In the Woods - Exhibition April 2011

”In the Woods...”
New maiolica-pieces by the ceramic artist Peder Rasmussen
Exhibition March 31 – April 30 2011

Peder Rasmussen: "In the woods, we meet all those, who try to be in contact with the birds and maybe learn about singing or flying. We see the many different kinds of trees and also run into people, who are just absorbed in themselves and enjoy life in their shadow.

There are naturally also those, who are out on a frisky hike, and not in the least those, who might overdo it and try to become a kind of nature themselves."
Website LINK - Peder Rasmussen

The exhibition consists of various series of figures and plates, which were made during the winter 2010-11, when Peder Rasmussen experimented with the old Italian maiolica-technique, which he first encountered in 1970, when for a period of time he lived in Faenza, the home-town of faience.
Photoes of the individual pieces: Peder Rasmussen - Photoes of the exhibition: Ann Linnemann
See Video - part 1 - YOUTUBE
See Video - part 2 - YOUTUBE