A COLLECTOR'S DINNER - December 2013

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Christmas Exhibition 1 – 23 DECEMBER 2013
New table setting every week

Exhibition full of ceramic pieces - ceramics lovers & collectors dream
The exhibition is about the use of things – finding room for original ceramics on the dinner table - and all the shelves and walls :-)
Each week in December a new unique table will be set for sushi, dinner, coffee/tea - in play with untraditional objects by the gallery artists..
The first table setting is THINGS FOR SUSHI by Sten Lykke Madsen.

An other table setting is DREAM LANDSCAPES by Ann Linnemann.

The exhibition offers inspiration for Christmas gifts, renewal of the home, additional pieces for the private collection and the joy of seeing a fine international selection of contemporary original ceramic art.

There are no limitations, but always room for a lifestyle with it all – full of delight, mind and beauty.
Special pieces that can be bought for a few or more money by the passionate collector and by those, who simply are in love with beautiful unusual objects.

The Gallery shows a 'dining room' filled with special original pieces and focuses on the collectables describing people, presence, art and love of material, craftsmanship, aesthetics, social and political concepts in ceramic art of our time.

How do we live in a home full of a passionate ceramic collection?
- Lifestyle TV-programs/magazines center on collectors, collections, beautiful homes, interior, living design, collectors market and purchases...
Ceramics are traditionally evaluated for functional values and valued as art objects.. - Functional design, craftsmanship or artistic value?
- All together this also just shows a desire for life and multiple ways of telling the stories, we do need to see and remember every day.

SEE Gallery collectables - LINK!
Anne Fløcke - Ann Linnemann - Bente Hansen - Bente Skjøttgaard - Bodil Manz - Charlotte Thorup - Christina Schou Christensen - Esben Klemann - Extrudox A/S Steen Ipsen/Anne Tophøj - Gerd Hjort Petersen - Hans Munck Andersen - Hans Vangsø - Heidi Henze - Helle Hove - Iben Kielberg - Jakob Stig Isaksen - Karen Bennicke - Karen Harsbo – Kim Holm - Kirsten Christensen - Kirsten Høholt - Lis Ehrenreich - Lisbeth Holst-Jensen - Lone Skov Madsen - Louise Birch - Malene Müllertz - Marianne Krumbach - Marianne Nielsen - Martin Bodilsen Kahldahl - Mette Marie Ørsted - Mikael Jackson - Morten Løbner Espersen - Ole Jensen - Sandra Davolio - Sten Lykke Madsen - Søren Thygesen - Turi Heisselberg Pedersen... USA - Akio Takamori - Kurt Weiser - Lesley Baker - ENGLAND - Margaret O'Rorke - Neil Brownsword - Charlotte Hodes - NORGE - Elisa Helland-Hansen – AUSTRALIA - Kirsten Coelho - Prue Venables - Stephen Bowers...

Sten Lykke Madsen Sten Lykke Madsen is recognized for his fabulous humorous figures, that in funny ways bring the viewer into a different world of hybrids between animal and human. The themes of eroticism and love are always present in Sten Lykke's motives.
Sten Lykke Madsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he trained at the Art, Craft and Design School. He has been a professional ceramic artist since 1958. His work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Denmark and overseas, and is in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Museo Internazinale delle Ceramice, Faenza and many other museums.
Ann Linnemann (DK) shows hand-thrown porcelain for sushi dinner, lunch and coffee in white and a hand-painted seasonal landscape series. The nature theme gives each piece a personal story.
Paul Scott og Ann Linnemann (UK/DK)- Landscape Blue series holds cups and paltes with cobolt blue silkscreen print and gold/silver rims on hand-thrown transparent poecelain. The motives are trees and ornaments from old tableware.
Bodil Manz is internationally acknowledged for her thin transparent porcelain cylinders with graphic transfers. The pieces were especially selected for the exhibition FRAGILE in June 2012 – One piece has an unusual organic form in contrast to the strict graphic lines at the cylinder form, that Bodil is mostly known for.
Bente Hansen is one of Denmark's best known ceramic artists.
She has in her long career been especially active and engaged in Danish ceramics and design. The pieces in the gallery are from 2012 with experimental use of layers of transfers on oval vessels and geometric forms. They are colourful and kaleidoscopic with memories of Bauhaus, Avant-garde from Russia and much more.
Esben Klemann is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen. He is known for his remarkable sculptural and architectonic pieces, commission projects in Denmark and abroad. He works freely with architectural pieces for public space and exhibition. Always challenged by the characteristic qualities of the material and a desire to test limits of ability.
Pieces for the wall and horizontal.
Akio Takamori (USA/Japan) is famous for his figurative works and masterly drawing on ceramic form. These pieces lustfully take a starting point in race, gender and togetherness. He often uses the vase, the container as a basic form on which the figure drawing freely moves outside and inside the form in a sensitive brush stroke. is famous for his figurative works and masterly drawing on ceramic form. Akio tells about eroticism and love in ways that carry the mind into secret places and hidden corners, revealed around and inside the forms.
Lesley Baker (USA) www.lesleybaker.com is Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Herron School of Art and Design IUPUI, Indianapolis. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. Her work is about creating pieces with a level of subtle social statement and much like how we are presented information through mass media, the true message is not always obvious. Wall plate with printed motives.
Prue Venables (Australien)makes the shift to porcelain the natural step for anyone looking for hardness and ringing clarity. Her objects are confidently utilitarian, with deliberate but understated echoes of the purposeful crispness and functionality. She is internationally recognized, lives and works in Australia.
Hand-thrown bowl with handles, black, mat glaze.
Stephen Bowers is an acknowledged Australian artist. His ceramic pieces may reflect ideas about recollection and persistence in the form of remnants and shards; and be about how sections of memory survive; and utilise borders, patterns, overlaps, edges and shadows. He regularly retrieves and re-positions images, representing ‘the familiar’, often sourcing ‘clichéd’ images (i.e. blue and white, willow pattern, wallpapers, natural history illustrations, etc.) within a personal contemporary context, often with a surreal, whimsical, humorous, sceptical or satirical subtext.
Marianne Nielsen (DK) www.mariannenielsen.com occupies an important position in Danish contemporary ceramic art. She is interested in the roles of nature in our time. It may be called a poetic or nerdy way, when she definite render natural subjects: mountains, feathers, leaves, flowers and plants..
Her pieces, refined with a delicate humoristic and aesthetic tone, describe essential beauty ideals and may hold secrets, private memories and undefined questions on reality, truth and our self. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious 3-years award by the Danish National Arts Foundation.
Christina Schou Christensen is a Danish newly graduated ceramic artist, who won an art price and became known at her storming debute at the Danish Spring Art Exhibition, Charlottenborg Foundation 2012. She is one of the artists Danish collectors are showing an interest in. She exhibits remake of Royal Copenhagen plates and cups, where a glaze-mass is dripping and floating through holes in one form to the other – makes the viewer wonder.