AROUND THE WORLD - project 2014

Ceramic tales of the World - A journey..
This project is concerned with looking at the world - identifying, analyzing and describing impressions.
A journey of discovery around the World - Canada, Ecuador, Australia, China, Denmark.
In 2014, an exhibition visualizes the travels, experiences of other cultures and personal memories. Ann Linnemann is painting with glaze and ceramic colour on hand-thrown altered porcelain forms. Exhibition LINK

Ann Linnemann
"The journeys, memories' unerasable images each have their imprint.
Given my own travels, I have worked in ceramic with these visions as a physical, visible allocation on the the surface of the body, the form. The inner has become the outside and just as indestructibly portrayed as the high-fired porcelain.

The landscape's natural and cultural influence interest me. The grand lines, but also the details that catch the eye in.

The picturesque, painterly possibilities of the liquid ceramic glazing, the texture and depth of transparent layers has challenged me professionally. Similarly, the study of contradictions between imaging, illusion, symbolism and pattern - tradition bound ceramic vessel united with sculptural form and painting.

The horizon extends around the shape, and the story continues.
The work is experienced not entirely frontal, but the viewer has to move around and into the form.

The new work combines memories of.. Chinese Tang-Dynasty pottery melting patterns into landscapes of fluid glaze, the Amazon jungle mirrored with urban street kids and a Catholic Easter parade's blue-hooded men in a tropical rain, Australia's remote wasteland with scattered traces of people, endless stretches of mountains or ploughed fields of countries where the horizon is greater than in Denmark, dark beech trees from the major Swedish forest in a Hammerhøj-ish backlit and my childhood's ghost trees in the Danish Deer Park, Eremitage.
The mind's memories link to historical and social reflection, legends and tales, truth and illusion in an encounter with the World and people on the way around Earth."

Ann Linnemann has studied and worked professionally in Denmark and abroad. Studio residencies and travels in Japan, USA, South America, Australia, China and Europe have great influence on her working methods and philosophy.