HELIOTROPE - Exhibition March 2012

Mikael Jackson and Jens Rune Gissel DK
Exhibition March 2 – 24 2012

Geometric ceramic forms are stage props and actors in picturesque stories.

This exhibition of collaborative pieces shows the sketches by painter Jens Rune playing in a lively 'unfinished' way with Mikael Jacksons strictly geometric hand-formed ceramic shapes.

The geometric objects are the stage props, but also active parts in the pencil-drawn tales – refering to the growing nature of the heliotropic idea.
Heliotropes means 'directing the growth towards the sun light'.

Mikael and Jens Rune are life time friends. They were both interested in art; and as one became a ceramic artist the other a painter and cartoon artist.

Formally their work is very different, but due to a long-lasting friendship, mutual respect and knowledge of the others work, it seemed to be written in the cards, that one day they should try out a collaboration.
At one point Jens Rune started investigating his past, primarily his inner self 'the forgotten land of childhood'. He called this research 'heliotropi'.
In 2011 Mikael looked through these notebooks, and they decided it was the right time for a collaboration.

Mikael Jackson has since the beginning of his career been taken by geometry and abstraction.
He works sculpturally in ceramic material, often with repetition of simple three-dimensional elements combined in numerous ways ending up as unique pieces.
Mikael was educated at the Royal College of Art in London 2008. He started his ceramic education at the Design School-Kolding in Denmark and benefited greatly from another active year of studies at the Kunstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.
Mikael Jackson is known for his exhibitions in Denmark: the highly competitive jury selected Danish exhibitions 'Efterårsudstillingen - Den Frie' and 'På Tværs' Tappehallerne, Copenhagen, - International: Gallery Puls, Brussels and Gallery Mint, London. His studio is in Copenhagen, and he works at Tommerup Brick Factory, Funen and teaches at Odder Art School, Jutland.
LINK: Exhibition 2011

Jens Rune Gissel describes himself as a colourist, who paints in 'the dusk' clarifying the nuances of the motive.
He primarily paints imaginary appealing landscape motives in transparent layers of oil paint, but also water-colours, pencil-drawings, cartoons and illustrations. He works and lives in rural Jutland, Odder. www.jens-rune.dk
Jens Rune was educated at the Jutland Art Academy (Jyske Kunstakademi), graphic department 1994-99, residency study in Belfast, North Ireland 1998-99. He has exhibited at the Odder Museum, Gallery Helco and Gallery Sometimes, Darwin, Australia.