ARCHITECTONES - Exhibition September 2013

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Exhibition 5 - 28 September 2013

Architectural abstraction - illusions in a hard immobile material..
Mikael Jackson is concerned with geometry and abstraction with a view to repetition, simple elements put together in imaginative constructions.
He explores abstract concepts such as fragility to strength, order to chaos, visually tight to loose, industrial to handmade, and he interprets these concepts in architectural ceramic compositions.

"My work is the result of an abstract study of dynamics within a controlled form. The objects are formal explorations.

From a distance, one can get the impression that the complexity of the structure is randomly organized, but when you come closer you realize the conscientious system that each object depends on.

Through interaction and mutual influences, I explore the order and construction of the structures, and the importance of geometric elements as detached and supporting forms.
The finished constructions appear as illusions, documented in a now hard and immobile material, appear most of all like architectural abstractions.
My work consists of combining elements - and my artistic research is characterized by the set of rules that I set for myself.

- I begin with developing a single item. A single geometric element.
Then I make a large amount of elements, as if they were building blocks.
At this point it is important for me not to know whither it takes me - not knowing what the final object is going to look like.

Only then, I start to stack and support, to hang and hold together, so that several elements eventually are composed to become one object - or one line-up.
As the objects simultaneously express a visual fragility, they enhance the feel of the balancing-act linked with the 'to stack and support, hang and hold together'.

- So briefly described, I let the shapes of the elements determine the stacking method - and I let the stacking method help determine the final forms of the objects."
Mikael Jackson graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2008. He started his education at the Design School – Kolding and a one-year study at the Konstfack in Stockholm.
In 2013, Mikael received a work award from the Danish Arts Foundation. He exhibits in Denmark and Internationally, and is known from 'the Autumn Exhibition' at Den Frie and the exhibition 'Across' in Tappehallerne - Carlsberg, Vallauris International Biennial in France, Puls Gallery in Brussels and Gallery Mint in London.
He has a studio in Copenhagen, works at the Tommerup Brick Factory and teaches at the Odder Hojskole.

Since the start of his career, Mikael Jackson has been engaged in geometry and experiments with sculptural objects from conceptual ideas, connections between form, material and idea - and he has looked at geometry from multiple angles: ornamentation, Islamic patterns, heliotropic forms, building blocks, architecture etc...
He works freely in all ceramic materials and often with a repetition of elements connected in a myriad of ways appearing from conceptual ideas, his own set of rules - a dogma.


HELIOTROPE - Mikael Jackson and Jens Rune Gissel - 2012
Mikael Jackson's geometric ceramic objects appeared as scenery and actors in the pencil-drawn stories by the painter Jens Rune Gissel - in line with the Heliotropic growing nature of forms.
See the exhibition: HELIOTROPE - 2012

IN PLAY - Mikael Jackson and Lis Ehrenreich - 2011
This exhibition showed ornamental variations from Mikael Jackson's installation the 'Magic Carpet', which shadow created an oriental carpet, to Lis Ehrenreich's vessels containing ornaments of a Middle Eastern cultural heritage. Two generations 'In Play' creating a dialogue.
See the exhibition: IN PLAY – 2011

Grateful thanks to the Danish National Bank Anniversary Foundation of 1968 for the generous support of Ann Linnemann studio gallery exhibition program of 2013.