ILLUSION - Exhibition February 2012

Ceramic work by Ann Linnemann
Exhibition 3 - 25 February 2012

About people in time, landscapes, spaces and views with an Italian inspiration..

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Ann Linnemann The idea of the exhibition started with my travels in Italy, where 'Trompe l'oeil' caught my eyes. The painted illusions of windows, relief and frames, where the real ones 'are missing' on the façades.
Wikipedia: Trompe-l'oeil
This made my imagination wander with different ideas of space and form, thinking of concepts of reality and truth in relation to illusion.

Is reality equal? Can you imagine mine? Is my illusion your reality? What is true? Doors and windows lead through the wall to the other side regardless of culture, philosophy or religion. The World is measured in horizontal and vertical lines. We can construct a perspective, but what is illusion?
I chose to work with the nearby and physical truth, my view from a couple of blind windows in the exhibition space.

I have imagined the view, but thought of different times and visions, and kept the idea of a physical space in my perspective drawing made in ceramic pastels with glaze-painted parts on large tiles and figure-jars in porcelain.

The picturesque ruins of Pompei and the casts of the people have for a long time been on my mind.
It is a pocket of time, the moment that is kept for ever.

I have combined the painted 'illusions', landscapes and windows in porcelain with the rough casts of the window panels and figures in a grey stoneware.

Clay is a ductile soft material when it is wet as well as when the firing heat influences the melting process and freezes the moment the clay cools again.

Ann Linnemann has exhibited and worked in Denmark and internationally. She makes ceramic design and sculpture. Since 2008 her gallery has exhibited contemporary international and Danish ceramic art.
LINK: Ann Linnemann
Special thanks to the Danish National Foundation for a travel grant to Italy in 2011.
'Trompe l'oeil'
My photos from Italy:
Camogli - Rome - Torin

'Trompe l'oeil'

My photos from Istanbul