MASTERPIECES miniature - March 2013

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MASTERPIECES - miniature
1 March - 6 April 2013
5th anniversary of the gallery

'MASTERPIECES - miniature' focuses on small works .. with a particular value.
The gallery celebrates its 5th anniversary with an exhibition to which all past and this year's future exhibitors have been invited to show their masterpiece - one of the artist's own chosen miniature work.
It began with a ceramic studio in 1998 and started as a gallery in 2008 with the desire to show colleagues' works..
A small flock each year has grown bigger and stronger - stubbornly idealistic on its way through the economic crisis with successful sales to private individuals, collectors, art associations, funds, art museums and the Danish National Arts Foundation.

The personally selected works show the wide range of approaches, techniques, themes and artists who are seen in the gallery since its opening in March 2008.

Most works are ceramic, but also glass and photography has found its way to interact with ceramics.
From thrown pots and handmade vessels to sculpture and installation.

The gallery is small, but there are no narrow minds or restive definitions - with a high ceiling when it comes to showing quality and originality.
All artists aspire to create unique works, Masterpieces; - and here the Masters exhibit the miniature piece, that they themselves prefer.

Some have chosen a special older work and others show new expressions, ideas and experiments they see as their masterpiece in miniature ...
Anything goes - as long as it is a personally chosen MASTERPIECE - less than 15 cm.

By virtue of the exhibitors' own choice of favourites, the exhibition talks about individuality, difference and diversity, - providing an image of our time.

The gallery intends in this way to give thanks for the 5 active years with thousands of visitors to over 50 different exhibitions of works by more than 75 Danish and International artists ... from new graduates to world renowned artists. The exhibition includes about 60 different 'masterpieces - miniature'.

Thank you to everyone who has exhibited in the gallery since 2008, this year's exhibitors, customers and collectors, visitors and friends of the gallery. Also a special thanks for financial support for exhibitions in 2013 to the Denmark's National Bank's Anniversary Foundation of 1968 and the Danish Crafts, the Ole Haslund Artist Grant in 2010, and grateful thanks to the Danish National Arts Foundation, The Danish Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (now: Design Museum Denmark), the Detlefs OJD Fund and all the art associations for their purchases of ceramic pieces!

It is my hope that everyone will join in the celebration of the first 5 years of the gallery at the opening reception for MASTERPIECES on Friday 1st of March at 16 - 19.00.

EXHIBITORS 2008-2013:
DANISH: Ane-Katrine von Bülow, Anne Fløche, Anne Tophøj, Annemette Kissow, Ann Linnemann, Asger Kristensen, Barbro Åberg, Beate Andersen, Bente Hansen, Bente Skjøttgaard, Better Lübbert, Birgitte Ran Bennike Mayall, Bodil Manz, Charlotte Thorup, Christian Bruun, Christina Schou Christensen, Esben Klemann, Extrudox A/S, Gerd Hiort Petersen, Gunhild Aaberg, Gurli Elbækgaard, Hans & Birgitte Börjeson, Hans Munck Andersen, Hans Vangsø, Heidi Hentze, Helle Hove, Henriette Duckert, Iben Kielberg, Jakob Stig Isaksen, Jane Reumert, Jeanette Hiiri, Jeanette List Amstrup, Jesper Palm, Karen Harsbo, Karen Bennicke, Karin Michelsen, Karina Skibby, Kim Holm, Kirsten Christensen, Kirsten Høholt, Kristine Tillge Lund, Lea Mi Engholm, Lis Biggas, Lis Ehrenreich, Lisbeth Holst-Jensen, Lone Skov Madsen, Louise Birch, Malene Müllertz, Malene Møller-Hansen, Marianne Krumbach, Marianne Nielsen, Morten Løbner Espersen, Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl, Mette Marie Ørsted, Mikael Jackson, Ninna Gøtzsche, Ole Akhøj, Ole Jensen, Pipaluk Lake, Peder Rasmussen, Rene Olsen; Sten Lykke Madsen, Sandra Davolio, Sia Mai, Steen Ipsen, Søren Thygesen, Turi Heisselberg Pedersen, Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, Vicki Hansen...

INTERNATIONAL: Kirsten Coelho, Prue Venable, Stephen Bowers - AU. - Elisa Helland-Hansen - N. - Kurt Weiser, Akio Takamori, Richard Shaw, Megumi Naitoh, Lesley Baker - USA. - Charlotte Hodes, Margaret O'Rorke, Neil Brownsword, Paul Scott, Stephen Dixon - UK...
Most have pieces in the gallery's permanent collection, others have shown a solo exhibition, participated in a thematic exhibition or will exhibit during 2013.
The exhibition represents approximately 60 different artists.