life's basic conditions, such as contrast, space, light and shadow..
My intention is to add a simplified expression to a poetic and architectural narrative, reinforced by virtue of the clay, glaze, firing and hand imprint."

CHARLOTTE THORUP was born in 1973. She graduated in 2000 from the Glass and Ceramic School - Bornholm (Academy's Design School), has traveled and studied abroad from England to Australia, she lives and has her studio in Svaneke on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Thanks to Esther & Jep Fink's Foundation for Architecture and Crafts and Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond for Funding of Charlotte Thorup.
Thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation Project Fund for funding in 2016.

CHARLOTTE THORUP - born in Denmark 1973


1997-2000 Denmarks Design School – Bornholm (Royal Danish Art Academy)
1995-1996 Århus Art Academy.
1994 Art School Firenze, Italy.

2015 Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879, Officinet, Copenhagen, DK
Resonans, Lyngby Kunstforening, DK
Definition, Officinet, Copenhagen, DK
2014 Unik Keramik, Køge, DK
New Meets Old, Hiorts Fabrik, Rønne, DK
Lystens Strukturer, R2 Galleri, Svaneke, DK
Formsprog Og Tankespind, Ann Linnemann Galleri, Copenhagen, DK
Fantastic Tales, The Ceramic House, England.
2013 Definition, Finland.
2012 Behold, Ann Linnemann Galleri, Copenhagen, DK
Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879, Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, DK
2011 Den næste generation, Roskilde, DK
Et Strejf af…, Ann Linnemann Galleri, Copenhagen, DK
2010 Wawerhythmfold, Galleri Klejn, Bornholm, DK
Decade one, Danmarks Designskole, Bornholm, DK
”Hot Spots ”, Museion No. 1, Budapest
2009 Landmarks, Flow Gallery, London, UK

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