AROUND THE WORLD August-September 2014

Vibeke Rytter & Ann Linnemann DK
Exhibition 21 August – 13 September 2014
Ceramic tales of the World - a journey around the Earth..
The exhibitors visualize their travels, experiences of other cultures and personal memories. They are both concerned with looking at the world - identify, analyze and describe impressions.
The exhibition takes you on a journey of discovery around the World from Russia, USA, Tanzania to the Faroe Islands and Canada, Ecuador, Australia, China to Denmark.

Vibeke Rytter works with photographic prints on ceramic tableaux.
Ann Linnemann paints with glaze and ceramic colour on thrown forms.

Ann Linnemann
"The journeys, memories' unerasable images each have their imprint.
Given my own travels, I have worked in ceramic with these visions as a physical, visible allocation on the the surface of the body, the form. The inner has become the outside and just as indestructibly portrayed as the high-fired porcelain.

The landscape's natural and cultural influence interest me. The grand lines, but also the details that catch the eye in.

The picturesque, painterly possibilities of the liquid ceramic glazing, the texture and depth of transparent layers has challenged me professionally. Similarly, the study of contradictions between imaging, illusion, symbolism and pattern - tradition bound ceramic vessel united with sculptural form and painting.

The horizon extends around the shape, and the story continues.
The work is experienced not entirely frontal, but the viewer has to move around and into the form.

The new work combines memories of.. Chinese Tang-Dynasty pottery melting patterns into landscapes of fluid glaze, the Amazon jungle mirrored with urban street kids and a Catholic Easter parade's blue-hooded men in a tropical rain, Australia's remote wasteland with scattered traces of people, endless stretches of mountains or ploughed fields of countries where the horizon is greater than in Denmark, dark beech trees from the major Swedish forest in a Hammerhøj-ish backlit and my childhood's ghost trees in the Danish Deer Park, Eremitage.
The mind's memories link to historical and social reflection, legends and tales, truth and illusion in an encounter with the World and people on the way around Earth."

Ann Linnemann is educated at the School for Applied Art and Design (now: Danish Arts Academy School of Design) 1983-89, apprenticeship as a certificate potter of H.A.Kähler 1979-83 and research scholar at Arizona State University, USA 1993-94. She has studied and worked professionally in Denmark and abroad. Studio residencies and travels in Japan, USA, South America, Australia, China and Europe have great influence on her working methods and philosophy. She has received several travel and work grants including Danish Arts Foundation's three-year award, National Bank Jubilee Foundation of 1968, Ole Haslund Artist Award, Knud Højgaard and Thomas B.Thriges Foundation and the Helpmann Academy Award, Australia and Banff Arts Centre Award, Canada; and has exhibited and is represented in several art collections.
In her career, an increasing interest for the development of the ceramic field, sharing and exchange between ceramists and also other artistic disciplines has resulted in an international commitment as an organizer and project manager for several international symposia, seminars and exhibitions in Denmark. She has her studio and a gallery in Copenhagen: Ann Linnemann studio gallery.

Vibeke Rytter DK - Ceramic models/scenography
Architectural typologies, displacements and narratives
“The ceramic wall objects/installations are based on my many journeys including USA, Russia, Tanzania, Morocco, Cuba, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Berlin, New York.

I am concerned with taking photos in motion to create a flow of images. In addition to drawing/ photographing and insertion of fragments with different meanings, I create small sceneries and stories in the area between object and space, which include: A place of prayer in Morocco, slums in the United States, a special house from San Francisco, 'Jim Morrison and the sky stairs' Star Dust from the ice cap, Spice plantation from Tanzania, staging of Desert Landscape, Russian country house 'Datja' and the Faroese landscape.

I work from the 2D drawings to 3D model making in ceramic clay slaps, which are fired two times and combined with computer drawings and photos to ceramic transfer print, and fired a third time. In some of the pieces I have worked with 3D computer drawing and subsequent CNC-cutting of a cardboard model as mold.”

“Working method: I work in four parts, the space architecture, reflection, context and process. Establish a function of space and material while leaving traces. I build it up, let something be, to elucidate the structure-building through stacks, bending, fusion, screening, erosion, etc.
I build up - break down and recycle to break new ground. Wrong side and front circling in my mind, to understand thing's genesis and problematic.
The intention is to get the material to be part of the story where the idiom is free and dissolved to open up to the outside world, concurrent with providing the substance and content.”

Previous work
Vibeke Rytter is educated at The Danish Design School, Ceramics & Glass 1986-90, and the Royal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen 1997-2004. in 2001-02 she was a guest student at the Academy of Fine Art, Sculpture School by Professor Morten Stræde and from 2011 a research scholar at the School of Architecture and Technology Institute.
She has received numerous travel grants and awards: the Danish Arts Foundation, Becket Foundation and National Bank Jubilee Foundation work grant. She has travelled and studied in : Morocco, USA, Cuba, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, Russia and the Faroe Islands. And participated in exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.
Vibeke Rytter core area is clearly defined by her interest in architecture, design, photography and material by virtue of her interdisciplinary education encouraged to develop processes that are crucial to the final work.

Grateful Thanks to Dalhoff Larsens Fond and Danish Crafts for funding in 2014,
and to Danish Arts Foundation for funding of international transport in 2014.