My journey - 2008

In 2008-2009, I will be working with new ceramic ideas in my studio, as well as freelance designing and teaching.

Teaching and promoting ceramics
I am interested in teaching projects and workshops, and have developed a great deal of experience in promoting ceramic art, collaboration projects and International relationships.

Studio work - pottery, design and art
I combine my knowledge of pottery, design and international art. I design and make short series of hand-thrown functional tableware. I was trained both as a potter during a traditional four-year Danish apprenticeship and educated as a ceramic designer at the Denmark Design School in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My fascination with different cultures, the human body and mind appear in my sculptural work.

Collaboration and international relationships
I have participated in workshops, conferences and artist residencies many places in the world.
In 2001-2007, I worked as the director of the International Ceramic Research Centre - Guldagergaard in Denmark.
I have collaborated with a large number of wonderful collegues and friends from all over the world. I am grateful for the support, the exchange of experiences and many wonderful moments during my time at the ceramic centre in Denmaak. I hope to stay in contact with all the artists that I have met and to meet them again in the World ... in the future.

International collaborations and exhibitions
In March 2008, I have been invited to the Arabia Factory, Helsinki in Finland as a lecturer and in March-April to the JamFactory, Adelaide in Australia as a guest artist. I shall be making new work, lecturing and exhibiting. The collaboration project Body Blue with Paul Scott UK will develop further. Exhibitions at Formargruppen in Sweden and the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh in Scotland.

My gallery in Copenhagen
From the spring of 2008, my gallery will show new exhibitions and represent work by Danish artists.
Gallery images Danish text: