(The program is still subject to change )

24 JANUARY – 23 FEBRUARY CENTRED - Kim Holm DK & Kirsten Coelho AU
Danish Kim Holm and Australian Kirsten Coelho exhibit new ceramic work.
Their backgrounds and ideas are not similar, and they work in different ways, but centre on making stunning variations, in a mutual love of the circular form.
Kim Holm's artistic strength is his ever renewing 're-invention' of the cylinder, the vessel is an individual piece every time he cuts into the surface, finds a decorative reference or glazes in several layers.
Kirsten Coelho's works spring off the Australian land and culture, telling her story in minimalistic lines on the glaze surface of hand-thrown symbolic utilitarian vessels.
www.kimholm.net - www.kirstencoelho.com

1 MARCH – 6 APRIL MASTERPIECES – miniature - 5th anniversary of the Gallery
The gallery celebrates its 5th anniversary with an exhibition to which all past and this year's exhibitors have been invited to show their personal choice of a Masterpiece -miniature.
The exhibition shows the wide range of approaches, techniques, themes and artists who are seen in the gallery since its opening in March 2008.
Grateful thanks for the 5 active years to thousands of visitors to over 50 different exhibitions and to 75 Danish and International artists ... from new graduates to world renowned artists.
This exhibition includes 66 different artist's Masterpieces - miniature.
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11 APRIL – 8 MAY 3D PRINTED POTS - Jonathan Keep UK
Jonathan Keep experiments with 3-dimensional print in ceramic materials.
Idealistic and artistically free, Keep experiments with digital transformations of various codes appearing from sounds and objects of nature.
The pieces reference our time of constant digital presence.
Poetic ceramic objects created by unusual codes of natural phenomena in a sophisticated combination of technological and ceramic knowledge.

16 MAY – 8 JUNE TEMPERAMENTS - Søren Thygesen DK
Søren Thygesen constructs space-specific ceramic pieces that grow as columns, spread in the room, revolve around nature, architecture, sculpture, installation..
The works appear from the elements of nature, Danish clay and brick tradition.
The starting point is an ingenious cutting-machine and the clean cuts that suddenly turn out to enable the making of centimetre-thin leaves that seem heavier than their high upwardly rising sister-columns.

13 JUNE – 27 JULY ORIGIN - Gunhild Aaberg DK
Gunhild Aaberg is fascinated by the sea and the harbour as a recurring theme in her raw, powerful and often large sculptural forms that carry memories of ships, architecture and the vessel.
The piece's origin, the container and vessel volume with echoes of shoulder and torso, reminisces in her new work rather towards spherical carriers of relics.. - Or do they hold the secrets of the future?

From the Gaolin mountain via the silk route to Europe and back to the East..
Karen Harsbo exhibits a personal and special mapping of the porcelain history with images of the female workers in the porcelain industry. About materials and travels of the mind...
See the previous exhibition by Karen Harsbo HAPPENSTANCE - LINK

Architectural abstraction - illusions in a hard immobile material..
Mikael Jackson's work is the result of an abstract study of dynamics within a controlled form. The ceramic objects are formal explorations. Through interaction and mutual influences, he explores the order and construction of the structures and the importance of geometric elements as detached and supporting forms.
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3 – 26 OCTOBER INTENSITY - Hans Munck Andersen & Lea Mi Engholm DK
Oppositions meet in sensibility, intensity and natural dynamics of growth...
The renowned ceramic artist Hans Munck Andersen exhibits together with the young talented Lea Mi Engholm. Together, they show an exhibition of pieces that contains both intensity, extremes in material and expression, but also concludes their similarities in the sensuous detailing.
www.gerdoghans.dk - Lea Mi Engholm - www.danishcrafts.dk/PROFILES/ Lea Mi Engholm

Mette-Marie Ørsted work with geometry, card houses, cultural cities in her 'Ceramic Concretions', which are like cut with a pair of scissors - cut and assembled, clearly outgrown from 2D plane to spacious 3D forms.
She explores the architectural space in interaction with the ceramic spacious, the raw clay versus the glazed surface, the poetic narrative towards pure geometric form.
She refers to cultures, urban communities and lifestyles, abstracts visualized in a concrete material.
www.danishcrafts.dk/ PROFILES/ Mette Marie Ørsted

1 – 23 DECEMBER A COLLECTOR FOR DINNER - Sten Lykke Madsen, Ann Linnemann, Kirsten Høholt..
The exhibition is about the use of things – finding room for original ceramics on the dinner table - and all the shelves and walls :-)
A unique table will be set for dinner, sushi, coffee/tea - in play with untraditional objects by all the gallery artists..

Anne Fløcke - Ann Linnemann - Barbro Åberg - Beate Andersen - Bente Hansen - Bente Skjøttgaard - Bodil Manz - Charlotte Thorup - Christina Schou Christensen - Esben Klemann - Extrudox A/S Steen Ipsen/Anne Tophøj - Gerd Hjort Petersen - Gunhild Aaberg - Hans Munck Andersen - Hans Vangsø - Heidi Henze - Helle Hove - Iben Kielberg - Jakob Stig Isaksen - Karen Bennicke - Karen Harsbo – Kim Holm - Kirsten Christensen - Lis Ehrenreich - Lisbeth Holst-Jensen - Lone Skov Madsen - Louise Birch - Malene Müllertz - Marianne Krumbach - Marianne Nielsen - Martin Bodilsen Kahldahl - Mette Marie Ørsted - Mikael Jackson - Morten Løbner Espersen - Ole Jensen - Sandra Davolio - Sten Lykke Madsen - Søren Thygesen - Turi Heisselberg Pedersen ... USA - Akio Takamori - Kurt Weiser - Richard Shaw - Lesley Baker - ENGLAND - Margaret O'Rorke - Neil Brownsword - NORGE - Elisa Helland-Hansen – AUSTRALIEN - Kirsten Coelho - Prue Venables - Stephen Bowers...